Are You a Beginner? Polish Your Nails with These 3 Easy Nail Art

If you are looking for easy nail art to try at home, you come to the right place. Below are 3 easy nail art selected for a beginner like you.

Are you a beginner who look for some easy nail art ideas to do at home? You come to the right place as we have selected some easy designs just for you. Easy nail art can be cute and chic depending on how you style it. Either you blend some colours or create a certain form; they will look great. It is about expressing your emotions in colours and forms. Feel free to copy any of the following ideas.

1. Polka Dots

Polka dots design is an easy nail art to create at home. You don’t need much equipment or kit. This design is a choice if you want to look cute. If you want neutral-coloured nails, you can choose black and white colours. 

Apply two coats of white as the base on several nails. Use a thin nail art brush to apply the black dots. Apply two coats of black as the black on one or two nails. Other combinations include white-orange, red-black, and pink blue.

Simple nail design with colorful Polka Dots nickel creates the perfect balance for your nail designs. With a black base color with pink and light blue variants make this design more attractive.

Generally the design of this book is very popular with many people. With black and white polka dots style, this nail design looks elegant and charming.

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Not to be confused for easy and inexpensive nail designs. With the right color for your nails red and ptih for polka dots nail designs feels very amazing. With the addition of the love symbol variant makes it more cute and attractive.


Nail art with a beautiful black and white polka dots style makes you look charming. This design is very easy and inexpensive for you to try at home.

This is the perfect blend of design. Featuring a black and white polka dots style combined with light pink, it makes your nails look more beautiful to look at.

Still in the style of polka dots for your nail art. Now with an elegant white base with a variety of black spots and add the symbol of love into your nail art, the choice of young women.

Endless creating polka-dot designs for your nail designs. Only by choosing the right color and matching you will get extraordinary nail art. With the basic colors of pink and white spots and affixed bear images make this design even more amazing.

With black and white color for your polka-dot nail design, it is quite interesting for those who see it. The combination of black and white is very compatible for your nail design.

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2. Stripes Nail Art

Another easy nail art uses the stripe brush technique. This technique is done by forming several lines, either horizontally or vertically. One design can be achieved using several colours of the rainbow.

To create one, apply two coats of white as the base. Use a nail art brush to apply rainbow colours alternately. To make it neat, coat the edge of the nail in white colour with a crescent moon shape. You can also create the look with a pale-yellow base and black stripes across the nail.

Another easy nail design is by giving lines to your nails. It resembles a flag with several yellow, black and white colors to add an elegant impression of your nail art.

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Creating rainbow designs into nail art is a very extraordinary idea. With some beautiful rainbow colors, your nails will look attractive and stunning. With a notch balanced line color, making the perfect color combination for your nail design.

If you want to get easy and inexpensive nail art, you just have to carve a few lines into your nails. Draw lines like a rainbow arch to create unique beauty in your nails.

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From some of the existing nail art, this is the easiest nail design for you to try at home. Just prepare several colors of nail polish and polish it to resemble lines. Break the lines in several colors, then your nail art will be unique and interesting.

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This is a simple nail design. You simply put white lines into your nails to create a unique and simple nail design. This design includes the most easy for you to try at home.

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Coloring nails with some beautiful colors can make your nails attractive. A perfect blend with several lines into the nail can give extraordinary beauty.

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It’s like a bee nail design. With a combination of yellow and black, a unique and attractive bee design is created into your nails. Just by giving simple lines, the design of the bee has entered into your nail art.

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The combination of several colors that provide color balance is created in this nail design. This is an easy and inexpensive nail design for trial tones. You simply give different color lines to your nail art.

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3. French Manicure

If you want a simple and easy look, try applying this design. It never goes out of style and is elegant looking. This look is perfect for any occasion. To create the look, you will need a lacquer and white or another nail polish. Apply a coat of lacquer for shining nails. Don’t be shy to show off your natural, healthy nails. Finish the look with white colour in a crescent moon shape.

Simplicity is created from french nail art. Only by displaying the natural color of the nail with a little white and gem color incisions into the nail, can give an elegant impression to your nails.

Besides being easy and inexpensive, French-style nail design is suitable for those of you who like simplicity. Besides this design is able to look elegant.

Some of the nail art that many women like is french style. Besides being easy, this design is enough to give an elegant impression to you. By displaying your natural nails that are only united with unique and attractive white nicks.

Some of the nail art that many women like is french style. By displaying your natural nails that are only united with unique and attractive white nicks.

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Shown in a short french nail style is enough to be your choice. The naturalness of the nail is the main attraction in this design. With white variants and glitter accents, this design is very unusual.

Getting a unique and attractive french nail design is not difficult. You simply add glitter decoration to your natural nails. This design provides the perfect elegance for you.

In addition to an attractive white color for your french nail designs, the addition of beautiful white flowers adds to the beauty of your nails.

Choosing a french style for your nail art provides its own conveniences. This design is very simple, easy and inexpensive. This design provides its own beauty for those of you who want to look simple but seem elegant.

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Give an easy nail art a try as a beginner in nail polishing. You will be able to create some sophisticated looks before you know it.