Get Gorgeous French Ombre Nails with these Tutorials and Ideas

If you love to get your nails done, you’ve got to try these ideas and tutorials of French ombre nails. Be ready to get gorgeous!

As a nail art lover, you must know about French ombre nails that have recently been trending. To get the popular nail art design, you should use a two-toned colour gradation or shade. The followings are some tutorials and ideas on how to get French ombre nails


1. How to Get French Ombre Nails (Tutorials)


Before you start, prepare the right materials: 

  • A couple of nail polishes—lacquer or gel, one in a subtle, natural colour like light pink, nude, or beige and the other one is white with full opacity.
  • A disposable makeup sponges.
  • A sticky transparent tape.
  • Some liquid latex (for a cheaper alternative: plain glue).
  • Some gel topcoat.

 First, manicure your nails and put on your natural-coloured nail polish. Don’t forget to cure them afterwards. Then, apply some liquid latex (or glue) on your finger skin around your nails, to help with the cleanup after everything is done. 

Grab your makeup sponge and remove any hairs or particles that may have stuck on it with sticky tape. Paint a large white stripe on the makeup sponge and then overlap it in the middle with the natural-coloured polish you used before. 

Now, dab the sponge on your nails, leaving the colours blend. Make sure the white-polished part is dabbed on the tip of your nails. Let them completely dry. 

Peel the dried liquid latex off around your nails, and voila! Your gorgeous French ombre nails have been done. Finish off with some gel topcoat before curing it. 

For smooth and shaky gradient color transitions it is important to use the same colors, and for extreme ombre, lacquer tones can be very different. This bright color usage shows the beauty of the ombre nail design.

Among the types of ombre techniques emit a glitter gradient to create a stretch of brilliant varnish and original French manicure. This design will give the impression of elegance and uniqueness for your nails.

The uniqueness of the gradient technique lies in the smooth opaque transition from one color of varnish to another. This ombre nail design always looks attractive and bright

Ombre nails are best obtained from your long nails. the color combination on one nail that resembles a color palette you can use similar tones and contrast to find a beautiful nail design.


A perfect ombre nail design that combines two colors of white and pink on your nails. Amazing color combination to achieve beautiful and charming ombre nail designs.

This French manicure style gives very neat results by applying transparent nail polish as a base and white color on the nails.

Amazing ombre nail designs in color combinations and other manicure techniques. These nails will make you more confident and look elegant.


The combination of beige and white colors is perfect for your ombre nail style and gives you the confidence to wear it. These two colors give you a light and cool feel for your nails.

The combination of two colors can also look beautiful by applying it horizontally. The combination of these two colors provides a tempting color and looks more beautiful for your ombre nail design.

The pink color on your ombre nail design will look cool and up to date. This color is very trendy among teenagers to give a charming impression and look more elegant.

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Elegant nail ideas for French ombre styles. Nail accents have a beautiful white design with crystals and pearls. This is a beautiful manicure for this style that makes you look more elegant.

Beautiful ombre nails with bright color combinations give you a special elegance. This design gives an elegant impression to yourself.

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2. Ideas on French Ombre Nails

Below are some ideas of French ombre nails you can try to brighten up your ladies’ night out. 


Glittery French Ombre Nails with Gems

Get gorgeous and glamorous with some additional gems and glitter! A nail polish with any natural colour would suit this design. You may also make it random, like one nail topped with the bling-bling of gems and the other two with glitter in colours. 


Floral Art for Shorty French Ombre Nails

If you love short nails, then French ombre nails with some white floral art design would be perfectly lovely. Light pink as the base coat colour is very recommended for this idea. 


So, be creative and get your own gorgeous French ombre nails now!

Elegant crystals can be used to make trendy nail art. Ombre nails and pink crystal This is a beautiful sperm for a woman’s style.

Beautiful long ombre nails and manicures in each hand adorned with gems, pearls, and others. Luxurious design gives you a charming feel.

Ombre nails with two different accent designs, one features jewels and the other has a beautiful floral pattern. This design gives an elegant impression to you.


Different designs with shiny gems. This is a stylish and beautiful manicure that is great for you to wear to look more beautiful and elegant.



Ombre nails with gold and glitter lines are a cool and trendy idea. This design will give you luxury and beauty.

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Short nails with floral design designs are an amazing idea. This style gives an attractive and charming impression on your nails.

Beautiful creamy nail colors with white nail tips make your nails look more beautiful. This nail design can give an elegant impression to you.

Now you can create a different atmosphere for your nail designs. Beautiful flower and manicure nail designs are perfect for decorating your nail designs.

Make a nice nail design with flower images that will look more mane. This design is made very unique and attractive that will make you look elegant and amazing.

Fantastic ombre nail designs make this nail design the right choice for women. Beautiful flowers and small panicles perfectly carved on your nails give your own attractive style.

The creativity created by flowering nail designs can give beauty to your nails. This design makes you look very elegant.

If you like an elegant nail design with a beautiful flower image, you can combine it with the manacles on your nails that will make you appear confident.

White ombre nail design with cream base color depicting extraordinary flowers. This design adds to the beauty of your nails.

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