5 Makes the Hottest Gradient Nail Trend?

What makes the hottest gradient nail trend? It will always be around and can never go wrong. These five (5) are just some of the many outstanding examples.

What makes the hottest gradient nail trend? For starters, gradient nails are what many people love. They are always trendy, the safe choices for all parties, and you can combine them with many colours and shades. In other words, there are plenty of ideas to try. Indulge in your artistic curiosity.

Gradient nail trend is also perfect for all seasons. You can never go wrong with this idea, as long as the design fits the theme of the party. Perhaps some of these ideas can be applied to your plans to head over to the next events:

1. The tonal gradient.

If a single colour is too plain for you, then this tonal gradient should be your choice. Combine the shades of nature by applying different tones on each fingernail — for example, white, peach, red, brown, and pink.

Make your day enjoyable by painting your middle finger in bright blue and the other fingers in softer colors that complement each other.

Tonal gradient style nails by mixing gray, burnt orange, and black to give a natural impression.

If the bold colors aren’t your thing, try soft pink a twist by mixing it with other neutrals.

Tonal gradient nails feel more fun when you mix pastels with bright colors for everyday style.

No wonder gradient nails are so popular this year. Not only are they easy to do, they are much more fun than one color.

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2. The natural mystic.

It is always the well-matched gradient nail trend. The gradience between shades is always just a tone away, for example, pink-lavender-purple. Wear this combo for Christmas or New Year’s Eve parties, and you can never go wrong.

This is the type of nail art that will give the effect of being a fairy fairyland. Glitter accents and bright colors enhance your appearance.

Image source

The natural mystic nail art with each fingertip has a soft blue color, with a beautiful flower tip as a focal point for the overall design.

A beautiful natural mystic nail art with silver rhinestones in the middle of the flower to give them an extra dose of volume, while the reworked pale blue nail enamel at the edges makes everything nice and fresh.

An amazing nail art with keeping white as a base, where beautiful pink flowers at two ends are interspersed with fine pink lines at the other end.

Charming natural mystic nail art with a few flower petals for enhance the overall design appeal, while the rhinestones make it very luxurious.

Image source

3. The dainty dots.

This idea might need a little more help with the right tools. With the tip of a toothpick, you get to create mini spots. Choose an array of colours that will make your fingernails stand out. For example: red and white.

The art of painting nails with dainty dots motifs that carry white, green, orange, and purple colors for your latest nail art ideas.

Image source

Dainty dots nail designs with yellow base with white and black spots to inspire your nail style.

Nail polish with a white base and colorful dots on the base of the nail makes your nails look more stylish.

Image source

Dainty Dots pink and light blue are suitable for short-width nail styles, especially when summer arrives.

Image source

4. The shades of nature.

Looking at this colour combination will remind you of a painter’s pallet; yellow, amber, pink, seaweed green, greyish purple, and crimson pink. They can remind of you the shades of nature and will look great on your fingernails.

The shades of nature nail art with white base colour and mushroom paintings to make it seem natural.

Image source

An attractive shades of nature nail art with based on rainbow colors and silhouette paintings of flower petals to get a natural impression.

The shades of nature nail art with white and green basic colors depicting tropical forests complete with large beaked birds to inspire your nail style.

The shades of nature nail art with butterfly and shady tree motifs to describe the natural atmosphere of the green forest.

Image source

A charming shades of nature nail art with butterfly, flower, and bee motifs that illustrate the harmony of flower gardens for your nail style ideas.

Image source

5. The double accent nails.

What makes this another gradient nail trend is the combination of red with other complementary block colours. Is it not striking enough? Wear a bright coloured- ring around your finger.

A beautiful double accent nail art with some painted in plain blue and others triangular patterned arranged in such a way as to get an attractive appearance.

Image source

An attractive double accent nail art with some nails are navy and some others are given a glitter accent to make it look glamorous.

Image source

Glitter is really dominant in this double accent nail style. Dark green and silver, both of which sparkle to make anyone fascinated.

Image source

An attractive leopard motif on this double accent nail style has a basic color of blue, beige, and a little black.

Image source

What makes the hottest gradient nail trend? It will always be around and can never go wrong. These five (5) are just some of the many outstanding examples.

5 Easy Polish Nails Design Ideas

Your polish nails design does not always have to be difficult. These simple ideas are solid proofs. No more excuses for neglecting your fingernails.

If you want to beautify your fingernails, but do not feel like a hassle? There are easy polish nails design ideas. Not only they do not take too much time nor require hard work, these fall nail art design ideas can still make your fingernails look beautiful. Slightly effortless, but still worth it? Yes, there are such things.

Here are the 5 examples of polish nails design ideas that are hassle-free. After this, no more excuses for being too lazy to beautify your nails:

1. The sunset ombre.

Ombre is one of the easiest choices here. It is always a trend and you play with the gradient color combinations. For example, a combination of soft orange and lavender, which is almost similar to the hue of the sunset.

Nail designs with an orange color with a combination of yellow and a little glitter to create a beautiful sunset atmosphere.

A beautiful nail designs with a combination of pink, orange, and yellow colors to inspire your nail polish.

An attractive nail design with a combination of blue, orange and yellow colors to create a sunset illustration with an ocean background.

Image source

Amazing nail design with a combination of orange and yellow colors complemented by coconut tree accents for illustration of sunset on the beach.

Image source

Stunning nail design with a combination of orange and yellow colors with a significant color difference to look more attractive.

Image source

2. The glossy navy nails.

Actor and singer Selena Gomez is known to love wearing her fingernails this way. The glossy navy nails are among the simplest polish nails design ideas. Green or blue, this style can still look good on you.

A fabulous nail design with a glossy navy color that looks simple but is perfectly clean and elegant.

Glamorous nail design with a shiny blue color and a little sparkling accents to add to the impression of glamour.

Image source

Beautiful nail design with a glossy navy color and glitter accent on one of her nails to inspire your nail polish.

Image source

Charming nail designs with blue galaxy colors for your latest nail polish style.

Image source

A brighter navy color gives the impression of a passionate young person.

Image source

3. The Hawaiian flowers.

A little bit of pattern on the nails is still possible for an easy polish nails design. The trick for this fall nails art is to use the same colors for the background and the pictures. For example, dark green for the background and the flowers plus the black outline.

Nail design ideas with a combination of navy, light blue, and white colors filled with floral accents to inspire the hawaiian flower style.

Image source

Nail design ideas with light blue as a base and red for flower accent colors to make it look stylish.

Image source

Hawaiian flower nails design with flower nail art with a combination of orange, yellow and green colors for your latest nail polish ideas.

Image source

Hawaiian flower nails design with flower nail art with a combination of blue, green, and pink for fresh look.

Image source

Hawaiian flower nail designs with white base color nail art combined with pink, green, yellow and black to inspire your nail polish style.

Image source

4. The fiery crimson.

Actor and singer Rihanna has shown up with this color on her long, beautiful fingernails. The fiery crimson represents the spirit, youth, and vitality. You can do so much with just one color, depending on how you apply it.

The fiery crimson nail art with bright red color and diamond accents for an elegant impression.

Image source

The fiery crimson nail art with a glossy red color to inspire the design of your nail polish.

Image source

The fiery crimson nail art with red color and white love accents for the latest nail polish design ideas.

The fiery crimson nail art with red colors and accents to make you look festive and stand out.

The fiery crimson nail art with red color and bow accent to make your appearance looks more interesting.

Image source

5. The little lilac triangles.

You do not have to put too much effort into this. With lavender as the background, you can add little lilac triangles on your fingernails. You can either put them close to the nail tips or the opposite ends.

Inspiring nail art with little lilac triangles on natural nail colors to look energetic.

Image source

Attractive nail art with a small golden lilac triangle on a navy nail polish to create an attractive contrast.

Image source

Incredible nail art with a small ancient egyptian style golden lilac triangle on natural nail polish to create an amazing look.

Charming nail art with a small white lilac triangle on a black canvas for a charming monochrome color.

Simple nail art with a small white lilac triangle inside a larger navy triangle with a greenish-gray base.

Image source

Your polish nails design does not always have to be difficult. These simple, fall nail art ideas are the solid proofs for that.

5 Cute and Easy Nail Art Designs (No Tools)

Proper nail arts for short nails can be made using simple objects and several coat colours you like.

Eager to trying nail arts for the first time? You can start with proper nail arts for your nails, without complicated tools. There are many great designs you can apply for your nails as beginners. Some instructions even allow you to reuse beauty products at home!

Here are five nail arts you can try right now.

1. Fishnet Nails

This pattern uses a cotton ball and old loofah to make the patterns. Start by painting your nails with a base coat. Pour nail coat with contrasting colour on a flat container. After your nails dry, place a loofah net on each nail, and dab white coat on top of it using a cotton ball. Let everything dry before applying clear nail coat.

Cute nail polish with soft orange fishnet motifs to inspire your nail art.

Image source

Add a little fishnet to your nails to get instantly trendy look. You choose a neon green for the stylish color this year.

Image source

Nails with black fishnet motifs and lace accents are suitable to create a glamorous atmosphere for going to the party.

Image source

This is the perfect fishnet motif for trendy and chic nail styles in this year. With the sleek black color it can make your nails looks elegant.

Image source

Although there may be higher time for nail art, this fishnet might be a fairly simple choice.

Image source

2. Splatter Nails

Make splatter patterns using a small painting brush. Start by applying a base coat on nails and wait until dry. Dip the tip of the brush in the colour of your choice. Flick the brush to create splatters on your nails (do it on top of an old newspaper). Wait until dry and repeat the process with one or two more colours. Apply a clear coat on top after dry.

A beautiful splatter nail with mix color of grey, white, black, touches of yellow and red to perfect your nail art design.

Image source

A beautiful painting on a nail canvas with splatter motif using a variety of colours.

Image source

Put the tape around your fingers, to protect your fingers for the nail polish for this splatter nail style.

Image source

Splat nail polish quickly on your nails, repeat this with a different colour until you are satisfied.

Image source

This sweet polish is truly reminiscent of natural color. Nail splatter style with this color is a symbol of back to the nature.

Image source

3. Polka Dot Nails

Use a bobby pin to create cute polka dot nails. Apply a white or black base coat on your nails. Wait until dry. Dip a bobby pin’s head to your favourite colour and press it repeatedly on each nail to create dots. Wait until dry before applying a clear coat.

Polka dots are definitely not new when it comes to trends, applying it to your nails can enhance your appearance.

Image source

Black and white polka dots are a simple touch for your everyday style. Very simple but also look charming.

If you prefer a more dramatic look, your dots can still be sophisticated especially if you leave some nails still plain black.

Another thing you can do is choose a palette that works together like pastel or neon colors. Combined with polka dot motif to get a cute look.

Red polka dots nail art will have a glamour effect but this is suit to enhance your appearance.

Image source

4. Simple French Manicure

Wash your nails and dry them before applying clear lacquer. Wait until dry. Tie a rubber band on the tip of each finger, depending on the size of the painted area you want. Apply the coat and wait until dry before applying another layer of clear lacquer.

You can try a combination of black and silver using glitter for a simple French manicure from your nail art design.

A beautiful and simple French manicure with purple and white colors are the latest trend and looks beautiful on your nails.

You can also add other accents such as flowers to get a feminine look. This design is suitable if you are the person who have a girly characteristic.

Glitter is also no less interesting for the simple style of French manicure that looks glamorous.

For a simpler look, try to give a simple touch to your nails by giving blue lines and flower motif.

Image source

5. Diagonal Colour Strips

The simplest nail art is painting half part of the nails, using diagonal tape strips. Place the strips on the bottom parts of the nails and paint the rest with your favourite colour. You can apply a clear lacquer first to get a sleeker look.
Proper nail arts don’t need to be complicated. Try experimenting with simple objects and your favourite coat colours to get unique nails.

You can always create something new with a little glitter for your nail art design. Combined with a diagonal color strips to get glamour looks. You can choose in orange color to reinforce the glamour feels.

Image source

Diagonal color stripes with zig-zag patterns make your appearance look bolder and more confident.

Image source

Beautiful diagonal color stripes with blue and pink base colors, plus yellow, white and black to give accents on your nails.

Image source

5 Neatest Short Nails

Cannot do much if your fingernails are short? Says who? If you want to know how to have the neatest short nails, here are the 5 best examples.

Who says you have to have long nails to get a proper manicure? Who says you cannot have them short to make them look neat? You can still do so much with your short nails. In fact, you will have no problem typing or picking things up without claw-like fingernails. This fall nail art is more liberating that way.

If you want to know how to have the neatest short nails, here are the 5 best examples:

1. The checkered tips.

Black and white never goes out of style. These checkered tips will look just fine with your short nails. You can even match them up with almost any outfits to wear, as long as they are not patterned.

Plaid nail art looks simple but still amazing for a beautiful woman’s style.

Image Source

Short nails with a grid design look simple. Add some plain nail designs so that you will look amazing.

Image Source

Black and white are neutral colors. Use a checkered nail design with a combination of white and black so you will look more fashionable.

Image Source

Plaid nails with a combination of white and black for short nails look simple but still amazing.

Image Source

Combining plaid nail designs with plain nails will improve your appearance so it looks more unique.

Image Source

2. The minimal gold.

Since there is less space on your fingernails, the minimal gold is a perfect choice for fall nails art. You can start with a glossy coat base, before adding the golden lining across your fingernails.

Ombre nails look amazing for fall. Gold glitter will improve your appearance so that it will look more beautiful.

Image Source

Colorful nail art designs for women will enhance your appearance so they look amazing. Add minimal gold to enhance the design of your nails so they look amazing.

Image Source

Adding a minimal gold accent will improve your nail design so that it will look simple but still extraordinary.

Using a marble nail design with gold glitter accents will improve your appearance so that it looks more classy.

Image Source

3. The light and feathery strokes.

This is another way to make your short nails look artistic and outstanding. With light and feathery strokes, these bold colors and a stark white base remind you of a painting. You can use different color combos, from red and yellow to black and blue.

Short nail art with furry motifs looks unique. Adding diamond bead will improve your appearance so that it looks more classy.

Feathery motifs for your short nail designs will look unique. Adding a diamond accent to improve your appearance so that it will look perfect.

Colorful nail art with a feathery accent will look more creative and unique so that it will improve your appearance.

Short nails with a feathery design will look unique and enhance your appearance.

Pink nail color looks cute for a beautiful woman’s style. Add a feathery accent to enhance your nail design so it looks amazing.

Image Source

4. The matte khaki green.

The matte khaki green adds a sense of elegant. This nail polish color is not just rare, but unique as well. It is the color of nature green meeting the cold winter days, so that is why the green looks rather faded.

Short nails with a matte khaki green color look simple but still amazing for your style.

Choosing short nails is a simple way to look amazing. Use matte green khaki nails to enhance your appearance so it looks more elegant.

Combining matte green khaki nails with gold accents will make you look more classy so you are more confident.

Using a matte nail color will give an elegant impression to you. Add diamond beads so you will look amazing.

Matte khaki green nail color combined with glitter will enhance your appearance so that it looks more classy.

Image Source

5. Star accent.

Besides the checkered motif and the lining, you can also have pop purple stars on your short nails. With light lavender as the base and royal purple stars, no one can take their eyes off of your beautifully striking nails.

Short white nails with star accents will improve your appearance so that it looks cuter.

Image Source

Choosing a nail design will affect your appearance. Short nail design with gold star accents will make you look more classy.

Simple nail art design with small star accents will improve your appearance so it looks more beautiful and stylish.

Short nails with white color will make you look more elegant. To improve the design of your nails, add star accents so they will look more beautiful.

Blue nail color looks amazing for your style in the fall season. Add some star accents so you will look amazing.

Image Source

So, who says you cannot do much with your short nails? These examples of fall nail art prove the opposite. Your nails can still look good and you can pick up more stuff without ruining the polish too.

5 Cool Winter Aesthetics for 2019 Nail Art Trends

The Year 2019 sees winter aesthetic nail arts that are both simple and complicated. Follow this guide to choose the best nail art for your next winter event.

Just like fashion, winter aesthetic nail arts have annual trends. While nail arts are something personal, you may like following trends to get the freshest looks. The 2019 winter trends are interesting because they combine the simple and luxurious. There are options for everyone, which is a great way to welcome winter with new nails.

Here are five aesthetics you can adopt for winter in 2019.

1. Rhinestone Nails

Attaching rhinestones on nails is a great way to create glitz in a more elegant look than glitter. You can make a simple design like applying clear lacquer before attaching a single stone on each nail. You can also attach a couple of stones on the top and the base.

Nail art design in winter with rhinestones accents will provide luxury that looks amazing for you.

Adding rhinestone accents to the nail cuticle looks simple but will enhance your appearance so it looks more amazing.

Simple nail art for women with flower-shaped rhinestones accents that look beautiful and cute so that it will improve your appearance.

Ombre nail art design in winter looks very pretty. Add rhinestones accents to enhance your appearance so that it will look more luxurious.

Short nail design in winter looks simple but still attractive. Add rhinestones on the nails so that you will look more elegant and stylish.

Image Source

Choosing Almond nail art design will look beautiful for your winter nails. Adding rhinestones accents to the nail will create luxury in an elegant appearance.

Image Source

2. Candy Canes

Peppermint candy canes have simple but iconic colour combination, perfect to welcome winter. You can create red and white stripes like a regular candy cane. You can also use the colour combination to create nail patterns in different ways.

Striped nails with a combination of red and white is one representation of candy cane.

Image Source

Nail art will improve your appearance so that it looks more stylish. Choose a striped motif with a combination of red and white so you will look perfect in winter.

Image Source

Candy cane is perfect for welcoming winter. Choosing nail designs with stripes will look perfect and is perfect for your winter nail designs.

Image Source

If you want to look perfect but not complicated, choosing candy cane nail designs is the right idea for winter. The candy cane design which has a simple but iconic color, is perfect for nail art in winter.

Image Source

3. Reversed French Manicure

The 2019 winter also sees the rise of reversed French manicure. Instead of putting the coat on top of the nails, the coat in this trend is placed on the base (cuticle). You can use a lot of types of coat, from bright colours to glitter coat.

Placing a coat over your nails will make your nails look more beautiful. Gold coat placed at the base of the nails looks simple but still attractive.

Image Source

Choose the color of brown nails will make your winter nails look simple. Add a sparkling coat at the base of the nail so you will look more perfect.

Image Source

The coat at the base of the nail will make your nails look attractive. Choosing a red nail coat will look brighter in winter.

Image Source

Red nail designs look brighter in cold music. Add a black coat at the base of the nail to enhance your appearance so it looks more elegant.

Image Source

4. Pastel Colours

Pastel colours will brighten your winter look. You can use pastel shades in various styles. For example, you can apply a clear lacquer base before adding pastel swirls. You can also create ombre nails or stripes in different pastel colours.

Ombre nail designs with pastel colors will make you look more beautiful. Choosing an ombre nail with the same color scheme looks very amazing.

Long nails with omelet designs in the same color scheme look simple but still look amazing.

Beautiful women style in winter with ombre nail art design looks more stylish. Choose pastel colors to vibrate your winter style so it looks more perfect.

Choosing an ombre design will enhance your nails so they look more modern. The red color combined with burgundy looks amazing for winter nails.

Lovely ombre nail art with pastel colors is perfect for your winter style.

Image Source

5. Mixed Patterns 

Mixing different patterns give your style unique looks. You can create different individual nails. You can also vary the patterns on every one or two nails. The combination can be anything, from dots and stripes to ombre and glitter. Just make sure all the nails have related colour schemes.
Winter aesthetic nail art trends in 2019 offer quite varied looks for people with different taste. Choose one of these styles to make you look (and feel) great when dressing up for winter.

The combination of dots and stripes for your winter nail design looks amazing so that it will improve your appearance.

Image Source

Ombre nail design with pastel colors will improve your appearance so it looks more beautiful.

Image Source

Short nails look simple but still stylish. Ombre design will enhance your appearance so it looks more beautiful.

Image Source

Blending various patterns gives your style a unique look. Combine dots and stripes looks perfect for your winter nails.

Image Source

Nail design with a combination of several patterns will make your nails look unique. Dots and lines are simple motifs that look amazing for your winter nail designs.

Image Source

5 Fashionable Patterns for Winter Nail Arts

Winter patterned nail arts offer various options for creating winter images, from snowflakes to Christmas-related patterns.

Step up your nail art game by applying patterns. Winter patterned nail arts give more intricate charms to your hands. You can stick to traditional winter motifs, or experiment with unique shapes. The details depend on your level of nail art skills and comfort.

What patterns should you try to welcome winter? Here are several fashionable ideas.

1. Snowflakes

No better patterns for welcoming winter than snowflakes. They are elegant and delicate, instantly projecting the “cold” tone from the visuals. You can paint one snowflake on each nail or place it on one nail to create emphasis.

Short nail art design with snowflake accents equipped with glitter will enhance your appearance so it looks perfect in winter.

Using bright snowflakes over your nails will make your nails look more beautiful. Small glitter texture looks simple but still attractive.

If you want your nails to look more pretty, you can use blue nail polish with snowflake gold features added.

Image Source

2. Christmas Icons

Bring the holiday cheer to your nails by adding Christmas icons to your nails. They can be Christmas trees, reindeers, stars, or poinsettias. If you are not skilful enough to draw small details, use simple icons or stickers to get the images on your nails.

Nail art will improve your appearance in winter, so it looks more attractive. Choose a deer motif that suits your current season.

Display a deer accent on one of your fingers, this feature adds an elegant motif in winter 2019.

Image Source

Deer motif on the nails is suitable to welcome winter. Complete with snowflakes to make it look more elegant and keep the holiday spirit.

Image Source

The combination of gray and white nails with deer accents and snowflakes will look very chic.

Image Source

Image Source

3. Sparkles

Sparkles are simple but effective to create a perfect visual for winter. You can use sparkling coat from any colours to create a winter cheer look, although the best colours are probably burgundy, red, dark blue, gold, and silver. You can apply sparkles on all nails or just a few, leaving the rest in simple coat.

Long nails with silver shimmer and shine will be suitable if paired with any winter clothes.

A sparkling almond nail design combined with a sprinkling of stars will look pretty and chic.

Cool winter nails like sparkles with bright colors.

Glamorous red nails will make you look more attractive and confident.

Nude color on your nails that is equipped with a sparkle always makes you look younger.

Image Source

4. Snowballs/Snowman

Snowballs are white polka dots, so these patterns are quite easy to replicate. You can draw white snowballs on a white coat line, so they look like snow falling to the ground. For more detailed patterns, turn slightly larger white circles into a snowman, with little colorful dots for the eye and nose details.

For an accent that suits winter, you can try snowman motifs on red nails.

Blue nail art with snowman and snowball motif will always look very beautiful for winter nail designs.

Edgy dots and snowman on your nails will make you look cute and fashionable this winter.

Winter view for long nail art designs will elevate the look as well. For example the snowman design.

Image Source

5. Candy Cane Stripes

Peppermint candy canes have iconic red and white stripes. You can copy these patterns onto nail arts. The iconic red and white colours are festive but not too hard to replicate. You can make these patterns with the help of scotch tapes to create straight lines.

Red and white stripes on winter nail art that resemble candy cane will look cute on your sweet nails.

Simple but funny with a striped candy cane for little funny look accent. It can make your nail looks beautiful.

Easy red and white candy cane nail art design to create a chic look to your nails.

In addition to the candy can motif on your nails, add other motifs with same color to make it look more colorful and cheerful.

Candy cane nail art design with a combination of red and white to elevate your nails style look.

Image Source

Winter patterned nail arts offer a lot of options to explore. Bring the winter charm to your nails by using iconic patterns as the designs.

25 Glamorous Color Combinations for Winter Nail Arts

Winter colorful nail arts offer various colors to reflect the season’s beauty, from white and grey to bright, glamorous colors.

Your nails can be great tools to reflect the changing season. Choosing the right coat colors is important to create winter colorful nail arts. Whether they are simple or complicated, winter nail arts should reflect the seasonal beauty through the right shades.

Which nail colors would you prefer for winter? Pick between these options for design references.

1. Cream and Bright White

Colors like bright white and cream reflect the serene snowy look of winter. You can wear this color to coat the entire nails, or as a base coat for complicated nail arts. You can also combine these colors to create a subtle, elegant look.

A blend of creamy color gradients and bright white patterns for nail art in your winter.

image source

Perfect winter nail art designs using cream colors and bright white. Combine these colors to create a elegant design on your nails.

image source

Cream and bright white nail art looks elegant. Add warmth vibe to your nails this winter by adding beads to your nails.

image source

Cute nail art in cream and bright white design. Make your nails come alive by adding this adorable marble with gold glitter.

image source

Combine cream and bright white for your winter nail art. Bright white color and added beads are perfect for creating truly classy ensembles.

image source

2. Red and Green

Bring the holiday cheer to your nail arts by incorporating red and green. Seeing these colors will instantly remind you of poinsettia wreaths and Christmas trees. Since they are very noticeable colors, you can paint your nails in these colors without any patterns. You can add other colors such as white or gold to create details.

Beautiful winter red and green nail art designs are very appropriate for winter. Mix it with white color and shape on a Christmas tree to make you look beautiful when Christmas arrives.

image source

Red and green nail art with candy cane designs for you to try. Give a touch of white to complement your nails in winter.

Red and green nail art for you to try in winter. Give glitter and white color to beautify your nails.

image source

French tips of red and green that look beautiful for winter. Add glitter, white color and snowflakes pattern to complement your nail design.

image source

A combination of red and green colors for your winter nail art. Combine with white color to create a candy cane motif to make your nail art stand out.

image source

3. Black and Gold/Silver

Skip the white or red shades and move to black, gold, or silver to get a luxurious tone. This combination is glamorous and perfect for a party. You can also wear these colors as preparation for New Year Party.

Attractive sparkling black and gold colors for winter nail art can enhance your more glamorous. Combine with geometric design to prepare for your New Year’s Eve party.

image source

Nude, black and silver winter nail art design are very perfect to make you look glamorous this winter. A perfect combination with the use of glitter in silver polish for amazing look.

Classic black and gold ensemble for the winter season are a good idea to create a luxurious tone to your nail. You can never go wrong with this combination, adding gold glitter helps make the design truly stand out.

image source

Classy black and silver nail designs for short nails to make you look you stylish and glamorous this winter. This color combination is perfect to get luxurious tone o your nail.

image source

Winter nail art that looks elegant in black and gold. You can also add glitter gold polish above to add accent to the design

image source

4. Shades of Grey

How many shades of grey can you involve in nail arts? Enough to create beautiful nail arts, apparently. Different shades of grey reflect the melancholy of winter, and the understated look is ideal if you prefer elegant look. You can mix some white into the grey to create a small, pretty contrast.

Gray shades of winter nail art combine with glitter and beads on your nails to keep it looking stylish in winter.

image source

Beautiful winter gray nail art designs combine with white and paint your nails to keep it looking stylish. Give a snowman and snowflake motifs to create a cute look.

image source

Applying grey shade for the winter nail art is suitable to create a melancholy and elegant look this winter. Give a touch of glitter to make more stand out.

image source

Attractive shades of gray nail art design combine with attractive white and glossy colors to look still stylish.

image source

Combine a metallic gray and white glitter to get an amazing impression on your nails. This color combination is suitable if you want to look elegant this winter.

image source

5. Pastel Colors

Pastel colors reflect the softness of winter when snow covers everything. You can paint your nails in different pastel colors, like blue, green, or pink. You can also create a gradient nail art using two colors, such as pastel blue and pink.

Simple pastel geometric nail art design by adding glitter is the best thing that can be combined with pink and blue pastel colors. This method is suitable for you to apply in winter.

Combine a pink and light gray are one of kind pastel color nail art. Give a geometric nail art designs to add freshness and color to your winter look.

A softness winter nail art with pink and blue pastel colors for you to try. Combine with stars and chevron motif to perfect your nail art designs.

Using pastel color for winter nail art is suitable to get a softness look. Combine with geometric pattern to make more alive.

A simple way to get a softness impression this winter is applying pastel color nail art. Choose in soft pink color and give a geometric design to freshen up your look.

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Winter colorful nail arts use a lot of shades to reflect the season’s beauty. Play with colors that reflect your personality to bring winter to your hands.

Look Adorable with these Manicure Tips and Designs for Short Nails

Are you a nail biter? Or you love short nails? Either way, read these tips and designs to make your nails look adorable.

Are your nails always short? No worries. Short nails are cute in their own way. Besides, the perks of having short nails are removing your soft lenses from your eyes without any worries you would tear the lenses down, typing on the keyboards or keypads without getting annoyed, and opening a can of soft drinks without breaking your nails. So, how to make them look adorable? Find it out here. 

1. Manicure Tips to make Your Short Nails Look Great

Many women with short nails don’t know how to take good care of their nails. Even if you are not into nail arts, you still have to manicure them regularly, to have clean, healthy nails. Below are some tips for doing so. 


  • Treat your cuticles well with using some cuticle oil to soak them in. Afterwards, with a plastic or wooden cuticle pusher, gently push your cuticles back. This action will get rid of dead skin. Finish off with rinsing your nails in some warm soapy water.  
  • File your nail tips regularly to shape them and make them look cleaner, neater, and less sharp. A nail file can be carried in your bag anywhere, as it is very handy. 
  • Buff your short nails with a nail buffer to get smoother and shinier nail surfaces. Doing it once or twice every month would be enough. 

With short oval shaped nails, you can apply this modern metallics manicure trend. Trends that you can try to beautify your nails. This trend of manicure will give an elegant impression.

Your black nails will look more chic and bold. The addition of white spots that give a unique impression will give beauty to your nails.

This Manicure is suitable for you who want to look soft and feminine. Neutral color with the addition of white on the tip of the nail will make your nails more beautiful.

Short nails that are very beautiful with bright colors give perfection to your nails. This trend of manicure will make your nails look more beautiful and elegant.

unique manicure trends with different color combinations. This trend of manicure will also give your nails a simple look.

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2. Adorable Designs for Short Nails

Speaking of designs for your short nails, the followings are some adorable ones. 

A very cute inspiration for your beautiful nails, with a cute hello kitty style and bright colors that make your nails look more adorable and very beautiful.

Nail art designs with hello kitty images that give an adorable impression. Beautiful blue color gives an elegant impression on your nails.

A unique nail design that looks frightening with different colors gives its own attractive style to your nails. The hello kitty picture on the nail platform gives an adorable and beautiful feel for you to enjoy.

Adorable hello kitty design for girls with shorter nails and a perfect color combination. This design you can try to give a beautiful style to your nails.

The charming pink color gives a beautiful impression on your nails. The addition of flower manicures and hello kitty images give a cute and adorable impression.

You can try nail designs that are simple but look more attractive at home by combining white and red. This beautiful design will look more adorable with the addition of hello kitty images.

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3. Rosey Gold and White Combo

Rosey gold—one of today’s popular colours, combined with white surprisingly results in cute and fun nail colours. Paint some of your nails with white and the others with the rose gold, then make cute patterns with the opposite colour, like dots, stripes, and a cartoon moustache. 

A simple rose gold color with a luxurious gold manicure will give you an elegant style.

Unique freckles for beautiful rose gold nail designs with the addition of blue on the tips of the nails make your nails look more attractive.

Rose gold nail designs are beautiful and simple designs. The addition of freckles with several colors gives a unique impression on your nails.

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The combination of rose gold and white color that matches and gives a clean impression on your nails. The addition of charming gold color furniture and gives an elegant impression.

The colors are simple and look brighter, this color looks very attractive. The combination of rosey gold and gold color on the tip of the nail displays a luxurious style for your nails.

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4. Cuticle “Windows”

Leaving a spot on your cuticle without any colours is a soon-to-be trendy nail art design. You may use any colours—fair or dark, and any patterns—especially modern symmetry patterns. 

Neutral nail designs give your nails a clean look. The addition of a gold color at the base of the nail gives its own attractive force for your nails.

The dark blue color of your nails will look attractive by pairing it with gold on the bottom. This is one of the best nail designs for your short nails.

The combination of three colors on your nails looks more attractive. This color design looks more modern and makes it more beautiful.

Simple nail design but looks elegant. This calm color that has light brown and navy blue gives your nails beauty.

Shiny light blue nails don’t need too much to make it attractive. Here, art lines are used to accentuate and even make your nails look longer with simple white lines and look more beautiful for your nails.

Gray and red are a combination of colors that are really pleasing to the eye, sparkling high and showing the space between the color and the cuticle, the nail design for short nails has some interesting elements.

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5. Hand-Painted Tropical Flowers

Polish your short nails with white colour before painting tropical flowers and leaves with bright colours such as yellow and green. An adorable design for a beach or pool party!

Now, be ready to look adorable with your short nails

Amazing paintings on your nails with bright colors make your nails look more beautiful. A beautiful beach atmosphere is more attractive to your nails.

Nail designs with beautiful tropical flower images and bright colors. This design is suitable to make you look more attractive and elegant.

The combination of bright colors and tropical flowers looks more perfect for your nail designs. Simple design and very easy to make at home suitable for you to be creative.

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This amazing sunset nail design idea you can try to give beauty to your nails. The combination of beautiful and bright colors gives a modern feel to your nails.

The combination of bright colors that are very beautiful and look perfect makes your nails very elegant. An easy design that you can try to beautify your nails.

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5 Cutesy, Easy-Breezy Polish Nails Design Ideas for Newbies

Are you new to the world of nail arts? No problemo. Here are some easy-breezy polish nails design ideas for beginners.

Nail arts are not a must, but if you love compliments and attention, you should at least try applying one nail art in your life (and we bet you’ll get addicted to it afterwards!). If this is your first time, no problemo, we have some simple yet cute polish nails design ideas for you right here. 

1. Minimalist White Chevron Nails

Begin with placing some nail strips on the cuticle area of your nails, making three chevron patterns. Put on white nail polish gently with a thin brush—especially on the spaces between the chevrons. Carefully peel the strips off your nails before the polish gets dry. After the white polish is completely dry, finish off with clear nail polish to make your nails look shiny. 

Chevron pastel nail designs will be suitable for the spring or holiday season. This extra design with silver glitter on the ring finger. The whole design is sweet, simple, and very smooth.

Simple chevron nail design using pink that looks cuter. The addition of a manicure will give beauty and a more elegant look to your nails.

Sweet pink nail color with a combination of silver chevron design will look more beautiful. This teenage design is very elegant to increase your confidence.

Neutral colors that look clean for your nails, the addition of manicures and chevron designs give your nails a unique feel.

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The lines on this chevron nail art are very thin, but you can make this DIY a little better with a thin ribbon or a thin nail brush. Simple design but looks elegant with a manicure on your nails.

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2. Clouds over the Rainbow Nails

Paint your ring fingernail with pink nail polish and the rest with teal (blue-green color) nail polish. Create colorful clouds on the pink nail using a small brush. Start with making vertical lines to form a cloud with light blue nail polish. When the light blue cloud gets dry, draw another cloud in the teal nail polish on a half part of the light blue coat. Cure it and apply some clear nail polish on top. 

Very perfect nail design with bright colors. Adding a cloud shape gives a different feel to your nails and looks more beautiful.

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The bright blue sky is beautiful. Perfect rainbow manicure. This design will give a beautiful appearance to your nails.

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The fantastic color combination of nails with cloud design makes your nails look more attractive. This design you can try for your nails to appear confident and look elegant.

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Beautiful combining several colors that make your nails look beautiful. This striking color gives a very charming impression.

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Easy, beautiful blue color with a picture of clouds at several points giving your nails a different look. The design is very suitable for women to give the impression of an elegant and charming.

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3. Strawberry Field Forever Nail Art

Paint your nails twice in red for the base coat. Then, use a thin brush and white (or dull yellow) polish to create small dots on the base coats. On your cuticle area, draw strawberry leaves with dark green polish and light green for the outlines. Apply a layer of clear nail polish, and that’s a wrap!

Cute and funky nail art design that matches short nails. This design is tastefully designed in a beautiful red color with white dots and green leaf crowns at the base of the nails.

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The red color on the nails in the shape of a strawberry will make your nails look more colorful. Additional yellow spots and leaves on your nails will look more attractive and perfect.

Image Source

The unique design of a strawberry-shaped nail will make your nails look more beautiful. This design gives an elegant impression on your nails.

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Made in shades of baby pink and gloomy red and adorned with bright green leaves and black spots, it has all the essence of strawberries captured in bright colors.

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Done with a red base and bounded by a dark green color to the leaf crown with yellow patches, this nail design looks more attractive.

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4. Spooky Halloween Skull Nail Art

For the base coats, paint your nails with black polish. Using a thin brush, create some skull shapes on each nail with white polish. After your nails get dry, paint two small dots on each of the white skulls to create eyes on them. Make them look shiny with clear nail polish. 

Nail designs with Halloween manicure trends. The combination of several colors and also images of ghosts and pumpkins will give the right feel for your nails.

Nail design is perfect for Halloween. Simply paint your nails black and then add ghosts with white polish.

Beautiful nails with some amazing Halloween designs that give beauty to your nails. An easy design you can try at home so that your nails are more patterned and look attractive.

Your Halloween nails don’t have to be very pretty. Put the orange pumpkin polish and show the nail technician with a vampire marble manicure to make it look more perfect.

Arguably the easiest Halloween manicure to achieve at home, this design only requires black nail polish, a detailed brush, and a steady hand to get the perfect design.

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5. Goldie Chocolate Nails

To create this design, you’ll need chocolate-brownie nail polish, gold nail polish, and some tapes. Firstly, apply double coats of chocolate polish on your nails. Once your nails are dry, diagonally put the tapes across each nail to form a triangular space. Apply the gold polish on the triangular spaces. Finish everything with clear polish. 

Easy and cutesy, aren’t they? Now, get those polish nails design ideas on your nails. 

The brown color on your nails looks better by using a manicure on the base of the nail. The addition of gold spots gives a luxurious feel to your nails.

Beautiful golden and brown color combination for your nails. The addition of a manicure gives beauty to your nails.

Manicures on brown and white nails show that your nails are more colorful. The addition of a manicure and gold color makes your nails more luxurious and look charming.

An easy and attractive design for your nails using brown and some manicures to make the nails look more beautiful. The addition of gold spots makes your nails look luxurious.

Easy and simple design that you can try at home by using brown and gold spots to give an elegant impression to your nails.

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Sweet, Spooky Halloween Nail Art Ideas for a Costume Party

Halloween is around the corner. If you’re joining the party, these Halloween nail art ideas are must-to-know materials.

Halloween used to be celebrated only in the US on 31 October every year, but it has become so popular now that the whole world celebrates the creepily sacred day as well. Now, either you’re going to attend a Halloween costume party or just joining the euphoria, these Halloween nail art ideas are just perfect for the day. 

1. Lady Black Widow 

Stiletto nails are perfect for cobweb nail art. All you have to do is polish three of your nails with matte black nail polish and two of them with a nude colour. Then, paint black cobwebs on the surfaces of your nude-coloured nails. If you’re going to be Morticia of the Addams family or Maleficent at the party, then this Halloween nail art idea is perfect!

Interesting and unique nail art ideas are created with a blend of colors. The spider web image is an interesting icon in this nail art. With black and orange, nail art with a picture of a spider’s web is very interesting.

The Halloween party by designing nail art is an amazing idea. It is not free from nail art with a black and white spider web design, adding to the appeal for your nails.

Created a unique nail art to celebrate Halloween. With a unique design, this nail art look is perfect for you to try. The spider’s web contained in the nail makes this nail art more perfect for Halloween nail designs.

Still about nail art designs to celebrate Halloween parties. Simple designs are created in this nail art. Relating to the colors and images of spiders that will make nail art very interesting to celebrate a Halloween party.

Simple nail design with a nude look and spider web images with black paint make this nail art design look attractive. A simple color combination is enough to celebrate Monday nail designs to celebrate your Halloween party.

Image Source

2. Batgirl’s Nails

If you have short nails but still want to have fun at a Halloween party, try this idea: Batgirl’s pastel nails. Paint your nails with glittery pastel nail polish and finish off with painting cartoon black bats on them. We bet you know what character you’re going to be at the party.

If you like batman cartoons, you can include them in nail art. This unique look for nail art makes you look attractive. With pastel color selection, and paint a few pictures of characters in the nail it will create uniqueness in your nail art.

Created in a unique and attractive pastel-colored nail art with an awesome batman character display. Bat is a batman figure in this series. So you can put a picture of a bat in your nail art.

This is a simple design in nail art. The nude appearance in this nail art incoherent with black color makes this nail art look simple. With added images of batman and bat head characters make your nail art look unique and attractive.

Putting some characters into your nails is an amazing idea. Although in a Halloween atmosphere, the batman character with a bat symbol is able to represent the charming Halloween nail art.

Easy and inexpensive, with a simple nail art style. Where you put some nail polish into your nails. With a few random designs the appearance of a bat can make your nails look attractive to welcome a halloween party.

The colorful appearance in nail art has become very attractive. By including Batman characters in this nail art, some colors can become attractive nail art. This nail art is able to look slick to celebrate Halloween.

Image Source

3. Miss Vampire

Bloody red and black are a great combination for a vampire costume. Whether you’re going to be one of the Cullen’s sisters from the Twilight Saga or Queen Akasha from “Queen of the Damned”, try this sexy vampire’s ombre nail art on your stiletto-shaped nails. 

Combining red and black in nail art resembling vampire’s nails is a wonderful idea to celebrate your Halloween party. With neat nicks in your nails, this nail art makes it very interesting.

In nail art, to celebrate this halloween party you can paint a picture of a skull in a nail. Black is the right choice for you. Combining with the coffin nail style, this design is simply amazing.

No wonder if you include skull characters and creepy designs in this nail art. The design of celebrating Halloween is indeed necessary for this design. Combined with coffin style nails, this design is very suitable for you.

If you are impressed with the creepy nail art idea, you can try this nail art. Halloween celebration with vampire nail art style with creepy picture ideas. In this art, you put in some supporting colors to make your nails look scary.

Created nail art to celebrate halloween party with vampire style nail art. Spooky images and spider webs make this nail art perfect. Plus a large spider painting adds a frightening impression to this nail design.

Image Source

4. Sexy Witchy Nails

If you’re a fan of ombre nail arts, try this Halloween nail art idea. The two-tone shade of colour should pair between dark/navy blue and light pink. Unlike French ombre nail art, on this design, the dark shade should be on the tips of your nails. You may add some glittery gel coat for the finishing. Don’t forget to manicure your “claws” first before applying this nail art. 

Ombre nail art with a combination of maroon and black colors makes this nail art look creepy. This nail design is perfect for those of you who want to celebrate a Halloween party to make it look scary.

ill about ombre nails with maroon and black colors. The doof look for nail polish makes this nail art look impressive. You can make this art in Halloween, which will make you believe in this nail design.

Another ombre nail design to celebrate a Halloween party is a combination of purple and black. The matte appearance makes nail art look more sinister.

Attractive appearance created in this nail art. Showing red and black for ombre with slightly shiny nail polish. The charming appearance of Ombre has attracted more and more women to celebrate the Halloween party.

Image Source

The beautiful colors created in this ombre nail art make this nail design very attractive. The unique and attractive color combination makes you look elegant.

Image Source

5. Pumpkin Spice Nails

Whether you’re wearing any costumes or not at the party, these pumpkin spice nails are spooky and glamorous. Make an ombre look on your nails with a combo of shiny black and copper glitter nail polishes. This Halloween nail art would look way sexier and more glamorous on coffin-shaped nails. 

Displaying pumpkin designs into your nails in an ombre style makes you look attractive. This union style gives beauty to celebrate halloween parties.

Image Source

Unique and attractive style created by inserting a pumpkin into your nail art. The black and orange appearance is perfect for the color of your nails.

Design nails to celebrate a Halloween party by including pumpkin images is an amazing idea. This design is perfect for you to try at home.

Image Source

Coffin nail designs in an ombre style are created unique and creative to celebrate the halloween party. This style is very easy and inexpensive for you to try at home.

Image Source

Interesting design in ombre nail art by combining black and orange is very interesting for you to wear during the halloween party. This style is proven to help your confidence when you attend a halloween party.

Image Source

So, are you ready to go partying with all the sweet, spooky Halloween nail art ideas we mentioned above? We bet you’d rock the party!