5 Easy Casual Makeup Ideas for Casual Events

Informal events call for modest makeup styles. For your next inspirations, we have compiled five easy casual makeup ideas you can easily follow and apply.

The everyday look has that casual charm you can achieve with ease. Casual days commonly call for lighter shades onto the eyes or nude lipstick color for the lips. However, it can actually be more than that! These are also the time where you may be too busy or in a rush during the morning, so you have no enough time to do a complete makeup. It’s why casual compositions own several fastest ways for you to get a fresh look quickly!

We already compiled some fashionable look of casual makeups you can try afterward. By knowing the basics and steps to wear it, you’ll always get a flawless look defining your style and personality to the core.

1. Enhance Mascara Tricks

Applying mascara without knowing the essential step can result in a so-so look. Try this trick of putting the jagged part as near as you can to your lash line roots, and then wiggling it back and forth. By creating the illusion of length, you can opt for a flattering and timeless black mascara.

Using mascara with a long illusion is perfect for you to use on casual occasions. With mascara like in the picture above will make you look beautiful.

Choosing mascara with black color for casual events is perfect for you to use because it will make you look attractive.

Forming lashes with mascara to make it look attractive on a casual occasion is perfect for you to use. With the look of mascara like in the picture above will make your appearance look relaxed and cool.

Black mascara to form lashes to look long is perfect for you because with makeup like this you will look more beautiful.

Make eyelashes with black mascara to make it look longer and more attractive is the right choice. With a display like in the picture you will look cool in casual events.

image source

2. Showcase Eyes

Feeling a little dark? Sweep that bit of dark eye shadow along your crease, and then blend it evenly. The subtle existence of the powder defines your eyes more without overpowering the other parts of your makeup.

Using dark eye makeup to cover eye creases is perfect for you to use because it will make you look elegant.

One way to make you look beautiful on a casual occasion is you can use dark eye makeup to cover eye creases.

Using little dark makeup on the eyes is perfect for you to use because it will make you look beautiful.

Dark eye makeup to come at a relaxed event is the right choice. With dark makeup is useful to cover the folds of your eyes.

Dark eye make up is suitable for you to use in casual events. with this makeup you will look more beautiful.

image source

3. Shade of Purple

Regarded as the most popular color in 2018, purple creates a striking highlight to the eyes that work perfectly with pinks or soft golds. Purple also doesn’t make you look like a clown once you blend it well and with a proper amount of powder.

For those of you who like a relaxed look you can use purple lipstick. With purple lipstick you will look beautiful.

Using purple ornaments in the eyes for casual events is perfect for you to use. With this purple eye makeup will make you look elegant.

Purple eyes are very suitable for use in casual events because with this makeup you will look cooler in the casual event.

The most popular makeup color in 2018 is purple. Because purple is a color that is suitable for casual makeup.

Using purple eye makeup is perfect for you to use. With this eye makeup you will look beautiful and elegant.

image source

4. Think Pink

Speaking of pink, you can still look femininely casual with a dash of soft pink shadow. Not only will the color supply a healthy and fresh glow to the eyes, but it’ll also keep your style on edge like you’re making a significant comeback.

Using pink eye makeup is perfect for you to use. With this makeup you will look feminine and beautiful.

One way to make a fresh face, you can use pink makeup. This makeup will make you look fresh.

Applying pink shade to your face is suitable if you want to look fresh and glowing. This make up can make you look more beautiful and stunning.

Pink eye makeup is the perfect makeup for you to use. With this makeup you will look feminine and fresh.

One of the makeup color that suitable for you to use is with pink makeup. You will look more elegant and feminine.

image source

5. No-makeup Makeup

Probably the most popular on this list, no-makeup makeup styles have been taking over the beauty trend for some time now. The focus is to embrace your born-with-it beauty, and the power of nude and neutral shades plays a substantial role here.

Using face makeup that is almost invisible or natural is a choice of makeup that is perfect for those of you who have natural beauty.

One way to make a very natural look, you can use thin makeup to show your real beauty.

If you want to show the real beauty you have, you can use thin makeup on a casual occasion.

Using thin makeup and colored lipstick similar to lip color is perfect for you to use for those of you who like the natural look.

Looking beautiful doesn’t means you have to use a heavy makeup but you can show natural beauty with thin makeup.

image source

You’ll see how quickly you can impress the people at the events you attend with these easy casual makeup ideas. Step up your makeup game from now on!

Try These 5 Easy-to-Apply Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

If you have gorgeous brown eyes, enrich its beauty more with these easy makeup ideas for brown eyes! Read more to find out the inspired looks.

Like any other eye colors, brown eyes’ owners are blessed. This color allows you to match with various makeup shades, designs, and colors. Maybe your problem right now is about finding which one is suitable for you! Makeup ideas for brown eyes will help bring attention to the eyes and make them seem more significant. If you also agree that big eyes the definition of beauty nowadays, these inspirations below are for you.

You should know that there are particular manners in applying makeup to the brown eyes that accentuate their natural beauty. Start making the world literally your oyster now with these five easy-to-apply makeup ideas for brown eyes.

1. Matte, Burgundy Smokey Eye

Burgundy is the sexy version of a dark red-ish purple color that turns out to be highly comfortable to apply. Start with your primer and base shadow on the eyelids, followed by the burgundy hue on the outer eye corner. Add a little bit of brown or black eyeshadow to create depth, and blend it evenly.

Stylish makeup with brown eyes using a burgundy smokey eye eyeshadow for you to try. Choose black on the pallet for the base color and burgundy for the next one. Add yellow to the corners of your eyes to make them look attractive.

image source

Cool makeup on brown eyes using burgundy smokey eye eyeshadow. Apply a basic color of burgundy and add white so that it will produce an attractive color to your eyes.

image source

Creative face makeup ideas for brown eye women using smokey eye burgundy eyeshadow for you to try. Choose the basic color with yellow and yellow next. Add eyeliner and long eyelashes to complete your face makeup.

image source

Elegant makeup for brown eyes with matte burgundy smokey eye eyeshadow. Use the background color in burgundy and add white to the corner of the eye. Add long eyelashes to complete your face makeup.

image source

Stylish eyeshadow for women with brown eyes in burgundy using the smokey eye method you can try. Use burgundy base colors and add glitter to the corners of the eyes to make your eyes more stylish

image source

2. Natural Nude Makeup

This makeup idea for brown eyes will enhance your eye colors instead of making you look bland and dull. Natural shades, in fact, can bring out the eye dimension effortlessly, and you can experiment with a neutral spectrum ranging from pale to profound.

To look beautiful for women with brown eyes with natural nude makeup you can try. Apply a thin foundation, extend eyelashes, and use a thin blush. Add the finishing touch of lipstick with nude color to get a natural look

Creative ideas for brown eye woman’s face makeup with natural nude makeup. Apply a thin foundation, and a thin blush. Apply peach color lipstick for an attractive appearance.

image source

To get natural makeup you can apply a thin foundation, thin blush, eyeshadow with natural colors. Apply nude lipstick for a natural look

image source

The perfect woman with a natural nude makeup with a thin foundation, thin blush, brown eyeshadow. Apply natural brown lipstick for stylish women

To look good on women’s makeup with natural nude makeup you can try. Apply a thin foundation, thin blush, extend eyelashes, natural eyeshadow colors. Add nude lipstick to complete your look.

image source

3. Pop of Dark Gold

Gold eyeshadow and brown eyes are a perfect combination. When you decide to be sexier than usual, dark gold makeups are your instant solution to achieve your goal. Start with a good eyeshadow primer and let a little dash of gold eyeshadow emphasize your brown eyes more.

Attractive eyeshadow with pop of dark gold brown eyes you can try. Mix black as a base and the next part of the gold color. Add glitter to the corners of the eyes and long eyelashes for an attractive look to your eyes.

image source

You can try cute eyeshadow with pop of dark gold. Use the basic colors of black and gold for the next color. Add glitter and long eyelashes to complete your eye makeup.

image source

Brown eye favorite eyeshadow with a pop of dark gold color for you to try. Use the smokey eye method by applying black as the base and the next gold color. Add eyeliner and long eyelashes to complete your makeup

image source

An elegant eyeshadow with a dark golden shot you can try. Apply the basic black color and the next gold color. Add eyeliner and long eyelashes for an attractive look on your face makeup

image source

Amazing eyeshadow color with pop of dark gold. Apply black and gold for the next part. Add glitter and long eyelashes to get the maximum makeup.

image source

4. Shimmery Green Shadow

If you can sway from the mainstream, try shimmery green eyeshadow that’ll undoubtedly bring a flashy look. Needless to worry, an emerald shadow isn’t too intimidating to apply, and they further complement your brown eyes gloriously.

Apply shimmery green color to eyeshadow with brown eyes for you to try. Applying black and brown for the base color and olive green for the next color. Add glitter for a sparkling look to your eyes.

image source

Use shimmery green eyeshadow color with brown eye color you can try. Apply pink for the base color and sparkling green for the next color. Add a little blue to make your eyes more attractive

image source

Stylish eyeshadow with a shiny green color with the smokey eye method you can try. Apply black to the base color and green to the next color. Add yellow in the corner of the eye and eyeliner to complete your face makeup

image source

To make beautiful shimmery green eyeshadow colors for stylish brown-eyed women, use a brown base color and choose a sparkling olive green color on your pallet. Add eyeliner and long eyelashes for an attractive appearance

image source

Creative face makeup ideas for brown-eyed women in Shimmery Green. Apply a deep green color to the base color and a zaitun green color to the next color. Add yellow to complete your face makeup.

image source

5. Gold Glitter Lower Lash Line

It seems that gold is indeed the soulmate to the brown eyes. For a quick, elegant change, you can sweep a little of gold glitter along your lower lash line. Now if somebody suddenly asks you for a date right after work, you won’t need to panic anymore.

Adding the color of the low lustrous gold lash line to brown eyes for you to try. mix with brown eyeshadow colors and long eyelashes to complete your eye makeup.

image source

Attractive eyeshadow with a low sparkling gold lash line that you can try. Use a soft eyeshadow color and add eyeliner and golden shine to the bottom eyeliner for an attractive look on your makeup.

image source

To make it stylish for face makeup with brown eyes, you can add a low lustrous gold lash line. Mix it with gold eyeshadow and mascara to get curling eyelashes.

image source

To look beautiful in brown eyes by adding low sparkling gold lash lines combined with rose gold eyeshadow colors for you to try

image source

Beautiful face makeup with brown eye color combined with low sparkling gold lash lines for you to try. Apply black eyeshadow for base and gold colors. Add long eyelashes to get a more chic look

image source

See, there are a lot of fantastic makeup ideas for brown eyes that you can experiment with or simply follow! Cherish your brown eyes and rock more shades of makeup to keep looking great!

Hot Make-up Inspiration in 2019

Every year make-up trend evolves. Try checking the hottest make-up inspiration in 2019 below and get encouraged!

Doing make-up is slightly like making arts. People keep searching for something unique and bombing as make-up trend always changes every year. In 2019, the trend on makeup in some ways keeps some lists on the same line as the previous year, like the preference of nude colors, while other ways are preferably different yet still remain fun to explore. Unique inspiration on runway make-up is worth to explore and adopt for daily use, too. 


Get inspired with our list on hot make-up inspiration in 2019 below and have a fun mix-and-match experiment!

1. Glass Skin

Glass skin, also known as dewy skin, is preferably chosen by many fashion people this year. This look shares glow and shimmer on your skin just like real glass. It can be presented through a typically fresh, hydrated and healthy look on your skin. You can simply apply highlighter, shimmer or a strobe cream on several placements, like the center of the forehead, the tip of the nose, and high point on the cheeks to depict the glass effect on your look. 

Simple makeup with glass skin is perfect for you to try to look more beautiful. Adding color to your hair adds to your look cooler.

This glass skin makeup is liked by many women who have a cute face and white skin. This makeup design gives a charming impression and makes you more confident.

Look Beautiful with a soft glass skin makeup, giving an extraordinary texture to your face. This look makes you look charming.

A dazzling appearance with a fresh face and your warm smile makes you look elegant. Dewy face makeup makes you look perfect and more beautiful.

Simple appearance with glass skin makeup makes your face more neutral. This design makes you look more beautiful and more confident.

The trend of glass skin makeup that is becoming a trend in 2019 is with dew. This make you look cooler and you are more confident.

Looking radiant with dewy makeup really helps you to always look charming and elegant. With dew makeup can make you confident.

Image Source

2. Eyeshadow in Earth Colors

While some people remain to use nude or peachy colors on eyeshadow, now try to bring earth colors on your look. Brown, gold, bronze and, even, silver could definitely take place all mediocrity. Apply some layered shadows to deliver smoky eyes effect, then finish it with the earth color pallet you decide. Have a nice try!

Look beautiful and attractive with simple makeup. Only with natural eyeshadow and eyebrows without makeup your face looks attractive.

Only with Eyeshadow and that combined with natural eyebrows and lipstick on the lips, makes you look attractive with simplicity.

Display simple makeup with natural eyebrows and eyeshadow, has been able to make you look attractive.

Natural appearance is created on face makeup. With natural eyebrows without makeup and a little extra eyeshadow to make you look more charming.

Natural makeup is created with you leaving eyebrows and a little makeup texture on your face. Additional Eyeshadow makes your face bright naturally.

Dress your face with some cosmetics. You can leave your natural eyebrows to maintain the natural makeup of your face. And add a little eyeshadow to add light.

Let your eyebrows look natural in your makeup. The appearance of natural eyebrows is very suitable with Eyeshadow to add a natural impression of your face makeup.

Image Source

3. Bright-Colored Brows and Lashes 

Getting bored with regular colors of your eyebrows and eyelashes like dark brown or black? Get bucked up with this year’s trend on bright-colored eyebrows and eyelashes! Green, blue or red are a must to try as alternatives. Have a similar color pallet application on your eyelashes, too, to make them in harmony. Pick specially colored mascara and brush your lashes with fun.

A simple makeup by combining colors on the eyebrows and eyes gives an elegant impression and makes you look more beautiful.

Placing bright colors on the eyes is an impressive makeup trend for women. Besides making you look more beautiful, this makeup style also makes you more confident.

The bright blue and green colors display their own beauty to make on your eyes. Perfect makeup gives a charming impression for you to look elegant.

Simple makeup just by giving color to the eyelashes gives a different impression to your style. Sealin easy in making this look you can also try at home.

Adding bright colors to the eyes is one of your alternatives to make you more charming. Eyebrows and eyelashes with neutral colors make this combination more beautiful.

The bright blue and green colors display their own beauty to make on your eyes. Perfect makeup gives a charming impression for you to look elegant.

Image Source

4. Shimmering Lips

Matte lipstick might still be on many people’s list, but this year is the time to bring back the glow and gloss on your lips. Simply try to apply pink or peach lip gloss on them to showcase the shimmer. Otherwise, you can also tap your lip tint with similar colors on them. Then, apply shimmer in the middle of your lips. Happy trying!

Using makeup to look more beautiful and fresh does not have to be complicated. Only with matte lipstick, you can already produce natural look makeup.

Simple makeup on your face that looks natural with a little polish makes a beautiful impression on your reddened lips. Perfect design that you can try at home.

Matte lipstick is one of the most popular types of lipstick for women. Besides its long-lasting color on the lips, this lipstick makes your lips sparkle and gives you an elegant impression.

Beautiful appearance flushed with nicks of lipstick on your lips. With the sparkle on your lips makes you look more charming.

Matte lipstick seems to be a must have item for women. Besides being more durable, matte lipstick is considered more comfortable to use than other types.

Matte lipstick with a formula that is long-lasting and does not make dry lips make your makeup more stylish. With this lipstick you will look charming.


Make it beautiful and attractive with matte lipstick to make you more attractive. Appearance of makeup on these lips make you look stunning.

Image Source

Hopefully, our recommendation on hot make-up inspiration in 2019 above would bring joy and brilliant ideas for your dazzling look.

4 Best Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids to Inspire

Halloween party is almost everywhere, and its awesome Halloween inspiration for kids is now available here!

Having fun at a Halloween party is not complete without inspiring Halloween makeup. Children can also definitely take part in the fun by having a cool Halloween look. The challenge is that children’s makeup is supposed to be effortlessly simple and easy. The makeup ought not to replace their cuteness and innocence. Don’t worry. Here are several lists for children’s simple but wonderful Halloween makeup ideas to inspire. Have a good try!

1. Daniel Tiger

Children’s makeup is challenged not only to be dashing but also to be cute. Daniel Tiger makeup can be the perfect option. Simply wear a cute tiger costume, and put on its typical makeup look on the face. Black, brownish-orange, and white are awesome colors to apply to the children’s face. Don’t forget to paint a cute blackish nose, too!

Daniel Tiger’s face makeup might be the right choice for your child. Brown and white nicks give the beauty of face makeup at Halloween parties.

Image Source

If your child likes the character of a tiger. For this Halloween party, you can put it in your child’s makeup. This makeup is classified as very easy and inexpensive. With the selection of the right color that resembles a tiger.

Image Source

A very simple makeup style contained in this makeup style. Only by putting black on your face and forming a tiger pattern, your child is ready to attend the Halloween party.

Image Source

Look stunning at Halloween parties with an attractive makeup of Daniel Tiger. Your child must really like this makeup. This makes your child more confident.

Image Source

Loving your child on Halloween by putting on their faces with characters he likes is a matter of pride. This perfect makeup gives your child an extraordinary impression.

Image Source

Interesting style contained in your child’s face with a tiger character. This makeup includes simple and very easy. The right color combination is also able to provide its own beauty.

Image Source

Back at the Halloween party with Daniel Tiger’s makeup for your child, which is easy and fun. Facial makeup with this character is very fond of some children. The unique and attractive style makes it look extraordinary.

Image Source

2.Fluffy Kitten

A cute look for a children’s Halloween party? Fluffy kitten is absolutely one of the most favorite picks! Simply apply facepaint for children to the face after covering. Draw simple fur lines of cats on it. Fake hair is also perfect for being used on the cheeks to share a real-like kitten look. A set of kitten Halloween costume will surely complete this performance.

Besides tigers, another animal character that is a fur cat. Simple makeup can also look attractive at a Halloween party. With black color, this makeup style is very stunning.

Image Source

This white cat fur coat is perfect for your child. Combined with a black costume makes your child look amazing at a Halloween party.

Image Source

Ink streaks are poured to make this cat makeup can give the impression of dancing. With a little makeup that is very simple, your child can look attractive at Halloween celebrations.

Image Source

If your child has a cute and funny face, for Halloween celebrations you can make up in a cat makeup style. This animal is also quite funny and cute. It’s right with your child’s cute and funny face.

Image Source

Unique decoration created with cat characters for your child’s Halloween. This unique decoration in black and white is very interesting for you to try.

Image Source

This cute cat face makeup is perfect for your girl. With a beautiful little glitter, make your child look attractive at Halloween parties with friends.

Image Source

This is a simple face makeup for your child. Black, white and red nicks make the cat characters enter beautifully on your child’s face.

This time the cat character entered your child’s makeup. With a simple style, this makeup can look attractive and extraordinary.

Image Source

3. Classic Clown 

Classic clown makeup looks always inspire Halloween makeup trends throughout the years. It can also be applied to kids, too. Get a makeup kit for children with common clown makeup colors. Apply thin covering to maintain the natural cuteness of your children, and paint some typical signatures of a clown, like the red cheeks and nose, to give it a go!

The unique style of clown-style facial makeup used to make your child look fabulous in Halloween celebrations. This makeup is perfect for your boy.

Image Source

Still in clown makeup that you can apply to your child. This makeup combines thick white polish and red and black for variations. This look is perfect for your child when Halloween arrives.

Image Source

Appearing in an attractive costume, facial makeup with this clown character appears extraordinary. This makeup style makes your child appear confident at Halloween celebrations.

Image Source

Incorporating clown characters in face makeup for this Halloween party is very interesting. By thickening some of the makeup on your face, the clown’s appearance will be more pronounced.

Image Source

This clown character is very bright and adorable. Even so, this face makeup is perfect for applying to your child on Halloween. Look simple, this makeup brings its own beauty for you.

Of the several clown face makeups, this is the easiest for you to try. Enough with a little color and red affixes on the nose, the clown makeup style will feel very amazing.

With the addition of colorful frizzy hair, the appearance of a clown is more attractive to your child. And quite a bit of makeup on your face, already able to give the impression of your child at this Halloween party.

Image Source

4. Disney Character

Disney has offered many wonderful characters to inspire Halloween makeup performances. Snow White, Maleficent, Elsa, and Belle are only several Disney princesses to inspire. Get prepared with the costumes, and the makeup. Children will automatically charm every single person at the Halloween celebration on the Disney look!

Incorporating Disney characters into your child’s makeup is the right choice. Frozen character is very fond of your daughters. Force it if, in this Halloween celebration, you give your child a Frozen makeup.

Image Source

One of the beautiful and much-loved characters in the Disney series is Unicorn. If your child likes this character, it’s not wrong if you decorate your child’s face with Unicorn characters to celebrate Halloween.

Image Source

Although classified as an evil character, Maleficent in the Disney series is also very suitable for your children. This makeup look is very interesting for your child in this year’s Halloween celebration.

Image Source

In celebrating Halloween, your child can celebrate it with their idol film makeup. Maybe Unicorn is the movie they like. This amazing display in the atmosphere is able to make your child very happy to attend the Halloween celebration with friends.

Image Source

Hopefully, the above lists would inspire Halloween makeup look for your children. Come and give it a go!

Be Unique with These Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Afraid of the complication for Halloween makeup? Don’t bother. We’ve got you covered with these easy Halloween makeup ideas.

Easy Halloween makeup is on the top list on the search engines for those who love simplicity. Generally, the key is to find the perfect balance on the effortless makeup idea and a kick-ass look for your Halloween celebration. A simple idea can absolutely be unique if you execute this very well. You can combine the Halloween costumes and the effortless makeup ideas that’ll awe everyone at your Halloween night!


Get inspired with our recommendation below on simple Halloween makeup ideas. 

1. Cat

Cat makeup adds cuteness and chicness to your look. It will also surely bring simplicity. Apply the typical cat’s pattern on your face by using face paint. Paint a cute kitten’s nose, too, to add the realistic sensation to your look. Don’t forget to wear a trendy cat costume set. A pair of cat’s ears is perfect, too!

Gold cat makeup ideas that create a glamorous look by adding golden luster display your own style. This inspiration makes your appearance look more unique.

Making a cat’s makeup look might sound difficult, but you can actually add a few additions to make your appearance look better.

Simple halloween cat makeup featuring a unique design. Makeup like this is a good choice for your Halloween celebration.

A simple cat decoration design that stands out to you. This look with red lips is perfect for parties and cat makeup makes it perfect for Halloween.

This makeup features classic cat eyes, nose and whiskers. Lips with a beautiful red color This will make your cat’s makeup stand out and look beautiful.

This display features classic cats like a black nose and mustache, but this one also has sparkling gems. Gems make traditional cats look much more trendy.

Cute cat makeup ideas make you look more beautiful. The addition of a mustache and some accessories make this look even more unique and funny.

Image Source

2. Scarecrow

Do you want to look effortlessly scary? Try being a scarecrow. Grab your face paint after covering your face with foundation and contour. Paint some cracking wood effects on it to get a more amazing and realistic sensation. Wear a scarecrow effect, and, voilà, an easy Halloween makeup look is all yours!

A beautiful and colorful Halloween makeup. Looks like a tattered Anne doll or a scarecrow with makeup that is inspired by this prick using various shades and blush.

Unique Halloween simple makeup with scarecrow inspiration makes your appearance look funny. . This look will make you look very unique for Halloween celebrations.

Unique halloween makeup with scarecrow design makes it look attractive. The look in the scarecrow costume is perfect and looks funny.

Halloween-themed doll makeup. It consists of using simple colors to create a plain look but makes your appearance look funny and unique.

Scarecrow is one of the funny and famous costumes that can be used for Halloween. Dressing a scarecrow is a big challenge and indeed one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween.

Scarecrow decoration that looks very charming to celebrate Halloween. A display that will make you look unique and adorable.

A plaid shirt and some eyeliner for a simple but festive scarecrow Halloween makeup. Simple appearance but makes your appearance unique and funny.

Image Source

3. Crying Eyes 

Crying eyes makeup is another alternative for your Halloween party. It is amazing how this effortless painting on your face can surely charm many heads at the party. Pick your face paint and paint some effects of crying eyes on your look. Adding more sadness on your facial expression will also boost up your performance!

Trending glittery eye makeup trends that create a crying effect was popular. This trend looks really very real creating a dramatic crying effect and is suitable for your halloween party.

Even though this simple mess of eye makeup mess will make you look very unique at a halloween party. Simple design that shows your facial expressions.

With a unique and cool face makeup, with different color combinations to form these crying eyes, you don’t need to bother thinking about the splendid Halloween costume to make it look maximal.

This creative makeup creates a perfect fake tear makeup. The black color used makes this look perfect and amazing.

Perfect creativity by combining blue and white colors into an amazing crying eye design. This design is very beautiful and suitable for Halloween events.

Tear makeup with the most popular color combinations makes your appearance look unique. Face painting can also be done as a way to create fake tear makeup suitable for your Halloween party.

This simple look with crying eye make up makes you look more fashionable. This makeup is more perfect for welcoming Halloween.

Image Source

4. Cracked Porcelain Doll

A dazzling and flawless look for your Halloween makeup? Cracked porcelain doll can be the best idea. Simply apply flawless yet pale makeup on your face, and paint some cracking effect on it. Have a flat yet innocent expression, and, congratulations, you’ve scored everyone’s favourite look at your Halloween party! 

Creativity is simple and looks perfect by drawing faces with amazing cracking designs. This design is perfect for you to appear at halloween parties.

Unique makeup style made with simple materials that produce the perfect work. Combined with the creepy bloody drawing designs are perfect for this Halloween party.

In terms of scary makeup, your face can be designed with black and white paint to form a perfect crack. This look is very interesting for you to wear on Halloween.

Halloween party with a variety of amazing makeup, you can make up your face with a cracked design. A simple design with perfect creativity makes this design look real.

A very beautiful skill to apply makeup with a slightly creepy cracking style. This design is perfect and perfect for celebrating Halloween parties.

The image of a crack applied to a perfect face with a simple material displays an amazing impression. The combination of black cracks and young red lipstick makes you look more charming for a Halloween party.

Image Source

See, it is absolutely effortless to have an easy Halloween makeup look for your party. Come and give it a go!

Pretty but Scary Clown Makeup for Teen Girls

Pretty but scary clown makeup ideas are currently into the hype for teen girls. Here is our recommendation.

Wearing scary clown makeup can surprisingly be pretty, too. Stay calm, teen girls.  Applying its typically classic makeup in scary clown costumes for your Halloween look is implausibly easy to create. The basic thing is that to combine the scary clown idea with chicness on the female make-up style that’ll definitely make you not only fearful but also beautiful walking at your party night.

Get inspired with this list on pretty but scary clown makeup to copy, girls! 

1. Pennywise the Clown

Who says the idea of playing Pennywise the Clown is bad for being a pretty clown? Say no more. You can simply apply foundation and contour onto your face before doing this Pennywise-inspired look. Wear reddish eyeshadow and red lipstick. Paint Pennywise red smirking lines as the final touch, and you’ve scored everyone’s favorite Halloween look. Don’t forget to put on your chic yet scary clown costumes!

Scary Halloween costumes from zombie brides to coward demons to nightmare clowns. Simple makeup but gives a scary impression by combining white and dark red.

Jika Pennywise ditampilkan dalam Vogue, ini adalah penampilannya. Kombinasi bintik-bintik dan garis merah menjadikan tampilan yang menakjubkan dan menakutkan sekaligus.

Pennywise makeup that is simple but looks creepy with deep black with a hint of red. The orange color found in the hair makes this look more sinister.

Make-up is frightening and cannot be recognized thanks to pennywise makeup. Colors that display a creepy style that you can get by using a slightly paler color.

White makeup to create a hideous look and draw two long black lines starting from the forehead and penetrating the eyes. Black and red and her nose covered with dark red makeup for Rudolph’s haunting light.

Pennywise is a vicious and hateful criminal. This makeup design gives a scary impression. This style is very popular for Halloween shows

This look gives a unique look to the horror movie character. Pennywise makeup that gives a creepy impression and so on.

Image Source

2. Pastel Clown Makeup

Pastel color can be an alternative to have in doing cute but scary clown makeup experiment. You can mix and match your preferred pastel colors like light purple, pink or peach to your pallete. Add highlighter to share more beautification effect to your look. Trendy and glamor clown hairdo and cute clown costumes can also be part of the joy of your experiment. Have a good try!

Perfect makeup by combining purple and pink makes this look look more cheerful. Long pink hair also changes your appearance to be more cute and funny.

The combination of light purple and pink makes your appearance look different. This bright color makes your appearance more cheerful and funny.

Pink highlighter combined with light purple makes your appearance look more stylish. This makeup can make you look cute and funny.

Makeup with some bright colors make your appearance more attractive, this blend displays a style that is different from the others and displays art on your face.

Image Source

The combination of bright and shiny colors makes you look more attractive. This color looks very beautiful to make up your face.

Attractive appearance with makeup design using beautiful colors makes you look more beautiful. This makeup also makes you look cute and funny.

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3. Modern Clown Makeup 

Do you want to have a more sophisticated look on your clown makeup? Try a modern clown makeup look. You can simply replace the bold colors with nude colors. The nude colors will surely bring the sensation of modern touch to your look. It adds sophistication that’ll charm everyone at your Halloween party.

Unique and attractive face makeup makes you look elegant. This make up design has become a trend for Halloween parties because of the slightly creepy design.

Simple makeup with colors and red lines that connect from lips to eyes will look more unique. The addition of black in the eye makes this look more sinister.

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By using makeup that fits, creating clown makeup looks more perfect. Thick makeup with characters that are quite funny to make the main attraction.

The combination of deep black and bright red makes your face look shiny. Perfect makeup makes your appearance look elegant and unique.

Unique makeup look by adding manicles to look more beautiful. The perfect color combination displays a charming impression.

Charming modern makeup with bright red and thick black that will make your appearance look scary. This makeup is often used for Halloween parties.

Perfect clown makeup with neutral colors and jet black colors that make you look more sinister. Modern design that can be used for Halloween parties.

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4. Glittery Clown Makeup

Bling-bling sensation to your clown makeup can be done by adding some glitters. It will absolutely fuel the chicness to your look. Simply apply peachy colors with bloody-red touch, and spread the glitters onto it. Wear your scary clown costumes, and you are good to scary and amaze your friends!

Those ideas will be hopefully helpful for your pretty and scary clown makeup inspiration that’ll make your friends frightened and awed!

Simple makeup with neutral colors combined with maroon makes you look more charming. The addition of glitter under the eyes adds a dazzling style.

The decoration design is charming and looks charming but looks scary too. Simple makeup by adding glitter makes your appearance more attractive.

Unique makeup for clowns with the addition of bling-bling and also glitter to get and add to its beauty. This creepy makes is often used for Halloween parties.

The clown’s makeup glittered in red which made this look shifter and more charming. This design is perfect for Halloween events.

The makeup design is simple but looks scary. The design is often used for Halloween parties and is a very perfect trend.

Makeup using a blood-red color with glitter on it makes this design look like real. The uniqueness and creepy look of this design are often used for Halloween parties.

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4 Awesome Clown Makeup Ideas to Copy

Wearing clown makeup in Halloween cannot be more challenging. Here is our list of awesome clown makeup you can copy.

Going for a Halloween party in a fearsome look? Try clown makeup. It is unbelievable to see how playing a clown can somehow be amusing and frightening at the same time. Generally, all you need is to pair a convincing clown costume and a perfect clown makeup that’ll scare everyone around you. 

Get inspired with these 4 awesome clown makeup ideas to copy, and have a strong impression on your performance. 

1. The Joker

The Joker is a unique character which is quite powerful to bring your Halloween look into another level. Wearing the Joker clown makeup can be adjusted by simply picking which Joker you want to play, from the classic to the modern ones. Heath Ledger Joker version is one of the favorite picks, and you can surely wear the Heath-inspired make-up version that’ll charm everyone at your party night.

Unique makeup design for your looks more sinister. Bright color combinations to make up your face give a perfect impression.

This joker clown makeup design displays its own attractive style, bright color combination, and unique design makes your appearance look spooky.

The Joker character is a slightly spooky figure, the combination of makeup and clown clothes make a different feel and look more cute and funny.

As a Joker complete with makeup that is his trademark with regular clown makeup or makeup that has a slightly spooky nuance, this clown has a more unique character.

A funny clown with simple equipment that displays the softness of a clown. The same face design with the joker character makes it unique.

Joker makeup looks very cool with some bright colors. This makeup design gives a funny impression and looks more sinister.

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2. Pennywise the Clown

People these days will automatically come up with the imagery of Pennywise if they are talking about the clown. Thus, don’t miss the chance! Wear a bold white covering, and paint reddish lines and highlights on your look. Don’t forget to put on your fake hair, clown costume and shoes. You are ready to scare everyone!

In line with the clown, color design makes your appearance look spooky. The combination of white and red striped becomes a style in this design.

The appearance of the clown with a spooky style makes the same impression as the joker character. The color combination of makeup looks simple with perfect results.

Fancy clown clothes that look cute wearing a wig. Face makeup with a combination of white and red that looks scary, you can easily scare people.

With a white face painting and some red lines make you look more sinister. The addition of toupee gives a different impression on your appearance.

The clothes and some clown gear you wear shoes that you look funnier. With white face makeup with red stripes gives a scary impression for you.

The combination of white with red lines gives a spooky impression. The addition of fake ruffles and some clown gear is a complement as your style.

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3. Auguste the Clown 

Auguste the Clown makeup is rather different from the regular whiteface makeup you have seen. It is more likely a flesh or pink makeup as the base. Apply the covering on your face in this color, add a fake nose, wear fake hair and a hat and get dressed in its typical clown costume. Remember to act a real-like Auguste the clownbe a clumsy!

Auguste makeup is a different makeup on clowns in general, a combination of pink and some bright colors make you look funnier.

This clown style looks funny. A very unique makeup design that gives it a cuter look. The combination that fits between clothes, wigs, and makeup makes this design more perfect.

Simple makeup dominated by pink makes you look cute. The addition of wigs and hats adds a special attraction for you.

Simple design on a look that looks more elegant. Light-colored makeup makes your appearance look funny.

The combination of wigs, clown clothes, and very charming makeup makes you look even funnier. The pink color in your face makeup gives a cute impression.

The clown design is very cute and elegant to give its own uniqueness. The combination of bright colors in makeup gives a beautiful impression to your look.

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4. Classic Whiteface Clown Makeup

Another pick for your clown makeup is a classic whiteface clown look. Apply off-white bold makeup as the covering, and paint some parts as its signatures. Don’t forget your fake curly hair and vintage clown costume. You’ve scored one of the most favorite classic characters in Halloween!

See, these above awesome clown makeup ideas would surely make your day. Try your favorite pick and have a great Halloween party!

A standard whiteface clown, or classic. It consists of a white mat, with make-up for eye and mouth accents. This is the type of clown that many people associate with the circus. The addition of curly hair makes its own uniqueness from the unified.

This white-dominated makeup looks more classic, the combination of colors for the eyes and cheeks makes her appearance funnier. The addition of curly toupee adds to its cuteness.

Cute white face makeup with red makes your look more attractive. Curly wig with a different color shows a cheerful impression.

Clown clothes are simple but look attractive with a combination of white makeup and hair and additional hats that make this look very charming.

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The white-face clown, aka the classic clown, is the clown that most people think of when they hear a word related to the circus. Attractive appearance and makeup style gives a perfect impression.

The makeup design is simple but looks perfect by combining the basic colors of white and some bright colors to look more cheerful. Curly hair and clean clown clothes make her look funnier.

White makeup on face makeup that combines with several bright colors makes your appearance look cheerful. Colorful curly hair makes its own appeal to this clown outfit.

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