Cutting it Short: Go Fabulous with These 25 Short Hair Ideas

It’s no secret how short hair can turn someone’s look exceptionally. Discover our five short hair ideas here to get you inspired!

For those who crave a fresher haircut, a short hairstyle is a guarantee to fulfill that easy mission. Not only will you acquire lots of public attention, but the new hairstyle will also give you more practical maintenance and perhaps lower costs of hair care products.

With tons of short hairstyles to consider, you probably have a hard time deciding which one that can fit your hair texture and facial features. Our list of five short hair ideas below will give you the needed inspiration. All are immensely popular and gorgeous at the same time, ensuring your fabulous style all the time.

1. Layered Short Haircuts

We can’t stop stressing over layered cuts every time someone mentions the word “fresh.” Try the layered short haircuts suiting winter atmosphere for that relaxed, sexy look that won’t overpower your outfit or makeup at the same time.

Layered Short Haircuts with bob highlight style will look more cute so they will look confident in winter.

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If you want to look attractive, using a Short Layered hairstyle looks amazing. Use blonde hair color to enhance your appearance so that it looks stylish.

Amazing short haired woman with a shagy layered hairstyle to look stylish and cute.

Try a Layered Short Haircut with a blonde bob style that will look perfect so you will look beautiful in winter.

Short Layered hairstyles for stylish women in blonde look simple but are still amazing in the winter arrives.

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2. Short Pixie Hair

Going for a pixie is that instant solution for an edgier look that makes people wonder whether you’re an A-list star all along. Aim for a short pixie hair in a soft texture and dyed hair, combined with needed layers to complement the neat cut effortlessly.

Don’t worry if you have short hair. You can choose a Short Pixie hairstyle that will enhance your appearance in winter.

Short-haired woman looks beautiful with a blonde short Pixie hairstyle so you will appear more confident.

Short Pixie Hairstyles will improve your appearance in winter so they look stunning but still simple.

Using Short Hair will accentuate your hair style. Short Pixie hairstyles look perfect for short hair so you will look classic.

Blonde hair for Short Pixie hairstyle looks perfect so you will look fashionable and confident.

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3. Short Curly Hair

It’s no secret how curls make for an elegant look naturally—and with a short curly hair in your favorite color, good luck in stopping people from staring at your beauty. Do note that this style performs better on thinner hair texture, and you can try some hairspray for softer curls.

Trying Short Curly Hair will improve your style in winter. With your shoulder-length hair to look more classy.

Short curly hairstyles using headbands will look perfect for night style hair so it looks more formal.

If you want to look formal, using Short Curly Hair is the perfect idea for you to try in winter, so it looks more classy.

image source

Beautiful women with short curly hair look beautiful. Choosing shoulder-length hair style will improve your appearance so that it looks more classy.

image source

To get the perfect look using curly hairstyles is the perfect choice. You can choose shoulder-length hair to look stylish.

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4. Short Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

Answer your long-standing question, “do I want a bang?” now with “go for it!” with a short haircut with side swept bangs easily. This haircut is powerfully stylish and full of life, convincing others to follow the same cut or else.

A simple woman’s style with a short hairstyle with fringe beside white hair color so you will look fashionable in winter.

image source

Short hair with blonde hair will look simple but still stylish. Use side bangs so that you will look more mature.

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Short hair looks very amazing for you to try. Add side bangs to enhance your appearance so that it looks more fashionable in winter.

Don’t worry if you have short hair. Short hairstyles with side bangs look fashionable so you will look confident in winter.

Stylish woman with short hair looks simple but still extraordinary. Use a bob hairstyle with purple side bangs so that you will look sweeter.

image source

5. Bob with Blunt Bangs

Say hi to your new bob cut with similarly new bangs—bob with blunt bangs combination that won’t turn off your style whatsoever. And, hey: it’s totally luscious and cute, something we all girls want when it comes to fashion.

Short hairstyles for fall you can try Bob’s hairstyle with Blunt Bangs with brown hair color to look simple but still extraordinary.

image source

If you have short hair, using Bob’s hairstyle with Blunt Bangs will improve your appearance so that it looks more stylish in winter.

image source

Bob with Blunt Bangs is the perfect idea to improve your appearance in winter. with black hair color to look stylish.

image source

Bob with Blunt Bangs with short hair will improve your appearance in winter so it looks more classy.

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Beautiful women with short hair using Bob’s hairstyle with Blunt Bangs will enhance your appearance so you look more stylish.

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Cutting it short seems like a much better idea with these short hair ideas, right? Choose yours now!

22 Long Hairstyles that Rock Your Style

Having long hair won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Look up our recommended long hairstyles that rock your style here!

Winter is here, and getting warm is a given. Long hair, in a way, can provide subtle warmth to the ear and neck area, though not too much. To state the obvious, it’s a style that should lean into the season: a fabulous long hairstyle that won’t disappoint all day long.

How is it going to be? Besides celebrating the festive winter with new nails and sparkly decorations, you can have a unique taste for your hair to make for that fresher look. Since we understand your needs, check out the ideas of creating your favorite long hair below to get you started.

1. High, Split Pony

A ponytail can be hyped up once you know the trick. A tall, split pony gives off an exciting look that doesn’t seem boring at all. Play along with the method to aim at the base of the knot as tall and centered as you can, and slowly build that cool, split effect.

If you have long, straight hair, you can use the split pony style with high knotting. This hairstyle gives a pretty and attractive appearance.

Even wavy hair matches the split high pony style, express it with the center bangs to make it look more perfect.

High ponytail will make your appearance look more attractive and not boring. Sleek hair will make your hair style more stylish and neat.

If your hair has high ponytails, then you can combine them with cute braids.

Glossy black hairstyle with high ponytail style will make you look more elegant and stylish. Besides this style is also not boring.

Image Source

2. Undone Side Braid

Aim for a more playful side braid instead of a regularly tight one with an undone side braid. Instead of looking messy, your new side braid is effortlessly gorgeous in a conveniently casual way. Start braiding below the jawline before loosening the parts according to your preference.

Braid your long hair neatly and regularly, and braid it on the side to make it look more feminine and comfortable.

Put your braids on the side of the face that are equipped with bumpy side bangs to get a younger and interesting look.

Braid your hair from top to bottom, and arrange on the side to get the perfect and extraordinary feminine style.

Side braids with straight ends give your look more style. Add with blonde hair that matches your face.

Image Source

3. Bedazzled Hairpins

Put your dazzling hairpin collection (we strongly suggest sparkly, silver ones) into use by placing them neatly on the bang or side of the head. Although most hair trends skip hair accessories, you can go for the unusual with this eccentric yet sophisticated look.

To look beautiful for your hair style, use some attractive pearl hair clips for you to try. In addition, this hairpin can decorate your hair in winter 2019.

Interesting ideas for hairstyles, you can add gold hairpins attached to the front. This style will make your hair look neater in winter.

Image Source

To straighten the back hair, use silver hairpins with small knick knacks to make it look glamours.

Image Source

A beautiful hairdo with triangle hair clips will make your hair look neat. Pair with rainbow hair to get a chic look.

Image Source

To make your bangs look neat and stylish, use slim pearl hair clips to make them look perfect and beautiful.

Image Source

4. Bubble Pony

Speaking of eccentric, a bubble ponytail puts a fun twist to a standard ponytail, which will be great for those who wish for a little change once in a while. Feel free to start from a high pony before knotting colored elastics every few inches.

Long hairstyles with high bubble pony will make you look even more pretty. Blond hair can complete your look perfectly.

Tie every few inches neatly, a low pony will look a good hairstyle and give a pleasant twist.

Image Source

Bubble pony knotting with satin will make your hair style look attractive and look different from the others.

High bubble pony can be used for the idea of long hair that is trending in 2019, you can tie it up with black rubber so it is the same color as your current hair.

Image Source

So that your hair looks relaxed and neat, use bubble pony knotting black rubber, this style is suitable for long straight or wavy hair ideas.

Image Source

5. Beach Waves with Straight Ends

Don’t give up on bringing summer and the beach to the mixture: color your winter with a beach wave hairstyle with straight ends to perfect your chic look. Make sure to spray a little bit of seas-salt spray for that shinier and stronger texture.

Long blond hair with a wave style will make you look younger and more practical. Additional straight ends will make it more perfect.

Image Source

If you have wavy beach hair, try using a straight ends hair style. This style will take you through the winter pretty.

For women over 40 to look fashionable and look young, use the waves beach style that is equipped with straight ends will make your style look perfect.

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Which long hair will you try for this winter?

Grab That Elegance with 24 Curly Hair Ideas Now

The bold power from beautiful curly hair can be yours now. Grab that elegance you’ve always wanted with our top five curly hair ideas here.

Following the descending temperature, winter brings a new challenge to your hair about which hairstyle you want to try this season. If you have naturally curly hair, know that you already blessed and only need one more step to enhance the look to keep people amazed.

The only question is, how? It’s breezy, cold, and icy out there, but you shouldn’t let your curls go unattended. We got you covered with these precious, top five curly hair ideas below to present you the power of looking gorgeous without trying much. One first tip from us: make sure it’s smooth and untangled, okay?

1. Stylish Side Braids

You probably frown once reading this point, but hear us out—braiding your curly hair won’t stop flaunting your curls altogether. Try a loose side braid before completing it with a similarly baggy beanie to keep you warm from the season. Put some gel to keep the strands shiny!

Side braids hairstyles for curly hair women look simple but still amazing.

Image Source

If you have curly hair, using a side braid hairstyle will improve your appearance so that it looks more stylish.

Image Source

Braiding curly hair is the perfect idea to enhance your appearance. Side braids are a simple way to look stylish.

Image Source

Side braids combined with bun will improve your appearance so that it looks more classy.

Image Source

Beautiful women with curly hair using side braids will enhance their appearance so they look more stylish.

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2. Curly Bob with Side Bangs

A shorter cut can go a long way, no pun intended. Aim for a curly bob with side bangs this year with some of its loose waves covering the side of your face. The other strands can be tucked behind the ear, and notice how your new look becomes full-of-style at once.

Simple woman style with curly hair looks cute. Choose a bob hairstyle with side bangs so you will look fashionable.

Curly bob hair looks simple but still stylish. Use side bangs so that you will look more mature.

Blonde curly hair with bob haircut looks very amazing. Add side bangs to enhance your appearance so it looks more fashionable.

Don’t worry if you have curly hair. Curly bob hairstyles with side bangs look fashionable so you will look confident.

Stylish women with curly hair look simple but still amazing. Use bob hairstyle with side bangs so that you will look sweeter.

Image Source

3. Front Pulled Back and Low Bun

For a more formal or night event look, you can try a front pulled back and low bun with one or two small curls on both sides of your face. Classy and straightforward at the same time, this hairstyle provides a much-needed neater look without disregarding the concept of style.

If you want to look formal, using a front pulled back and low bun hairstyle is the perfect idea so it looks more classy.

Image Source

Try the front pull back and low bun to enhance your hair style so it looks more classy.

Curly hairstyles with low bun are perfect for night style hair so it looks more formal.

Beautiful women with curly hair look beautiful. Choosing a low-hair bun style will improve your appearance so that it looks more classy.

To get the perfect look using a low bun hairstyle is the perfect choice. You can pull the front hair back and the bun low so it looks classy.

Image Source

4. Mid-Length Curly Layered Hairstyle

Go for layers this season to complement your mid-length cut, which can further accentuate your stylish hairstyle with additional volume at the roots. Your layers can come in other colors if you wish, too.

Don’t worry if you have curly hair. You can choose a hair style Layered Mid-Length Hairstyle that will enhance your appearance so that you will look more beautiful.

Curly hair women look beautiful with a layered mid-length hair style so you will appear more confident.

The Layered Mid-Length Curly Hairstyle will enhance your appearance so that it looks stunning but still simple.

Using layers will highlight your hair style. The layered mid length hair style looks perfect for curly hair so you will look classic.

Blond hair for the layered mid length curly hair style looks perfect so you will look fashionable and confident.

Image Source

5. Big Double Buns

For those with a bold and eccentric personality, attempting to pull a big double buns style will answer it precisely in a cute way. If you’re in a rush, blow-dry the hair lightly and add a little conditioner for its sleek texture. Who says any Leia-inspired hairstyle has gone stale?
Hopefully, one of these curly hair ideas above can shed light on your doubt!

Curly hair with big double buns will look cuter so it will appear confident.

If you want to look cute, using a big double buns hairstyle looks amazing. Add hairpin accessories to enhance your appearance so it looks stylish.

Image Source

An amazing curly hair woman with big double buns hairstyle looks stylish and cute.

Image Source

Try big hair style double buns for curly hair will look cute so you will look beautiful.

Image Source

Winter Is Coming: 5 Proper Hairstyles in Winter

Prepare yourself for winter with a new, fresh hairstyle idea. One proper hairstyle in winter is coming up right on the list here.

The cold winter got nothing on your wish to have a befitting hairstyle. However, winter is known to be rough not only to the skin but also to the hair strands. It’s why girls sometimes need to take care of the hair more when winter is coming.

If you already master the much-needed hair care to get into the new hairstyle, the next step is to pick which one to try that can handle the crazy temps. From a twisted braid to beach wave, each caters to proper hairstyle in winter that won’t stop you from looking fabulous. Check out the list below!

1. Twisted Low Ponytail

A twisted low ponytail isn’t only wonderfully graceful but also tight and secure all-day long—ensuring you to have no issues doing daily tasks or jobs. It’s especially not dull, too, because once combined with a French twist, you already define the meaning of elegance.

To look stylish in winter you can arrange your hair with a low ponytail model and tie the bottom. This method is easy to do on long hair.

image source

If you have long hair, you can make your hair with a Low Twist Ponytail model. With blonde hair you have defined the meaning of elegance.

image source

A low ponytail twist hairdo for you to try in winter arrives. This style is suitable for those of you who have long hair.

image source

Long hairstyle twist blonde low ponytail and tie the bottom to get a chic appearance when winter arrives.

image source

To look beautiful in winter you can style your long hair with a low ponytail twist model. This way you can try to look stylish.

image source

2. Top Knot

If you prefer getting ready without many difficulties every day, an elegant top knot that’s quick and beautiful at the same time will be your seamless solution. Your top knot can come in braids, upside down braided bun, messy top knot, and more!

To get an interesting impression in the winter, you can use the top knot hairstyle which is a messy blonde knot suitable for you to try.

If you have long hair, you can use a messy top knot hairstyle. Pair with your outfit to get good results in winter.

You can try a messy top knot hairstyle with blonde hair. This style will improve your appearance in winter.

Creative ideas for winter hairdo in the style of braided bread knots top. Blue hair will create an attractive impression on your hair.

To look stylish in winter, you can style your long hair with braided top knot bread models. Combine with outfit to get a chic appearance.

image source

3. Statement Headbands

Either your bang has grown longer, or you want to keep all that baby strands off the face, pulling up a statement headband hairstyle is an instant solution without ignoring the subtle red carpet look. It’s a perfect disguise on a messy hair day!

To look beautiful with a hairdo using headbands is an interesting idea for you to try. In addition to spruce up these hair headbands can be to decorate in your winter appearance.

Interesting ideas for hairstyles you can add headbands for you to try. This method will make your hair neat and stylish in winter.

Stylish women with hairdos use headbands one way for you to try. Use this mitode to make your hair look neat. Pair with outfit and sunglasses for a chic look in winter.

Using headbands is an interesting idea for you to try. This method gives a neat impression on your hairstyle in winter.

The next short hairstyle by adding headbands will make you look more presentable and stylish, combined with an outfit in winter.

image source

4. Long, Glossy Locks

When your hair care successfully makes a shinier hair, it’s time to flaunt it to everyone without having to get an additional professional blowout in a salon first. Enhance your long glossy hair with celebrity curls using a curling iron and brush it neatly with one round brush.

Use your long hair style with celebrity curls using curling iron. Brush neatly using a round brush to get a chic appearance when winter comes.

To make it look beautiful in the winter, you can style your long hair with a celebrity curls model using a curling iron. A neat brush uses a round brush so you look stylish.

A long hairdo, a shiny key that you can try in winter. This style is suitable for you who have long hair.

image source

If you have long hair, you can make your hair with a shiny lock model. With hair highlights brush neatly to get an attractive impression on your appearance.

image source

To look stylish in winter you can style your hair with the Long, Shiny Key model. This method is easy to do on long hair.

image source

5. Messy Beach Waves

Messy beach waves aren’t only for summer and at the beach. Face the cold winter anywhere with this chic style, effortless style to create the look with a curling iron (again), before polishing everything using the power of a shine spray.

To get an interesting impression in winter you can use chaotic beach wave hairstyles. suitable for you to try.

image source

If you have short hair, you can use the beach waves that are messy. Add sparkle spray to get good results in winter.

image source

You can try a beautiful woman with a hairstyle shoulder-length beach waves fall apart. This style will improve your appearance in winter arrives.

image source

Creative ideas for winter hairdo in a messy beach wave style. Blonde shoulder length hair will create an attractive impression on your hair.

image source

To look stylish in the winter, you can style your short blonde hair with a messy beach wave model. spray luster to get a tangle in your hair.

image source

Choose one (or two) proper hairstyle in winter here, and look how much your style improved only with these beautiful cuts and styling!

5 Bob Haircut with Layers Currently in Style

Playing with layers for your new hairstyle is much recommended. If you’re thinking about doing this, here are the best bob haircuts with layer worth trying.

A bob haircut for at least once in a lifetime is not an exaggerated statement. This popular hairstyle is adored by ladies due to its flexibility to come out stunningly in a variety of lengths and finishes. After all, anything that matches the hair type and complements facial assets is a must-try and comes without a doubt! This is where bob haircuts with layer present the solution. The layering can give impact on your hair volume and bring a final chic and sophisticated look you always wanted. The question is: how does a stylish bob hairstyle like this come to life? Which one, in particular, should I try? Check out our gallery below!

1. Choppy Layered Bob

Get up-to-date with the contemporary-styled choppy layered bob that’s always been the classic beauty. You’ll keep having that gorgeous beachy hairstyle that comes from textured layers and movement effortlessly. You can try a cool-toned color for cool skin undertones (and the same logic applies to warm tones)!

Caramel Golden Brunette Is A Summary And Perfect Pair With A Choppy Bob Haircut. Appearance With This Bob Hairstyle Makes You Look More Charming.

Choppy Bobs Naturally Encourage Textured Locks, However, You Can Further Enhance The Tousled Effect Of Your Layered Cut By Incorporating Sporadic Messy Waves.

Cool Toned Blondes Are The Perfect Color For Women With Cool Skin Tones, While Choppy Cuts Make You Look More Elegant.

Short Wavy Bob Works Well With Thin Hair Because It Produces Volume, Texture, And Even Movement. Hairstyles That Make You Look More Attractive And Attractive.

Wavy Bob Is A Good Choice For A Woman. The Addition Of Colors Makes The Display More Elegant And Attractive.

Image Source

2. Layered Bob with Bangs

Create an additional dimension to your face with bang style that complements the whole haircut. You can always opt for side bangs rather than entirely in front of the forehead. Give little highlights to your layered bob with bangs, which you can style freely in straight or curly strands!

This haircut can be applied to short and long hair. The addition of color and side pony gives an elegant and elegant impression to your hair style.

Choppy cropped layers look great for blonde hair, especially bleach blonde hair color. If you love this hair color or want something really special, this hair cut and color will be a great idea for you.

This short bob haircut will not make you bother styling your hair. Add side bangs to give an elegant impression on the look of your hairstyle.

Hairstyles with side bangs are very elegant for your appearance style. With blond hair, the look of this hairstyle makes you more elegant.

Bob’s hair with a cut above the shoulder will show a firm impression on the jawline. The short hair model for this oval face shape will increasingly match the side bangs cut.

Image Source

3. Stacked Layered Cut

The fashionably stacked layered haircuts definitely appear without a doubt on this list. You can make its length to the collarbone while ensuring the backside is trimmed to perfection. The answer is clear: this hairstyle puts its definition from the neatly stacked layers in the back.

Bob stacked haircuts are the most popular hairstyles for any woman who wants to give them an attractive appearance.

For brown-haired women who remain true to their natural hair color, stacked bob haircuts can be an interesting spotlight. Short and fresh cuts introduce the beauty of your hair.

If you want to add a perfect look, put a pile on the back so the hair looks a little swell. This design gives a simple look but looks more elegant.

The long black hair color, as long as the bob style might suit you. With a little stack on the back, and a little length on the front makes you look charming.

This style has small, short blobs, allowing these stacked bob pieces to meet in the middle. The layers provide a model to hide your thin hair.

Image Source

4. Layered Inverted Bob

Lies in the haircutting technique, layered inverted bobs give much-extended layers at the front that can get down to shoulder-length. Needless to say, this hairstyle offers a low-maintenance routine that’s always ready to provide you with a hassle-free look.

Hairstyle that looks stunning with an upside down bob style. This design will make you more pleasant and elegant.

If you are looking for a contemporary and casual bob style hair, you cannot pass a long inverted bob hair with layers. This modern piece is fully trendy and perfect for modern women.

The short rear will provide volume and bounce while the long front retains the length you normally would. Apart from that, you will have more freedom to style.

Adding layers to the front and back of your piece can create traction on the trend. This inverted bob style gives a different feel to yourself.

The inverted bob hairstyle for short hair is a modified version of the classic style. This cutting style gives a more attractive impression to you.

Bob upside down has a bold and chic appearance. The addition of attractive colors like a crossbar makes you look more beautiful.

Image Source

5. Asymmetrical Layered Bob

Go for a little bit of fun with the authentic style from asymmetrical layered bobcut that can blend a sharp tapered edge and choppy layers. It’s time to pump up your charisma with a fun, edgy look boosted from this style!

Simple appearance using asymmetric bob haircut makes your appearance look more stylish. The addition of colors makes your style look more attractive and trendier.

This asymmetrical bob hair style looks perfect this is a great way to look your style. You can choose a short or long asymmetrical bob hairstyle to look more elegant.

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles for short hair will make you look more elegant. The neutral color in this hair style gives a charming impression and shows your beauty.

Asymmetrical bob hair style that is simple and looks trendy displays a very charming style for you. Additional glasses as accessories that make your appearance more beautiful.

Bob asymmetrical will look chic and feminine in any event it will look beautiful. The addition of colors makes you look more charming and attractive.

Image Source

From these popular bob haircuts with layers, we hope you can get inspired to start or continue your bob haircut journey!

Popular Bob Haircut with Bangs You Should Try

Sometimes, a little bob haircut with bangs is definitely one thing we need to freshen up the look. Find some of the best styles here!

Shorter hairstyles have won the ladies’ hearts with its simplistic and versatile nature. Don’t forget; it’s also chic! One of the styles where celebrities keep coming back is the bob haircut with bangs that radiate edginess. Once paired with a fringe, your bob cut just goes hand in hand with it immediately. Therefore, you’ll need to find which one can flatter your face shape and complement your hair type. Do you currently have this problem? We have compiled several best looks you can copy or get inspired from, regardless of your current hair length. Perhaps, you’re ready to cut them shorter and join this bob cut trend after this!

1. Unique Bob with Baby Bangs

When traditional bangs close the forehead or most of it, shorter bangs can work well for some specific hair textures and face shapes. The famous bob with baby bangs can create a memorable look, especially if your hair is straight and your face shape isn’t triangular.

The look of a cute hairstyle with a baby short pony that displays an attractive style. This blonde color gives a trendy look to your hair style.

Unique hair design with bob baby bangs that makes you look cute and cute. Patterned fabric into accessories that make you look more attractive.

Balance the shape of your face with baby bangs. This hair style is very popular among women who want to look charming.

Perfect hairstyles with simple baby bangs make you look more elegant. This hair design is suitable for any style you want.

Reflected by your black hairstyle, short bob cuts with little bangs add to the beauty of your hair style.

Image Source

2. Sassy Bob with Side Bangs

Build a wearable short hairstyle with a sassy bob with side bangs, which can work for ladies with a rounder face shape. You can also make the side bangs wispy for an extra flattering look.

Look with an elegant and attractive style to yourself by wearing bob cuts with bangs sideways. This style makes you more trendy and feminine.

Trendy style not only with the appearance of clothes, bob hair style with bangs on the side adds to your style more charming and elegant.

The appearance of short hairstyles with side bangs is indeed a favorite for women. A haircut that is simple but gives you an elegant look, makes you more confident.

Hair style design that is attractive and much loved by women is indeed extraordinary. The appearance of a hair style with side bangs makes you more elegant.

A beautiful hairstyle by combining two different colors makes you look more trendy. Long hair with side bangs make your style more charming.

Image Source

3. Elegant Bob with Feathered Bangs

Another hairstyle that comes with easy maintenance but still offers a stunning look is the experiment-friendly bob with feathered bangs. Whichever style or mood you have, having this cut make you always bound to enjoy them.

Bob’s appearance with feathered bangs makes your appearance look more elegant. This blonde hairstyle makes your style more amazing and trendy.

You can create a bob hairstyle with attractive, fluffy bangs. Simple hairstyles that will change your appearance to be very extraordinary.

Black as a neutral color on your hair makes you look more attractive. The addition of feathered bangs makes you free to appear in a trendy style.

Short hair with blond hair and frilly bangs look more attractive. This hair style displays an elegant style for you.

With hair that is slightly brown and has fluffy bangs, this look makes you more elegant. A trend style for women you can try to increase your confidence.

Image Source

4. Fun Bob with Wispy Bangs

When you want an impactful hairstyle, a little bit of change in your fringe can offer this solution. You can try the effortless bob with wispy bangs that suit everyone with any length of hair and face type. 

Short hair with a simple style makes you look more elegant. Adding bangs and color to your hair shows a trendier and cooler style.

Thin bangs that make you more stylish and elegant. The appearance of this piece can give you an elegant and charming impression.

Straight, neat hair that makes you look elegant. Fashionable thin bangs make your style more trendy and elegant.

Short hair with thin bangs that make you look feminine. The addition of blonde color can change your style to look cool and elegant.

This wispy bangs style displays a simple style but makes you look more attractive and elegant. This hair is a style that is suitable for women with faces of any type.

Image Source

5. Sophisticated Bob with Wavy Bangs

For people who are born with naturally wavy or curly hair, this style can be a head-turner wherever you go. This style is among popular hairstyles in 2018, and they fit most face shapes. Once you cut to bob with wavy bangs, regular trim for every couple of weeks is needed to preserve its sophisticated look.

Short hairstyles with distinctive curly styles make you look more fashionable. This hairstyle looks elegant for your style.

A simple style with distinctive curly hair makes you look more different. This trendy style creates a fashionable look for you.

Short hair with slightly wavy makes you look more elegant. The addition of colors provides a unique and beautiful trend style.

Hair with a unique criting style makes you look more unique. Critical bangs are a trend for women to make you look more charming.

Natural curly hairstyles with the addition of colors make you more fashionable and stylish. The look of this hair style makes you more charming, glasses as accessories also make your style cooler.

Typical curly hair with a little bangs makes a different look for you. Hair that is very simple but will make you look more elegant and perfect.

Image Source

We hope our gallery of bob haircut with bangs above can inspire you to find your defining style!

Try These Great Blunt Bob for Round Face

Turn out, blunt bob haircuts can also work for people with round face structure. Find some ideas for this style here, and get your new stunning cut afterward!

Blunt bob haircuts are currently in trend due to its straight finishing cut that builds a chic look effortlessly. Do you think bobs never work for chubby cheek or round face owners? It’s time to stop using those hair extensions and cut more of your hair to join this stylish haircut movement.

With endless variations, blunt bob haircuts soar in terms of sophistication and edginess! Don’t forget that customization is very welcome, and it works for any texture, length, and type of hair. If you want to grab this classy yet straightforward cut, check out some of the popular blunt bobs for round face below!

1. Straight Blunt Bob

Owners of a round face will agree if any hairstyle in sleek form works best to slim down their facial features. You can accomplish this concept in straight blunt bob cuts above the collarbone, which later will establish a smooth, elegant result. Since it’s going to create the illusion of thinner and longer face shape, a no-nonsense hairstyle like this will do best once paired with either neutral or bold hair color. Make sure always to keep a flat iron nearby to ensure its perfectly straight line!

The fine hair texture for a round face shows perfection on your look. The style of the blund bob sign is perfect for you to use to make it look more beautiful.

Long Bob is universally flattered in all face shapes. The cut gives the angle and structure of the round face, which balances soft lines.

Long or short bob is a versatile and trendy look, but can be easily adjusted according to your natural hair texture. If you have a round face splitting hair in the middle, it makes you look more elegant.

Classic style but always powerful for a round face, straight bob with additional bangs make your look even more cool.

Straight bob hairstyle is a classic short haircut that can frame your round face. Appearance with this hairstyle you look more charming and elegant.

With a straight bob haircut suitable for a round face. Perfect styling and hair color make you look more free to style.

Blunt bob is not only suitable for short hair, this cut style is a trend for women who have a round face. This style can also give an elegant impression to you.

This straight bob haircut model gives a charming impression for you. This style can also make your round face features look more elegant.

Choice of classic style that looks more loose with straight bob hair gives the impression of elegance. This hairstyle makes you more confident and more beautiful.

If you have a round face you can use a straight bob haircut that makes you more elegant. Simple hair design that makes you look elegant.

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2. Angled Bobs with Bangs

Another straightforward cut for you who admire everything practical and straightforward is angled blunt bobs. It’s called angle due to its shorter backside cut that gradually becomes longer to the front. Some of the most common styles include asymmetrical, inverted, and A-line that you can choose based on your preference! Don’t forget to use the power of side bangs to slim down your face and make a sophisticated profile dramatically.

This medium-sized Bob is a sophisticated choice that anyone can easily make. The deep side gives it a little extra drama, while still maintaining an understated allure.

Short slanted hairstyles have beautiful shapes that can be enhanced with color. With the emphasis on the front of the oblique bangs make you more cute.

With a choice of vivid or bold colors make your hair look more trendy. Pieces with side bangs are the best style for your appearance.

This simple Bob is very interesting and very suitable for teenage girls. The addition of bangs gives an interesting impression on your appearance.

Try lightly swept bangs, which can be longer or shorter, and make sure to give a little texture to the ends. Dim burgundy at the tip allows the force to shine from below.

A simple haircut with perfect bangs gives an amazing appearance. This hairstyle is very elegant and makes you look beautiful.

The asymmetrical and blunt Bob with long bangs is phenomenal for those of you who have a round face. This hairstyle can add to your look more elegant and elegant.

This is a nice textured short bob. The cut with the front bangs on the side and the addition of this color makes you look more fashionable.

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3. Curled Bobs

Women with naturally curly hair will thank their blessed hair feature since it’s already contributing to the hair volume and texture. If your hair is straight, however, you still can use the curling iron to style this one. Work from the middle part and then alternate the directions of each curl towards or away from the face. Adding some highlights will also take part in the hair dimension! You can also try the trendy messy curled blunt bob cuts for a more casual look.

Her hair is curly blond in style that looks beautiful. This style will look amazing in any color and will display a charming impression for you.

With your curly bob hair style looks attractive. A style that can be used by women who have a round face to make an extraordinary appearance.

It has a short curly bob that is styled with side bangs and unique highlights. This is a cool and trendy look, perfect for brave women to experiment with their curly hair.

This look features beautiful curly pieces where the length of the hair is directly above the chin. This is a trendy short hair style and it will be perfect for women.

Having a beautiful bob with natural curls, long hair around her chin and tight curls. This is a beautiful hairstyle and it will look amazing with curls that make you look more elegant.

By giving a trendy haircut and adding highlights, your curly hair will lift and make your curls curl. You can add highlights to any hair color.

If you have long curly hair, this hairstyle is a great example of what you can try. Textured curls will look amazing for your style.

Adding some bright highlights can make your curls curl and give your curly hair a dimension. The addition of blonde color makes you possess the ultimate style.

If you want to enhance your appearance, then this hairstyle is the way to do it. Hair is cut short, this hairstyle is curly and full of volume. It only shows the best curls.

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These blunt bob cuts are the most common ones used in creating a new look! Try one now to spice up your appearance to a new level!

5 Short Bob Haircuts for a Fresher Look

When you aim for a fresher look, doing a short bob haircut is always a recommended strategy! Find some of the best hairstyles for your reference here.

Once in a while, you may want to cut your hair into a new style. One that has always been famous is the edgy and versatile short bob haircuts. This style gives you not only a fresher look, but also a chance to play with a new dimension, shape, and color that matches your facial features.

If you’re going to do this cut, what are you going to choose? There are tons of original styling, and they can further be customized to suit your look and personality. Take your chance by looking through our gallery of ideas below to help you gain new insights that’ll do you justice.

1. Rounded Bob

A classy rounded bob haircut gives convenience from its well-structured shape so that it can frame your face correctly and shine its best features. Aim for a sleek texture with minimal layers that we guarantee won’t look boring at all.

Rounded bob is extremely popular among all bob haircuts. It features perfectly rounded hair embracing the edge of the face and even front fringes swinging over the eyebrows.

A perfectly rounded blonde bob frames elongated faces and shortens sharp angles. Lowlights on blonde hair also help brighten your look and add volume to the hair.

This rounded bob haircut shapes our faces perfectly. Long front bangs and sequential layers make you more beautiful.

This bob haircut resembles a dome because it has a narrower top at the top of the head and rounded edges. This style can make you more fashionable.

A cute round bob hairstyle makes you look cute and cute. With a blunt tip and more relaxed makes you look more elegant.

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2. Half Pixie, Half Bob

This gives you two best sides of short hair: half pixie, half bob haircuts, allowing you to end up looking like a badass. Don’t worry; this hybrid hairstyle still gives a little softness behind its edgy vibe. If your hair is naturally wavy, let the curl strands do their fantastic job effortlessly!

The half pixie half bob style is very beautiful to bring your short hair to get an elegant and elegant touch for your personality.

Short Pixie Bob is one of the plants that makes a woman look very glamorous and tense. This cut is perfect for all face shapes.

Pixie Bob is not only limited to shorter hair but also blends with longer cuts. Simple cutting style but looks great and can make you more elegant and elegant.

If your hair is not straight but still you want to have Pixie Bob, no need to worry. Cut short with a softer layer to enhance your curls and still look fabulous.

The Half Pixie Half Bob haircut is the style most women like. Additional colors and bangs make you look elegant and cooler.

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3. Short Bob with Bangs

What’s cuter than a relatable bang in front of the forehead? Short bobs with bangs look more versatile and give additional texture to the face. Style it freshly with a gentle air blow, and stun people as you go with this new cut!

Short hair with side bangs is a good idea, and this cut shows how versatile the style is. Very short hairstyle with wavy layers on the sides and back which makes it perfectly textured.

A more modern, short haircut can make you look cooler. Adding bangs and colors to your hair will enhance your look.

Pieces with short, tapered styles added bangs make your pieces more perfect. Natural black hair looks amazing with this cut and will make you more elegant and charming.

This piece is very good in its simplicity and elegance. Bob along the jaw is very flattering, and wavy bangs are swept around the face beautifully.

Short cuts on the sides and back, with long slanted bangs in front make you look more stylish. This hair style gives a graceful impression for you.

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4. A-Line Bobs

The haircut that comes out trendy yet classic at the same time is an A-line bob cut. Fashionably feminine and chic, this style comes longer in the front and slightly shorter in the back. It makes for an excellent photo angle to show your youthful yet sharp vibe.

This cut is one that works well on super straight hair. Adding bangs to this style makes you cooler and more charming.

Bob style with A-line cut is very cute. The addition of side bangs makes the appearance look elegant.

The a-line haircut is shorter in the back and gradually extends towards the front displaying a feminine style for you. This style can make you cooler.

Fine hair with A-Line hairstyles that are modern and trendy. A long bob with side bangs makes your look even cooler.

You want a fresh cut should consider a short layered A-line bob that is stacked effectively behind. The shape of the adorable haircut makes it very easy to style and makes your appearance look elegant.

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5. Permed Bobs

Perm hairstyle, in a way, has become a must-visit style you should try at least once in your life. There are tons of modern hairstyles in perm, and they don’t always account to voluminous frizzy hair. Embrace your upcoming curls with permed bobs that give a gorgeous finish to your look!

By using a modern male hairstyle you look more elegant and beautiful. Neat hair styling makes you more elegant.

Perm Short Hair is an excellent choice for you. The appearance of this hairstyle makes you more elegant and charming.

A simple but fabulous hairstyle that uses plum cut makes you more elegant. This hairstyle also displays your beauty.

Perm Curly Hair Bouncy curls that will stay in shape. You can make some subtle highlights that will make your strands look more prominent and display a different style to yourself.

This perm hairstyle is cute and easy. You can choose the one you like and enjoy the texture you want for your appearance.

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Now that you’ve seen some stunning recommendations for short bob haircuts, it’s time for you to create a similar look and join the popular trend as well!

Chic Blunt Cut Styles that Don’t Disappoint

Choosing blunt cut hairstyles for a new look won’t disappoint at all. Read more to see why; along with some of the most popular cuts you can follow afterward.

By trimming straight across, blunt cut hairstyles aimed for a sharply shaped look that won’t disappoint its wearers. Popularized by the late Mr. Vidal Sassoon, a British-American hairstylist, blunt cuts become a dramatic art piece that preserves the shape of specific styles.

For whoever aiming for a clean and sleek appearance, choosing the chic blunt cut hairstyles is the right choice. Suited to a wide array of hair texture and face shape, no wonder this cut became famous since several decades ago! Here, we’ll let you see its appeal and why you should shift your style to this one for a much fresher and chicer look.

1. Blunt Cut with Bangs

Get that dose of stylishness and sweet side with some bangs. A fringe that completes your blunt cut balance the instant style statement, and not to mention, blunt cut with bangs give an extra cool and edgy vibe to your stunning look.

Texture, softness, and angles make chin pieces with bangs look unique. This piece is perfect for your style to look elegant and charming.

With thick bangs but still looks chic. There is also an overall texture that is applied to the hair which adds depth and displays the beautiful silhouette of this cut.

A haircut with bangs is to add style to your appearance. Adding color to the hair makes it feel different and makes you look more charming.

Pieces with the addition of bangs are suitable for work or play, this hairstyle makes you more stylish. This cut makes you look more elegant.

This style is actually the latest version of a very old school cut. Heavy hair masses are allowed to follow natural stroke lines, creating smooth geometry and silhouette perfection.

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2. Blunt Straight Hair

Blunt cut, in general, is already straight. Therefore, if your hair is naturally straight, it’ll perfectly complement the cut and get straight to a single point. Blunt straight hairstyle serves a gorgeous style that reads a fierce and dramatic look. You can try parting the hair on a side as well.


This short straight haircut with the addition of the wave effect which is the main characteristic that attracts women to make men fascinated. This design gives a more elegant impression.

A long hairstyle is also synonymous with the impression of a beautiful woman who is feminine and elegant. The addition of color to this sign makes your appearance look more trendy and elegant.

Straight hair cut is never out of date. This hairstyle makes you look more elegant. the addition of colors makes this look more trendy.

This super straight hairstyle can make you look more elegant. You can also use hair accessories such as clothespins or hair pinto sweeten it.

A short, straight haircut that you can try to improve your style. Very simple design but can make you elegant and charming style.

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3. Blunt Cut for Wavy Hair

You can get that girly look easily only by doing a blunt cut for wavy hair! Bringing a laid-back and natural vibe as well, a blunt cut for wavy hair gives you a carefree look that won’t disappoint. If you don’t have wavy hair, befriend the curling iron for effortless wavy texture instead.

Hairstyles wavy hair with a distinctive order to give effect to the hair like a wave to give its own style to your appearance.

Corrugated Lob Lob. If you are a fan of bobs, this look is for you! Waves made with a straightener can give a natural touch to your thick hair.

Disconnected Wavy Lob. Bobs are suitable for all types of hair, and if you choose a color that reflects light, you’ll get a magnificent light and dynamic look.

Wavy hair with inverted highlights with layers makes a great choice for making your hair look elegant and stylish.

Short haircuts can work wonders for your thick wavy hair. If you dye the ends of your hair with a brighter color and make you look more elegant.

Short Wavy Bob. Thick wavy hair looks gorgeous when dyed in a dark natural shade. If you choose to keep it short, it will be so much easier to style.

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4. Blunt Cut Bob

People who keep coming back to bob hairstyle have proven its effortlessly classic beauty. If you want to see it for yourself, you can start with the fashionable blunt bob. Not only it’s sophisticated and edgy, but its versatile cut can also much emphasize your jaw area for a more flattering look.

Bob hairstyle that looks beautiful with blonde color makes you look more fashionable. This haircut is very popular with teenage women.

Clean, smooth and reddish perfection lies within this piece. The hairstyle is a modern minimalist touch for a medium classic bob.

A very simple cut that is ideal for straight hair. This is a very flexible piece, which allows you to experiment with highlighting bold colors.

Blunt cuts make your hair look healthier, stronger and thicker. Most blunt pieces are worn in straight hairstyles to show off accuracy and smooth texture.

Blunt bob haircuts are often arranged super straight which gives a rather tight feel. If you want a softer, more feminine look, add side bangs to perfect it.

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5. Blunt Shoulder Length Hair

Regarded as one of the top hairstyle trends in 2019, a blunt shoulder-length haircut will make you look like an A-list celebrity once you maintain it well. You can soften up the layers and edges to aim a more balanced look. This way, you can see how the hairstyle is dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

If you think blunt cut hairstyle is for you, we hope our recommendations here can help inspire you to get your desired result!

Bob shoulder-length hair style with side-to-side side with blunt hair ends and blunt bangs can be a party hairstyle that is okay to have This hairstyle is perfect combined with long earring jewelry accessories.

Long bob hair is one of the coolest hairstyles that you can style on shoulder-length hair. Pair with side bangs, and you have a dazzling haircut.

The combination of shoulder-length hair style with side bangs makes you look attractive. This rabut style is perfect for your elegant and charming style.

Maybe all you need is a bob wavy haircut with side bangs to make your shoulder-length hair look amazing. This design can make you look more elegant.

This haircut is what I would call elegant and appropriate haircuts for straight hair. A layer of hair will add volume and texture to your hair while adding color to the hair will strengthen the appearance of your hair.

Shoulder-length short haircut Want to change appearance to be more beautiful and attractive. This shoulder-length hair design can also make you look elegant and charming.

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33 Creative Short Haircut for Men Style

To summarize, short haircuts for men offer a broad scope of possibilities for your new appearance. Also, they often don’t have as much hair to deal with or use as many products to accomplish the style. Some men utilize straight razor every day or two.

To summarize, short haircuts for men offer a broad scope of possibilities for your new appearance. Also, they often don’t have as much hair to deal with or use as many products to accomplish the style. Some men utilize straight razor every day or two.

The shorter you go with your haircut, the simpler it is going to be to maintain in the very long run. When you’re young you can have any type of haircuts, even the craziest ones. Spiky boy haircuts have existed for decades.

There’s no need to sport the exact old boring appearance with short hair. Besides the class, it is a practical haircut which also makes the wearer look and feel great. The style doesn’t need much work or time.

To assist you look great, let’s have a peek at the 42 most common short hairstyles for women that are certain to provide you with that sparkle you’re searching for. Men could not merely slip from a doubtful hairstyle.