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5 Cute and Easy Nail Art Designs (No Tools)

Proper nail arts for short nails can be made using simple objects and several coat colours you like.

Eager to trying nail arts for the first time? You can start with proper nail arts for your nails, without complicated tools. There are many great designs you can apply for your nails as beginners. Some instructions even allow you to reuse beauty products at home!

Here are five nail arts you can try right now.

1. Fishnet Nails

This pattern uses a cotton ball and old loofah to make the patterns. Start by painting your nails with a base coat. Pour nail coat with contrasting colour on a flat container. After your nails dry, place a loofah net on each nail, and dab white coat on top of it using a cotton ball. Let everything dry before applying clear nail coat.

Cute nail polish with soft orange fishnet motifs to inspire your nail art.

Image source

Add a little fishnet to your nails to get instantly trendy look. You choose a neon green for the stylish color this year.

Image source

Nails with black fishnet motifs and lace accents are suitable to create a glamorous atmosphere for going to the party.

Image source

This is the perfect fishnet motif for trendy and chic nail styles in this year. With the sleek black color it can make your nails looks elegant.

Image source

Although there may be higher time for nail art, this fishnet might be a fairly simple choice.

Image source

2. Splatter Nails

Make splatter patterns using a small painting brush. Start by applying a base coat on nails and wait until dry. Dip the tip of the brush in the colour of your choice. Flick the brush to create splatters on your nails (do it on top of an old newspaper). Wait until dry and repeat the process with one or two more colours. Apply a clear coat on top after dry.

A beautiful splatter nail with mix color of grey, white, black, touches of yellow and red to perfect your nail art design.

Image source

A beautiful painting on a nail canvas with splatter motif using a variety of colours.

Image source

Put the tape around your fingers, to protect your fingers for the nail polish for this splatter nail style.

Image source

Splat nail polish quickly on your nails, repeat this with a different colour until you are satisfied.

Image source

This sweet polish is truly reminiscent of natural color. Nail splatter style with this color is a symbol of back to the nature.

Image source

3. Polka Dot Nails

Use a bobby pin to create cute polka dot nails. Apply a white or black base coat on your nails. Wait until dry. Dip a bobby pin’s head to your favourite colour and press it repeatedly on each nail to create dots. Wait until dry before applying a clear coat.

Polka dots are definitely not new when it comes to trends, applying it to your nails can enhance your appearance.

Image source

Black and white polka dots are a simple touch for your everyday style. Very simple but also look charming.

If you prefer a more dramatic look, your dots can still be sophisticated especially if you leave some nails still plain black.

Another thing you can do is choose a palette that works together like pastel or neon colors. Combined with polka dot motif to get a cute look.

Red polka dots nail art will have a glamour effect but this is suit to enhance your appearance.

Image source

4. Simple French Manicure

Wash your nails and dry them before applying clear lacquer. Wait until dry. Tie a rubber band on the tip of each finger, depending on the size of the painted area you want. Apply the coat and wait until dry before applying another layer of clear lacquer.

You can try a combination of black and silver using glitter for a simple French manicure from your nail art design.

A beautiful and simple French manicure with purple and white colors are the latest trend and looks beautiful on your nails.

You can also add other accents such as flowers to get a feminine look. This design is suitable if you are the person who have a girly characteristic.

Glitter is also no less interesting for the simple style of French manicure that looks glamorous.

For a simpler look, try to give a simple touch to your nails by giving blue lines and flower motif.

Image source

5. Diagonal Colour Strips

The simplest nail art is painting half part of the nails, using diagonal tape strips. Place the strips on the bottom parts of the nails and paint the rest with your favourite colour. You can apply a clear lacquer first to get a sleeker look.
Proper nail arts don’t need to be complicated. Try experimenting with simple objects and your favourite coat colours to get unique nails.

You can always create something new with a little glitter for your nail art design. Combined with a diagonal color strips to get glamour looks. You can choose in orange color to reinforce the glamour feels.

Image source

Diagonal color stripes with zig-zag patterns make your appearance look bolder and more confident.

Image source

Beautiful diagonal color stripes with blue and pink base colors, plus yellow, white and black to give accents on your nails.

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