5 Chunky Sneakers for Women You Can Buy in 2019

Heading to the end of 2019, what are the chunky sneakers women love to wear? Perhaps some of these ideas below will inspire you to buy a new pair before this year ends.

Nearing the end of 2019, what are the chunky sneakers women love to wear? Finding a perfect pair can be quite a challenge, especially when most sneakers are more for men’s sizes. Another marketing cliché here is that women are often offered glittery, pink sneakers, when in fact women may want other colours too.

Without further ado, here are the five (5) examples of chunky sneakers for women you can still buy in 2019. No worries, they are still a trend today:

1. GmbH x ASICS Kayano.

These chunky sneakers are inspired by the 90’s style of dad sneakers. First appear in Paris Fashion Week, GmbH has already won many hearts. The leather sole is chunkier, with GEL heel and synthetic upper and mesh.

A good choice by combining GmbH ASICS Kayano type chunky shoes with a floral motif mini dress. It can create a trendy impression at the end of the year.

A chunky sneakers in white with the brand ASICS Kayano x GmbH is very stylish. Combined with denim jackets and denim skirts create a casual look for the end of the year.

This black blazer and tailored pants that look normal but if paired with these chunky sneakers can create a casual and trendy impression.

This dress with polka-dot motif in black and white paired with the sneakers GmbH brand X ASICS Kayano are a good idea to create a chic appearance for the end of the year.

The selection of good shoes for the end of the year is choosing chunky sneakers and combining them with a plain t-shirt and pleated skirt to look more famous.

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2. Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers.

Balenciaga also has its own chunky sneakers women might want to wear. Why not? These sneakers are the cuter version of the usual dad sneakers. Get these triple S now, ladies.

Wearing chunky sneakers paired with black training pants and t-shirts can make a more energetic appearance and certainly trendy.

Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers combine with a t-shirt and a mini skirt with floral motifs can create a simple but casual and charming appearance.

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This cute and beautiful appearance by combining black chunky shoes and pink shoelaces and adding miniskirts and striped blouse.

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Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers combined with denim pants, and brown fur coat jackets can create an amazing look for the end of the year.

Balenciaga sneakers selection is good for the end of the year combined it with PCC pants and black sweaters to get casual look.

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3. Nike Shox TL.

Thankfully, this Nike series in women’s sizes also exist. Pristine-white, these sneakers have a clean, rubberised trim and are super comfy. The soles are also unique that you can wear these shoes for a casual hangout.

A simple but trendy appearance, with the choice of black Nike shoes and combined with black leggings and jackets.

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Denim jacket and combined with denim pants, and the selection of white sneakers Nike Shox TL brand shoes are a good way to look more stylish.

Fashion ideas that are included with the selection of good chunky sneakers and combine them with a bright yellow mini dress and white shirt are a simple way to look trendy.

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This charming Nike sneaker paired with black overall and a white t-shirt can create a casual and ultimate impression for end-of-year fashion.

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A simple appearance by wearing a tank top and short leggings, with the selection of the Nike sneakers which makes it look casual.

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4. Rainbow Ugly Sneakers.

Yes, miss. Designed by Stella McCartney, Rainbow Ugly Sneakers is something to consider in 2019. Don’t be fooled by its name, because sneakers aren’t decorated with rainbow colors, but are beige and monochromatic soles.

A charming appearance with colorful cow fur sweaters and denim pants, plus a selection of Rainbow Ugly sneakers suitable for the end of the year.

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Rainbow Ugly sneakers combined with mini denim skirts and blazer can create a trendy appearance in 2019.

This down jacket combined with denim pants will look normal, but she adds wearing a Rainbow Ugly sneakers creates a chic appearance for the end of the year.

A white dress paired with rainbow ugly sneakers creates a creative appearance. Plus cute rattan bag accessories can make you look more attractive.

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A combination of the black down jacket and red training pants and added using rainbow ugly sneakers are very suitable to make you look trendy.

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5. Balenciaga Track 2.

Yes, this Balenciaga series also deserves consideration. With all-white nylon and mesh, the layered upper of the shoes consist of 176 sections. These chunky sneakers have no leather in design, but the mesh is metallic. They make you look tough and fashionable at the same time.

The simple idea by combining a long blue dress with a yellow blazer plus the selection of white chunky shoes to make a stylish look this year.

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Light green chunky shoes combined, with a gray jacket and gray training pant can create a sporty look to your appearance.

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The choice of chunky shoes with the Balenciaga Track 2 brand is a good idea t look stylish this year. Combined with white leggings and black hoodie jacket can complete your casual appearance.

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To look more trendy when exercising with a black tank top and a pair of white legging pants you can choose chunky sneakers as the choices of comfortable shoes. This is very good to make you look fashionable and amazing.

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A casual appearance ideas by combining neon green t-shirts, with chunky shoes that make it more stylish at the end of the year.

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So, these are the five (5) chunky sneakers women like you might want to buy in 2019. Before this year ends, let’s decide.

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