24 How to Wear Trendy Coats for Any Thanksgiving Events

Coats are must-have items for fall. Visit Thanksgiving events in style with these coat style options.

Thanksgiving events mean showing off your best fall styles. Coats are integral additions to fall fashion, but some people don’t know more colorful ways to wear one. If you love coats and want to look stylish with them, improve your mix and match game.

Here are several trendy ways to wear coats, both short and long.

1. Utility Coat with White Shirt and Long Pants

Utility coat is perfect for a rugged yet comfortable look. It usually comes in neutral colors, such as brown, moss green, or black. You can wear a utility coat that fits your body and roll the sleeves to the elbows. Wear a simple white t-shirt and long pants underneath, with a pair of sneakers.

Bright colors on coats and shirts are an easy way to get a casual and relaxed look at thanksgiving. Pair with cropped jeans and sneakers to make it look classic

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Use the best and most modern clothes for thanksgiving events. Button shirt and glossy black pants to elevate your style look

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To get a casual and classy look in autumn, attach a camel coat with patterned shirts and cut-pants. White sneakers can enhance your style on thanksgiving

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Over sized white shirts and flare pants can increase your warmth, add a long coat as your beautiful and attractive outerwear

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For clothes that are suitable for any occasion during Thanksgiving, attach a cape coat with a folded up shirt and cropped jeans to update your style in this fall

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Amazing street style for women casual outfit with neutral color fashion and long pants to give a complete fresh look

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2. Trench Coat with Tailored Pants

Trench coat gives a cool, slightly mysterious vibe. You can pair it with a simple high-necked t-shirt and tailored pants. Pair them with pumps or leather ankle boots to create a chic, stylish look. This ensemble is great with a buttoned or open coat.

Long trench coat is one of the casual outerwear for women. High necked t-shirts and glossy maroon pants are the perfect match for this style

Choose a plaid trench coat to increase your casual style, if you want to look more attractive, pair it with thin high necked and white ankle boots

For an easy style for thanksgiving, wear a long brown coat, bright tee, ripped jeans and suede heels. Sunglasses can be a cool accessory to wear together with your current style

If you want to look sweeter and more elegant at thanksgiving events, you can try a sleek trench coat paired with a colored high necked tee. Plaid pants can be interesting pants for the 2019 fall trend

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3.  Wool or Faux Fur Coat with Simple Outfits

Wool or faux fur coat has a unique, even luxurious look. You can wear the simplest outfits with this coat, and the ensemble will immediately look posh. Wear a simple turtleneck and denim pants with this coat. If the weather is still a little warm, wear a slip dress or tank top and A-line skirt.

To get extreme warmth in the fall use layered clothing such as wool coat and knit turtleneck. For proper footwear this season, use zipper boots

Gray and white in your current fashion makes your appearance look more relaxed. Wool coat, turtleneck sweaters and long pants are enough to keep you warm during Thanksgiving in the fall season

For an elegant look but still warm during Thanksgiving, attach a coat made from thick wool, bright turtleneck and denim pants. Animal print ankle boots will get you through the fall well

Brightly colored tops with dark underneath make you look even better at thanksgiving. For outwear that is suitable for this season, use wool coat and combine it with straight denim pants for maximum results

Long wool coat for women outfit paired with over sized turtleneck sweater to perfect your style everyday. Add ripped jeans for underneath and white sneakers

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4. Short Leather Coat with Ripped Denim

Leather coat is an excellent piece for trying an edgy look. You can pair it with ripped denim pants, but make sure the rip designs are proper for the event! Wear a plain t-shirt underneath and add a pair of short boots or heels.

If you have got a short leather coat, pair it with ripped jeans and comfortable footwear. Black shirt is the appropriate layer of clothing

Short leather coat can be mixed and match with bright tee and long ripped jeans. And you can make this style for everyday clothes at thanksgiving

Cool short leather coat can make you look more leverage if paired with dark ripped jeans and suede boots. This style will be a trend during 2019 thanksgiving

Layered your short leather jacket with a striped tee to get warmth during thanksgiving. This fashion is suitable for use at any time and for any season

Short leather coat is one of the outerwear that will be a trend during Thanksgiving 2019. In order to make your appearance more perfect, pair it with a black tee and ripped blue jeans to suppress the element your style

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If you want to look cool but stay warm wear a short leather coat coated with a black long shirt. To add to your sweet style, use some accessories that attach to your body

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5. Tweed Coat with Boots

Tweed coat adds a classic touch to your modern ensemble. A pair of boots improves your look when you wear a tweed coat. Suede boots or bright-colored pumps add a little flair to this classic coat look.

Thanksgiving events are the perfect times to show off your coat style. Try these ensembles to visit your favorite fall destinations.

Plaid tweed coat will get you through Thanksgiving well. Pair with tall leather boots to make them look more attractive and beautiful when worn

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Dark style for women’s clothing during thanksgiving will make you look slimmer and still interesting. Long tweed coat can help warm your body from extreme weather

You can mix and match your outfit to make them look more matching, for example you pair bright tweed coat with denim pants for a casual look

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