Popular Bob Haircut with Bangs You Should Try

Sometimes, a little bob haircut with bangs is definitely one thing we need to freshen up the look. Find some of the best styles here!

Shorter hairstyles have won the ladies’ hearts with its simplistic and versatile nature. Don’t forget; it’s also chic! One of the styles where celebrities keep coming back is the bob haircut with bangs that radiate edginess. Once paired with a fringe, your bob cut just goes hand in hand with it immediately. Therefore, you’ll need to find which one can flatter your face shape and complement your hair type. Do you currently have this problem? We have compiled several best looks you can copy or get inspired from, regardless of your current hair length. Perhaps, you’re ready to cut them shorter and join this bob cut trend after this!

1. Unique Bob with Baby Bangs

When traditional bangs close the forehead or most of it, shorter bangs can work well for some specific hair textures and face shapes. The famous bob with baby bangs can create a memorable look, especially if your hair is straight and your face shape isn’t triangular.

The look of a cute hairstyle with a baby short pony that displays an attractive style. This blonde color gives a trendy look to your hair style.

Unique hair design with bob baby bangs that makes you look cute and cute. Patterned fabric into accessories that make you look more attractive.

Balance the shape of your face with baby bangs. This hair style is very popular among women who want to look charming.

Perfect hairstyles with simple baby bangs make you look more elegant. This hair design is suitable for any style you want.

Reflected by your black hairstyle, short bob cuts with little bangs add to the beauty of your hair style.

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2. Sassy Bob with Side Bangs

Build a wearable short hairstyle with a sassy bob with side bangs, which can work for ladies with a rounder face shape. You can also make the side bangs wispy for an extra flattering look.

Look with an elegant and attractive style to yourself by wearing bob cuts with bangs sideways. This style makes you more trendy and feminine.

Trendy style not only with the appearance of clothes, bob hair style with bangs on the side adds to your style more charming and elegant.

The appearance of short hairstyles with side bangs is indeed a favorite for women. A haircut that is simple but gives you an elegant look, makes you more confident.

Hair style design that is attractive and much loved by women is indeed extraordinary. The appearance of a hair style with side bangs makes you more elegant.

A beautiful hairstyle by combining two different colors makes you look more trendy. Long hair with side bangs make your style more charming.

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3. Elegant Bob with Feathered Bangs

Another hairstyle that comes with easy maintenance but still offers a stunning look is the experiment-friendly bob with feathered bangs. Whichever style or mood you have, having this cut make you always bound to enjoy them.

Bob’s appearance with feathered bangs makes your appearance look more elegant. This blonde hairstyle makes your style more amazing and trendy.

You can create a bob hairstyle with attractive, fluffy bangs. Simple hairstyles that will change your appearance to be very extraordinary.

Black as a neutral color on your hair makes you look more attractive. The addition of feathered bangs makes you free to appear in a trendy style.

Short hair with blond hair and frilly bangs look more attractive. This hair style displays an elegant style for you.

With hair that is slightly brown and has fluffy bangs, this look makes you more elegant. A trend style for women you can try to increase your confidence.

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4. Fun Bob with Wispy Bangs

When you want an impactful hairstyle, a little bit of change in your fringe can offer this solution. You can try the effortless bob with wispy bangs that suit everyone with any length of hair and face type. 

Short hair with a simple style makes you look more elegant. Adding bangs and color to your hair shows a trendier and cooler style.

Thin bangs that make you more stylish and elegant. The appearance of this piece can give you an elegant and charming impression.

Straight, neat hair that makes you look elegant. Fashionable thin bangs make your style more trendy and elegant.

Short hair with thin bangs that make you look feminine. The addition of blonde color can change your style to look cool and elegant.

This wispy bangs style displays a simple style but makes you look more attractive and elegant. This hair is a style that is suitable for women with faces of any type.

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5. Sophisticated Bob with Wavy Bangs

For people who are born with naturally wavy or curly hair, this style can be a head-turner wherever you go. This style is among popular hairstyles in 2018, and they fit most face shapes. Once you cut to bob with wavy bangs, regular trim for every couple of weeks is needed to preserve its sophisticated look.

Short hairstyles with distinctive curly styles make you look more fashionable. This hairstyle looks elegant for your style.

A simple style with distinctive curly hair makes you look more different. This trendy style creates a fashionable look for you.

Short hair with slightly wavy makes you look more elegant. The addition of colors provides a unique and beautiful trend style.

Hair with a unique criting style makes you look more unique. Critical bangs are a trend for women to make you look more charming.

Natural curly hairstyles with the addition of colors make you more fashionable and stylish. The look of this hair style makes you more charming, glasses as accessories also make your style cooler.

Typical curly hair with a little bangs makes a different look for you. Hair that is very simple but will make you look more elegant and perfect.

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We hope our gallery of bob haircut with bangs above can inspire you to find your defining style!

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