Try These Great Blunt Bob for Round Face

Turn out, blunt bob haircuts can also work for people with round face structure. Find some ideas for this style here, and get your new stunning cut afterward!

Blunt bob haircuts are currently in trend due to its straight finishing cut that builds a chic look effortlessly. Do you think bobs never work for chubby cheek or round face owners? It’s time to stop using those hair extensions and cut more of your hair to join this stylish haircut movement.

With endless variations, blunt bob haircuts soar in terms of sophistication and edginess! Don’t forget that customization is very welcome, and it works for any texture, length, and type of hair. If you want to grab this classy yet straightforward cut, check out some of the popular blunt bobs for round face below!

1. Straight Blunt Bob

Owners of a round face will agree if any hairstyle in sleek form works best to slim down their facial features. You can accomplish this concept in straight blunt bob cuts above the collarbone, which later will establish a smooth, elegant result. Since it’s going to create the illusion of thinner and longer face shape, a no-nonsense hairstyle like this will do best once paired with either neutral or bold hair color. Make sure always to keep a flat iron nearby to ensure its perfectly straight line!

The fine hair texture for a round face shows perfection on your look. The style of the blund bob sign is perfect for you to use to make it look more beautiful.

Long Bob is universally flattered in all face shapes. The cut gives the angle and structure of the round face, which balances soft lines.

Long or short bob is a versatile and trendy look, but can be easily adjusted according to your natural hair texture. If you have a round face splitting hair in the middle, it makes you look more elegant.

Classic style but always powerful for a round face, straight bob with additional bangs make your look even more cool.

Straight bob hairstyle is a classic short haircut that can frame your round face. Appearance with this hairstyle you look more charming and elegant.

With a straight bob haircut suitable for a round face. Perfect styling and hair color make you look more free to style.

Blunt bob is not only suitable for short hair, this cut style is a trend for women who have a round face. This style can also give an elegant impression to you.

This straight bob haircut model gives a charming impression for you. This style can also make your round face features look more elegant.

Choice of classic style that looks more loose with straight bob hair gives the impression of elegance. This hairstyle makes you more confident and more beautiful.

If you have a round face you can use a straight bob haircut that makes you more elegant. Simple hair design that makes you look elegant.

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2. Angled Bobs with Bangs

Another straightforward cut for you who admire everything practical and straightforward is angled blunt bobs. It’s called angle due to its shorter backside cut that gradually becomes longer to the front. Some of the most common styles include asymmetrical, inverted, and A-line that you can choose based on your preference! Don’t forget to use the power of side bangs to slim down your face and make a sophisticated profile dramatically.

This medium-sized Bob is a sophisticated choice that anyone can easily make. The deep side gives it a little extra drama, while still maintaining an understated allure.

Short slanted hairstyles have beautiful shapes that can be enhanced with color. With the emphasis on the front of the oblique bangs make you more cute.

With a choice of vivid or bold colors make your hair look more trendy. Pieces with side bangs are the best style for your appearance.

This simple Bob is very interesting and very suitable for teenage girls. The addition of bangs gives an interesting impression on your appearance.

Try lightly swept bangs, which can be longer or shorter, and make sure to give a little texture to the ends. Dim burgundy at the tip allows the force to shine from below.

A simple haircut with perfect bangs gives an amazing appearance. This hairstyle is very elegant and makes you look beautiful.

The asymmetrical and blunt Bob with long bangs is phenomenal for those of you who have a round face. This hairstyle can add to your look more elegant and elegant.

This is a nice textured short bob. The cut with the front bangs on the side and the addition of this color makes you look more fashionable.

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3. Curled Bobs

Women with naturally curly hair will thank their blessed hair feature since it’s already contributing to the hair volume and texture. If your hair is straight, however, you still can use the curling iron to style this one. Work from the middle part and then alternate the directions of each curl towards or away from the face. Adding some highlights will also take part in the hair dimension! You can also try the trendy messy curled blunt bob cuts for a more casual look.

Her hair is curly blond in style that looks beautiful. This style will look amazing in any color and will display a charming impression for you.

With your curly bob hair style looks attractive. A style that can be used by women who have a round face to make an extraordinary appearance.

It has a short curly bob that is styled with side bangs and unique highlights. This is a cool and trendy look, perfect for brave women to experiment with their curly hair.

This look features beautiful curly pieces where the length of the hair is directly above the chin. This is a trendy short hair style and it will be perfect for women.

Having a beautiful bob with natural curls, long hair around her chin and tight curls. This is a beautiful hairstyle and it will look amazing with curls that make you look more elegant.

By giving a trendy haircut and adding highlights, your curly hair will lift and make your curls curl. You can add highlights to any hair color.

If you have long curly hair, this hairstyle is a great example of what you can try. Textured curls will look amazing for your style.

Adding some bright highlights can make your curls curl and give your curly hair a dimension. The addition of blonde color makes you possess the ultimate style.

If you want to enhance your appearance, then this hairstyle is the way to do it. Hair is cut short, this hairstyle is curly and full of volume. It only shows the best curls.

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These blunt bob cuts are the most common ones used in creating a new look! Try one now to spice up your appearance to a new level!

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