5 Short Bob Haircuts for a Fresher Look

When you aim for a fresher look, doing a short bob haircut is always a recommended strategy! Find some of the best hairstyles for your reference here.

Once in a while, you may want to cut your hair into a new style. One that has always been famous is the edgy and versatile short bob haircuts. This style gives you not only a fresher look, but also a chance to play with a new dimension, shape, and color that matches your facial features.

If you’re going to do this cut, what are you going to choose? There are tons of original styling, and they can further be customized to suit your look and personality. Take your chance by looking through our gallery of ideas below to help you gain new insights that’ll do you justice.

1. Rounded Bob

A classy rounded bob haircut gives convenience from its well-structured shape so that it can frame your face correctly and shine its best features. Aim for a sleek texture with minimal layers that we guarantee won’t look boring at all.

Rounded bob is extremely popular among all bob haircuts. It features perfectly rounded hair embracing the edge of the face and even front fringes swinging over the eyebrows.

A perfectly rounded blonde bob frames elongated faces and shortens sharp angles. Lowlights on blonde hair also help brighten your look and add volume to the hair.

This rounded bob haircut shapes our faces perfectly. Long front bangs and sequential layers make you more beautiful.

This bob haircut resembles a dome because it has a narrower top at the top of the head and rounded edges. This style can make you more fashionable.

A cute round bob hairstyle makes you look cute and cute. With a blunt tip and more relaxed makes you look more elegant.

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2. Half Pixie, Half Bob

This gives you two best sides of short hair: half pixie, half bob haircuts, allowing you to end up looking like a badass. Don’t worry; this hybrid hairstyle still gives a little softness behind its edgy vibe. If your hair is naturally wavy, let the curl strands do their fantastic job effortlessly!

The half pixie half bob style is very beautiful to bring your short hair to get an elegant and elegant touch for your personality.

Short Pixie Bob is one of the plants that makes a woman look very glamorous and tense. This cut is perfect for all face shapes.

Pixie Bob is not only limited to shorter hair but also blends with longer cuts. Simple cutting style but looks great and can make you more elegant and elegant.

If your hair is not straight but still you want to have Pixie Bob, no need to worry. Cut short with a softer layer to enhance your curls and still look fabulous.

The Half Pixie Half Bob haircut is the style most women like. Additional colors and bangs make you look elegant and cooler.

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3. Short Bob with Bangs

What’s cuter than a relatable bang in front of the forehead? Short bobs with bangs look more versatile and give additional texture to the face. Style it freshly with a gentle air blow, and stun people as you go with this new cut!

Short hair with side bangs is a good idea, and this cut shows how versatile the style is. Very short hairstyle with wavy layers on the sides and back which makes it perfectly textured.

A more modern, short haircut can make you look cooler. Adding bangs and colors to your hair will enhance your look.

Pieces with short, tapered styles added bangs make your pieces more perfect. Natural black hair looks amazing with this cut and will make you more elegant and charming.

This piece is very good in its simplicity and elegance. Bob along the jaw is very flattering, and wavy bangs are swept around the face beautifully.

Short cuts on the sides and back, with long slanted bangs in front make you look more stylish. This hair style gives a graceful impression for you.

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4. A-Line Bobs

The haircut that comes out trendy yet classic at the same time is an A-line bob cut. Fashionably feminine and chic, this style comes longer in the front and slightly shorter in the back. It makes for an excellent photo angle to show your youthful yet sharp vibe.

This cut is one that works well on super straight hair. Adding bangs to this style makes you cooler and more charming.

Bob style with A-line cut is very cute. The addition of side bangs makes the appearance look elegant.

The a-line haircut is shorter in the back and gradually extends towards the front displaying a feminine style for you. This style can make you cooler.

Fine hair with A-Line hairstyles that are modern and trendy. A long bob with side bangs makes your look even cooler.

You want a fresh cut should consider a short layered A-line bob that is stacked effectively behind. The shape of the adorable haircut makes it very easy to style and makes your appearance look elegant.

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5. Permed Bobs

Perm hairstyle, in a way, has become a must-visit style you should try at least once in your life. There are tons of modern hairstyles in perm, and they don’t always account to voluminous frizzy hair. Embrace your upcoming curls with permed bobs that give a gorgeous finish to your look!

By using a modern male hairstyle you look more elegant and beautiful. Neat hair styling makes you more elegant.

Perm Short Hair is an excellent choice for you. The appearance of this hairstyle makes you more elegant and charming.

A simple but fabulous hairstyle that uses plum cut makes you more elegant. This hairstyle also displays your beauty.

Perm Curly Hair Bouncy curls that will stay in shape. You can make some subtle highlights that will make your strands look more prominent and display a different style to yourself.

This perm hairstyle is cute and easy. You can choose the one you like and enjoy the texture you want for your appearance.

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Now that you’ve seen some stunning recommendations for short bob haircuts, it’s time for you to create a similar look and join the popular trend as well!

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