Hot Make-up Inspiration in 2019

Every year make-up trend evolves. Try checking the hottest make-up inspiration in 2019 below and get encouraged!

Doing make-up is slightly like making arts. People keep searching for something unique and bombing as make-up trend always changes every year. In 2019, the trend on makeup in some ways keeps some lists on the same line as the previous year, like the preference of nude colors, while other ways are preferably different yet still remain fun to explore. Unique inspiration on runway make-up is worth to explore and adopt for daily use, too. 


Get inspired with our list on hot make-up inspiration in 2019 below and have a fun mix-and-match experiment!

1. Glass Skin

Glass skin, also known as dewy skin, is preferably chosen by many fashion people this year. This look shares glow and shimmer on your skin just like real glass. It can be presented through a typically fresh, hydrated and healthy look on your skin. You can simply apply highlighter, shimmer or a strobe cream on several placements, like the center of the forehead, the tip of the nose, and high point on the cheeks to depict the glass effect on your look. 

Simple makeup with glass skin is perfect for you to try to look more beautiful. Adding color to your hair adds to your look cooler.

This glass skin makeup is liked by many women who have a cute face and white skin. This makeup design gives a charming impression and makes you more confident.

Look Beautiful with a soft glass skin makeup, giving an extraordinary texture to your face. This look makes you look charming.

A dazzling appearance with a fresh face and your warm smile makes you look elegant. Dewy face makeup makes you look perfect and more beautiful.

Simple appearance with glass skin makeup makes your face more neutral. This design makes you look more beautiful and more confident.

The trend of glass skin makeup that is becoming a trend in 2019 is with dew. This make you look cooler and you are more confident.

Looking radiant with dewy makeup really helps you to always look charming and elegant. With dew makeup can make you confident.

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2. Eyeshadow in Earth Colors

While some people remain to use nude or peachy colors on eyeshadow, now try to bring earth colors on your look. Brown, gold, bronze and, even, silver could definitely take place all mediocrity. Apply some layered shadows to deliver smoky eyes effect, then finish it with the earth color pallet you decide. Have a nice try!

Look beautiful and attractive with simple makeup. Only with natural eyeshadow and eyebrows without makeup your face looks attractive.

Only with Eyeshadow and that combined with natural eyebrows and lipstick on the lips, makes you look attractive with simplicity.

Display simple makeup with natural eyebrows and eyeshadow, has been able to make you look attractive.

Natural appearance is created on face makeup. With natural eyebrows without makeup and a little extra eyeshadow to make you look more charming.

Natural makeup is created with you leaving eyebrows and a little makeup texture on your face. Additional Eyeshadow makes your face bright naturally.

Dress your face with some cosmetics. You can leave your natural eyebrows to maintain the natural makeup of your face. And add a little eyeshadow to add light.

Let your eyebrows look natural in your makeup. The appearance of natural eyebrows is very suitable with Eyeshadow to add a natural impression of your face makeup.

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3. Bright-Colored Brows and Lashes 

Getting bored with regular colors of your eyebrows and eyelashes like dark brown or black? Get bucked up with this year’s trend on bright-colored eyebrows and eyelashes! Green, blue or red are a must to try as alternatives. Have a similar color pallet application on your eyelashes, too, to make them in harmony. Pick specially colored mascara and brush your lashes with fun.

A simple makeup by combining colors on the eyebrows and eyes gives an elegant impression and makes you look more beautiful.

Placing bright colors on the eyes is an impressive makeup trend for women. Besides making you look more beautiful, this makeup style also makes you more confident.

The bright blue and green colors display their own beauty to make on your eyes. Perfect makeup gives a charming impression for you to look elegant.

Simple makeup just by giving color to the eyelashes gives a different impression to your style. Sealin easy in making this look you can also try at home.

Adding bright colors to the eyes is one of your alternatives to make you more charming. Eyebrows and eyelashes with neutral colors make this combination more beautiful.

The bright blue and green colors display their own beauty to make on your eyes. Perfect makeup gives a charming impression for you to look elegant.

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4. Shimmering Lips

Matte lipstick might still be on many people’s list, but this year is the time to bring back the glow and gloss on your lips. Simply try to apply pink or peach lip gloss on them to showcase the shimmer. Otherwise, you can also tap your lip tint with similar colors on them. Then, apply shimmer in the middle of your lips. Happy trying!

Using makeup to look more beautiful and fresh does not have to be complicated. Only with matte lipstick, you can already produce natural look makeup.

Simple makeup on your face that looks natural with a little polish makes a beautiful impression on your reddened lips. Perfect design that you can try at home.

Matte lipstick is one of the most popular types of lipstick for women. Besides its long-lasting color on the lips, this lipstick makes your lips sparkle and gives you an elegant impression.

Beautiful appearance flushed with nicks of lipstick on your lips. With the sparkle on your lips makes you look more charming.

Matte lipstick seems to be a must have item for women. Besides being more durable, matte lipstick is considered more comfortable to use than other types.

Matte lipstick with a formula that is long-lasting and does not make dry lips make your makeup more stylish. With this lipstick you will look charming.


Make it beautiful and attractive with matte lipstick to make you more attractive. Appearance of makeup on these lips make you look stunning.

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Hopefully, our recommendation on hot make-up inspiration in 2019 above would bring joy and brilliant ideas for your dazzling look.

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