Chic Blunt Cut Styles that Don’t Disappoint

Choosing blunt cut hairstyles for a new look won’t disappoint at all. Read more to see why; along with some of the most popular cuts you can follow afterward.

By trimming straight across, blunt cut hairstyles aimed for a sharply shaped look that won’t disappoint its wearers. Popularized by the late Mr. Vidal Sassoon, a British-American hairstylist, blunt cuts become a dramatic art piece that preserves the shape of specific styles.

For whoever aiming for a clean and sleek appearance, choosing the chic blunt cut hairstyles is the right choice. Suited to a wide array of hair texture and face shape, no wonder this cut became famous since several decades ago! Here, we’ll let you see its appeal and why you should shift your style to this one for a much fresher and chicer look.

1. Blunt Cut with Bangs

Get that dose of stylishness and sweet side with some bangs. A fringe that completes your blunt cut balance the instant style statement, and not to mention, blunt cut with bangs give an extra cool and edgy vibe to your stunning look.

Texture, softness, and angles make chin pieces with bangs look unique. This piece is perfect for your style to look elegant and charming.

With thick bangs but still looks chic. There is also an overall texture that is applied to the hair which adds depth and displays the beautiful silhouette of this cut.

A haircut with bangs is to add style to your appearance. Adding color to the hair makes it feel different and makes you look more charming.

Pieces with the addition of bangs are suitable for work or play, this hairstyle makes you more stylish. This cut makes you look more elegant.

This style is actually the latest version of a very old school cut. Heavy hair masses are allowed to follow natural stroke lines, creating smooth geometry and silhouette perfection.

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2. Blunt Straight Hair

Blunt cut, in general, is already straight. Therefore, if your hair is naturally straight, it’ll perfectly complement the cut and get straight to a single point. Blunt straight hairstyle serves a gorgeous style that reads a fierce and dramatic look. You can try parting the hair on a side as well.


This short straight haircut with the addition of the wave effect which is the main characteristic that attracts women to make men fascinated. This design gives a more elegant impression.

A long hairstyle is also synonymous with the impression of a beautiful woman who is feminine and elegant. The addition of color to this sign makes your appearance look more trendy and elegant.

Straight hair cut is never out of date. This hairstyle makes you look more elegant. the addition of colors makes this look more trendy.

This super straight hairstyle can make you look more elegant. You can also use hair accessories such as clothespins or hair pinto sweeten it.

A short, straight haircut that you can try to improve your style. Very simple design but can make you elegant and charming style.

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3. Blunt Cut for Wavy Hair

You can get that girly look easily only by doing a blunt cut for wavy hair! Bringing a laid-back and natural vibe as well, a blunt cut for wavy hair gives you a carefree look that won’t disappoint. If you don’t have wavy hair, befriend the curling iron for effortless wavy texture instead.

Hairstyles wavy hair with a distinctive order to give effect to the hair like a wave to give its own style to your appearance.

Corrugated Lob Lob. If you are a fan of bobs, this look is for you! Waves made with a straightener can give a natural touch to your thick hair.

Disconnected Wavy Lob. Bobs are suitable for all types of hair, and if you choose a color that reflects light, you’ll get a magnificent light and dynamic look.

Wavy hair with inverted highlights with layers makes a great choice for making your hair look elegant and stylish.

Short haircuts can work wonders for your thick wavy hair. If you dye the ends of your hair with a brighter color and make you look more elegant.

Short Wavy Bob. Thick wavy hair looks gorgeous when dyed in a dark natural shade. If you choose to keep it short, it will be so much easier to style.

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4. Blunt Cut Bob

People who keep coming back to bob hairstyle have proven its effortlessly classic beauty. If you want to see it for yourself, you can start with the fashionable blunt bob. Not only it’s sophisticated and edgy, but its versatile cut can also much emphasize your jaw area for a more flattering look.

Bob hairstyle that looks beautiful with blonde color makes you look more fashionable. This haircut is very popular with teenage women.

Clean, smooth and reddish perfection lies within this piece. The hairstyle is a modern minimalist touch for a medium classic bob.

A very simple cut that is ideal for straight hair. This is a very flexible piece, which allows you to experiment with highlighting bold colors.

Blunt cuts make your hair look healthier, stronger and thicker. Most blunt pieces are worn in straight hairstyles to show off accuracy and smooth texture.

Blunt bob haircuts are often arranged super straight which gives a rather tight feel. If you want a softer, more feminine look, add side bangs to perfect it.

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5. Blunt Shoulder Length Hair

Regarded as one of the top hairstyle trends in 2019, a blunt shoulder-length haircut will make you look like an A-list celebrity once you maintain it well. You can soften up the layers and edges to aim a more balanced look. This way, you can see how the hairstyle is dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

If you think blunt cut hairstyle is for you, we hope our recommendations here can help inspire you to get your desired result!

Bob shoulder-length hair style with side-to-side side with blunt hair ends and blunt bangs can be a party hairstyle that is okay to have This hairstyle is perfect combined with long earring jewelry accessories.

Long bob hair is one of the coolest hairstyles that you can style on shoulder-length hair. Pair with side bangs, and you have a dazzling haircut.

The combination of shoulder-length hair style with side bangs makes you look attractive. This rabut style is perfect for your elegant and charming style.

Maybe all you need is a bob wavy haircut with side bangs to make your shoulder-length hair look amazing. This design can make you look more elegant.

This haircut is what I would call elegant and appropriate haircuts for straight hair. A layer of hair will add volume and texture to your hair while adding color to the hair will strengthen the appearance of your hair.

Shoulder-length short haircut Want to change appearance to be more beautiful and attractive. This shoulder-length hair design can also make you look elegant and charming.

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