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Pretty but Scary Clown Makeup for Teen Girls

Pretty but scary clown makeup ideas are currently into the hype for teen girls. Here is our recommendation.

Wearing scary clown makeup can surprisingly be pretty, too. Stay calm, teen girls.  Applying its typically classic makeup in scary clown costumes for your Halloween look is implausibly easy to create. The basic thing is that to combine the scary clown idea with chicness on the female make-up style that’ll definitely make you not only fearful but also beautiful walking at your party night.

Get inspired with this list on pretty but scary clown makeup to copy, girls! 

1. Pennywise the Clown

Who says the idea of playing Pennywise the Clown is bad for being a pretty clown? Say no more. You can simply apply foundation and contour onto your face before doing this Pennywise-inspired look. Wear reddish eyeshadow and red lipstick. Paint Pennywise red smirking lines as the final touch, and you’ve scored everyone’s favorite Halloween look. Don’t forget to put on your chic yet scary clown costumes!

Scary Halloween costumes from zombie brides to coward demons to nightmare clowns. Simple makeup but gives a scary impression by combining white and dark red.

Jika Pennywise ditampilkan dalam Vogue, ini adalah penampilannya. Kombinasi bintik-bintik dan garis merah menjadikan tampilan yang menakjubkan dan menakutkan sekaligus.

Pennywise makeup that is simple but looks creepy with deep black with a hint of red. The orange color found in the hair makes this look more sinister.

Make-up is frightening and cannot be recognized thanks to pennywise makeup. Colors that display a creepy style that you can get by using a slightly paler color.

White makeup to create a hideous look and draw two long black lines starting from the forehead and penetrating the eyes. Black and red and her nose covered with dark red makeup for Rudolph’s haunting light.

Pennywise is a vicious and hateful criminal. This makeup design gives a scary impression. This style is very popular for Halloween shows

This look gives a unique look to the horror movie character. Pennywise makeup that gives a creepy impression and so on.

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2. Pastel Clown Makeup

Pastel color can be an alternative to have in doing cute but scary clown makeup experiment. You can mix and match your preferred pastel colors like light purple, pink or peach to your pallete. Add highlighter to share more beautification effect to your look. Trendy and glamor clown hairdo and cute clown costumes can also be part of the joy of your experiment. Have a good try!

Perfect makeup by combining purple and pink makes this look look more cheerful. Long pink hair also changes your appearance to be more cute and funny.

The combination of light purple and pink makes your appearance look different. This bright color makes your appearance more cheerful and funny.

Pink highlighter combined with light purple makes your appearance look more stylish. This makeup can make you look cute and funny.

Makeup with some bright colors make your appearance more attractive, this blend displays a style that is different from the others and displays art on your face.

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The combination of bright and shiny colors makes you look more attractive. This color looks very beautiful to make up your face.

Attractive appearance with makeup design using beautiful colors makes you look more beautiful. This makeup also makes you look cute and funny.

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3. Modern Clown Makeup 

Do you want to have a more sophisticated look on your clown makeup? Try a modern clown makeup look. You can simply replace the bold colors with nude colors. The nude colors will surely bring the sensation of modern touch to your look. It adds sophistication that’ll charm everyone at your Halloween party.

Unique and attractive face makeup makes you look elegant. This make up design has become a trend for Halloween parties because of the slightly creepy design.

Simple makeup with colors and red lines that connect from lips to eyes will look more unique. The addition of black in the eye makes this look more sinister.

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By using makeup that fits, creating clown makeup looks more perfect. Thick makeup with characters that are quite funny to make the main attraction.

The combination of deep black and bright red makes your face look shiny. Perfect makeup makes your appearance look elegant and unique.

Unique makeup look by adding manicles to look more beautiful. The perfect color combination displays a charming impression.

Charming modern makeup with bright red and thick black that will make your appearance look scary. This makeup is often used for Halloween parties.

Perfect clown makeup with neutral colors and jet black colors that make you look more sinister. Modern design that can be used for Halloween parties.

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4. Glittery Clown Makeup

Bling-bling sensation to your clown makeup can be done by adding some glitters. It will absolutely fuel the chicness to your look. Simply apply peachy colors with bloody-red touch, and spread the glitters onto it. Wear your scary clown costumes, and you are good to scary and amaze your friends!

Those ideas will be hopefully helpful for your pretty and scary clown makeup inspiration that’ll make your friends frightened and awed!

Simple makeup with neutral colors combined with maroon makes you look more charming. The addition of glitter under the eyes adds a dazzling style.

The decoration design is charming and looks charming but looks scary too. Simple makeup by adding glitter makes your appearance more attractive.

Unique makeup for clowns with the addition of bling-bling and also glitter to get and add to its beauty. This creepy makes is often used for Halloween parties.

The clown’s makeup glittered in red which made this look shifter and more charming. This design is perfect for Halloween events.

The makeup design is simple but looks scary. The design is often used for Halloween parties and is a very perfect trend.

Makeup using a blood-red color with glitter on it makes this design look like real. The uniqueness and creepy look of this design are often used for Halloween parties.

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