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4 Awesome Clown Makeup Ideas to Copy

Wearing clown makeup in Halloween cannot be more challenging. Here is our list of awesome clown makeup you can copy.

Going for a Halloween party in a fearsome look? Try clown makeup. It is unbelievable to see how playing a clown can somehow be amusing and frightening at the same time. Generally, all you need is to pair a convincing clown costume and a perfect clown makeup that’ll scare everyone around you. 

Get inspired with these 4 awesome clown makeup ideas to copy, and have a strong impression on your performance. 

1. The Joker

The Joker is a unique character which is quite powerful to bring your Halloween look into another level. Wearing the Joker clown makeup can be adjusted by simply picking which Joker you want to play, from the classic to the modern ones. Heath Ledger Joker version is one of the favorite picks, and you can surely wear the Heath-inspired make-up version that’ll charm everyone at your party night.

Unique makeup design for your looks more sinister. Bright color combinations to make up your face give a perfect impression.

This joker clown makeup design displays its own attractive style, bright color combination, and unique design makes your appearance look spooky.

The Joker character is a slightly spooky figure, the combination of makeup and clown clothes make a different feel and look more cute and funny.

As a Joker complete with makeup that is his trademark with regular clown makeup or makeup that has a slightly spooky nuance, this clown has a more unique character.

A funny clown with simple equipment that displays the softness of a clown. The same face design with the joker character makes it unique.

Joker makeup looks very cool with some bright colors. This makeup design gives a funny impression and looks more sinister.

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2. Pennywise the Clown

People these days will automatically come up with the imagery of Pennywise if they are talking about the clown. Thus, don’t miss the chance! Wear a bold white covering, and paint reddish lines and highlights on your look. Don’t forget to put on your fake hair, clown costume and shoes. You are ready to scare everyone!

In line with the clown, color design makes your appearance look spooky. The combination of white and red striped becomes a style in this design.

The appearance of the clown with a spooky style makes the same impression as the joker character. The color combination of makeup looks simple with perfect results.

Fancy clown clothes that look cute wearing a wig. Face makeup with a combination of white and red that looks scary, you can easily scare people.

With a white face painting and some red lines make you look more sinister. The addition of toupee gives a different impression on your appearance.

The clothes and some clown gear you wear shoes that you look funnier. With white face makeup with red stripes gives a scary impression for you.

The combination of white with red lines gives a spooky impression. The addition of fake ruffles and some clown gear is a complement as your style.

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3. Auguste the Clown 

Auguste the Clown makeup is rather different from the regular whiteface makeup you have seen. It is more likely a flesh or pink makeup as the base. Apply the covering on your face in this color, add a fake nose, wear fake hair and a hat and get dressed in its typical clown costume. Remember to act a real-like Auguste the clownbe a clumsy!

Auguste makeup is a different makeup on clowns in general, a combination of pink and some bright colors make you look funnier.

This clown style looks funny. A very unique makeup design that gives it a cuter look. The combination that fits between clothes, wigs, and makeup makes this design more perfect.

Simple makeup dominated by pink makes you look cute. The addition of wigs and hats adds a special attraction for you.

Simple design on a look that looks more elegant. Light-colored makeup makes your appearance look funny.

The combination of wigs, clown clothes, and very charming makeup makes you look even funnier. The pink color in your face makeup gives a cute impression.

The clown design is very cute and elegant to give its own uniqueness. The combination of bright colors in makeup gives a beautiful impression to your look.

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4. Classic Whiteface Clown Makeup

Another pick for your clown makeup is a classic whiteface clown look. Apply off-white bold makeup as the covering, and paint some parts as its signatures. Don’t forget your fake curly hair and vintage clown costume. You’ve scored one of the most favorite classic characters in Halloween!

See, these above awesome clown makeup ideas would surely make your day. Try your favorite pick and have a great Halloween party!

A standard whiteface clown, or classic. It consists of a white mat, with make-up for eye and mouth accents. This is the type of clown that many people associate with the circus. The addition of curly hair makes its own uniqueness from the unified.

This white-dominated makeup looks more classic, the combination of colors for the eyes and cheeks makes her appearance funnier. The addition of curly toupee adds to its cuteness.

Cute white face makeup with red makes your look more attractive. Curly wig with a different color shows a cheerful impression.

Clown clothes are simple but look attractive with a combination of white makeup and hair and additional hats that make this look very charming.

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The white-face clown, aka the classic clown, is the clown that most people think of when they hear a word related to the circus. Attractive appearance and makeup style gives a perfect impression.

The makeup design is simple but looks perfect by combining the basic colors of white and some bright colors to look more cheerful. Curly hair and clean clown clothes make her look funnier.

White makeup on face makeup that combines with several bright colors makes your appearance look cheerful. Colorful curly hair makes its own appeal to this clown outfit.

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