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Sweet, Spooky Halloween Nail Art Ideas for a Costume Party

Halloween is around the corner. If you’re joining the party, these Halloween nail art ideas are must-to-know materials.

Halloween used to be celebrated only in the US on 31 October every year, but it has become so popular now that the whole world celebrates the creepily sacred day as well. Now, either you’re going to attend a Halloween costume party or just joining the euphoria, these Halloween nail art ideas are just perfect for the day. 

1. Lady Black Widow 

Stiletto nails are perfect for cobweb nail art. All you have to do is polish three of your nails with matte black nail polish and two of them with a nude colour. Then, paint black cobwebs on the surfaces of your nude-coloured nails. If you’re going to be Morticia of the Addams family or Maleficent at the party, then this Halloween nail art idea is perfect!

Interesting and unique nail art ideas are created with a blend of colors. The spider web image is an interesting icon in this nail art. With black and orange, nail art with a picture of a spider’s web is very interesting.

The Halloween party by designing nail art is an amazing idea. It is not free from nail art with a black and white spider web design, adding to the appeal for your nails.

Created a unique nail art to celebrate Halloween. With a unique design, this nail art look is perfect for you to try. The spider’s web contained in the nail makes this nail art more perfect for Halloween nail designs.

Still about nail art designs to celebrate Halloween parties. Simple designs are created in this nail art. Relating to the colors and images of spiders that will make nail art very interesting to celebrate a Halloween party.

Simple nail design with a nude look and spider web images with black paint make this nail art design look attractive. A simple color combination is enough to celebrate Monday nail designs to celebrate your Halloween party.

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2. Batgirl’s Nails

If you have short nails but still want to have fun at a Halloween party, try this idea: Batgirl’s pastel nails. Paint your nails with glittery pastel nail polish and finish off with painting cartoon black bats on them. We bet you know what character you’re going to be at the party.

If you like batman cartoons, you can include them in nail art. This unique look for nail art makes you look attractive. With pastel color selection, and paint a few pictures of characters in the nail it will create uniqueness in your nail art.

Created in a unique and attractive pastel-colored nail art with an awesome batman character display. Bat is a batman figure in this series. So you can put a picture of a bat in your nail art.

This is a simple design in nail art. The nude appearance in this nail art incoherent with black color makes this nail art look simple. With added images of batman and bat head characters make your nail art look unique and attractive.

Putting some characters into your nails is an amazing idea. Although in a Halloween atmosphere, the batman character with a bat symbol is able to represent the charming Halloween nail art.

Easy and inexpensive, with a simple nail art style. Where you put some nail polish into your nails. With a few random designs the appearance of a bat can make your nails look attractive to welcome a halloween party.

The colorful appearance in nail art has become very attractive. By including Batman characters in this nail art, some colors can become attractive nail art. This nail art is able to look slick to celebrate Halloween.

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3. Miss Vampire

Bloody red and black are a great combination for a vampire costume. Whether you’re going to be one of the Cullen’s sisters from the Twilight Saga or Queen Akasha from “Queen of the Damned”, try this sexy vampire’s ombre nail art on your stiletto-shaped nails. 

Combining red and black in nail art resembling vampire’s nails is a wonderful idea to celebrate your Halloween party. With neat nicks in your nails, this nail art makes it very interesting.

In nail art, to celebrate this halloween party you can paint a picture of a skull in a nail. Black is the right choice for you. Combining with the coffin nail style, this design is simply amazing.

No wonder if you include skull characters and creepy designs in this nail art. The design of celebrating Halloween is indeed necessary for this design. Combined with coffin style nails, this design is very suitable for you.

If you are impressed with the creepy nail art idea, you can try this nail art. Halloween celebration with vampire nail art style with creepy picture ideas. In this art, you put in some supporting colors to make your nails look scary.

Created nail art to celebrate halloween party with vampire style nail art. Spooky images and spider webs make this nail art perfect. Plus a large spider painting adds a frightening impression to this nail design.

Image Source

4. Sexy Witchy Nails

If you’re a fan of ombre nail arts, try this Halloween nail art idea. The two-tone shade of colour should pair between dark/navy blue and light pink. Unlike French ombre nail art, on this design, the dark shade should be on the tips of your nails. You may add some glittery gel coat for the finishing. Don’t forget to manicure your “claws” first before applying this nail art. 

Ombre nail art with a combination of maroon and black colors makes this nail art look creepy. This nail design is perfect for those of you who want to celebrate a Halloween party to make it look scary.

ill about ombre nails with maroon and black colors. The doof look for nail polish makes this nail art look impressive. You can make this art in Halloween, which will make you believe in this nail design.

Another ombre nail design to celebrate a Halloween party is a combination of purple and black. The matte appearance makes nail art look more sinister.

Attractive appearance created in this nail art. Showing red and black for ombre with slightly shiny nail polish. The charming appearance of Ombre has attracted more and more women to celebrate the Halloween party.

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The beautiful colors created in this ombre nail art make this nail design very attractive. The unique and attractive color combination makes you look elegant.

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5. Pumpkin Spice Nails

Whether you’re wearing any costumes or not at the party, these pumpkin spice nails are spooky and glamorous. Make an ombre look on your nails with a combo of shiny black and copper glitter nail polishes. This Halloween nail art would look way sexier and more glamorous on coffin-shaped nails. 

Displaying pumpkin designs into your nails in an ombre style makes you look attractive. This union style gives beauty to celebrate halloween parties.

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Unique and attractive style created by inserting a pumpkin into your nail art. The black and orange appearance is perfect for the color of your nails.

Design nails to celebrate a Halloween party by including pumpkin images is an amazing idea. This design is perfect for you to try at home.

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Coffin nail designs in an ombre style are created unique and creative to celebrate the halloween party. This style is very easy and inexpensive for you to try at home.

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Interesting design in ombre nail art by combining black and orange is very interesting for you to wear during the halloween party. This style is proven to help your confidence when you attend a halloween party.

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So, are you ready to go partying with all the sweet, spooky Halloween nail art ideas we mentioned above? We bet you’d rock the party!


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