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Look Adorable with these Manicure Tips and Designs for Short Nails

Are you a nail biter? Or you love short nails? Either way, read these tips and designs to make your nails look adorable.

Are your nails always short? No worries. Short nails are cute in their own way. Besides, the perks of having short nails are removing your soft lenses from your eyes without any worries you would tear the lenses down, typing on the keyboards or keypads without getting annoyed, and opening a can of soft drinks without breaking your nails. So, how to make them look adorable? Find it out here. 

1. Manicure Tips to make Your Short Nails Look Great

Many women with short nails don’t know how to take good care of their nails. Even if you are not into nail arts, you still have to manicure them regularly, to have clean, healthy nails. Below are some tips for doing so. 


  • Treat your cuticles well with using some cuticle oil to soak them in. Afterwards, with a plastic or wooden cuticle pusher, gently push your cuticles back. This action will get rid of dead skin. Finish off with rinsing your nails in some warm soapy water.  
  • File your nail tips regularly to shape them and make them look cleaner, neater, and less sharp. A nail file can be carried in your bag anywhere, as it is very handy. 
  • Buff your short nails with a nail buffer to get smoother and shinier nail surfaces. Doing it once or twice every month would be enough. 

With short oval shaped nails, you can apply this modern metallics manicure trend. Trends that you can try to beautify your nails. This trend of manicure will give an elegant impression.

Your black nails will look more chic and bold. The addition of white spots that give a unique impression will give beauty to your nails.

This Manicure is suitable for you who want to look soft and feminine. Neutral color with the addition of white on the tip of the nail will make your nails more beautiful.

Short nails that are very beautiful with bright colors give perfection to your nails. This trend of manicure will make your nails look more beautiful and elegant.

unique manicure trends with different color combinations. This trend of manicure will also give your nails a simple look.

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2. Adorable Designs for Short Nails

Speaking of designs for your short nails, the followings are some adorable ones. 

A very cute inspiration for your beautiful nails, with a cute hello kitty style and bright colors that make your nails look more adorable and very beautiful.

Nail art designs with hello kitty images that give an adorable impression. Beautiful blue color gives an elegant impression on your nails.

A unique nail design that looks frightening with different colors gives its own attractive style to your nails. The hello kitty picture on the nail platform gives an adorable and beautiful feel for you to enjoy.

Adorable hello kitty design for girls with shorter nails and a perfect color combination. This design you can try to give a beautiful style to your nails.

The charming pink color gives a beautiful impression on your nails. The addition of flower manicures and hello kitty images give a cute and adorable impression.

You can try nail designs that are simple but look more attractive at home by combining white and red. This beautiful design will look more adorable with the addition of hello kitty images.

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3. Rosey Gold and White Combo

Rosey gold—one of today’s popular colours, combined with white surprisingly results in cute and fun nail colours. Paint some of your nails with white and the others with the rose gold, then make cute patterns with the opposite colour, like dots, stripes, and a cartoon moustache. 

A simple rose gold color with a luxurious gold manicure will give you an elegant style.

Unique freckles for beautiful rose gold nail designs with the addition of blue on the tips of the nails make your nails look more attractive.

Rose gold nail designs are beautiful and simple designs. The addition of freckles with several colors gives a unique impression on your nails.

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The combination of rose gold and white color that matches and gives a clean impression on your nails. The addition of charming gold color furniture and gives an elegant impression.

The colors are simple and look brighter, this color looks very attractive. The combination of rosey gold and gold color on the tip of the nail displays a luxurious style for your nails.

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4. Cuticle “Windows”

Leaving a spot on your cuticle without any colours is a soon-to-be trendy nail art design. You may use any colours—fair or dark, and any patterns—especially modern symmetry patterns. 

Neutral nail designs give your nails a clean look. The addition of a gold color at the base of the nail gives its own attractive force for your nails.

The dark blue color of your nails will look attractive by pairing it with gold on the bottom. This is one of the best nail designs for your short nails.

The combination of three colors on your nails looks more attractive. This color design looks more modern and makes it more beautiful.

Simple nail design but looks elegant. This calm color that has light brown and navy blue gives your nails beauty.

Shiny light blue nails don’t need too much to make it attractive. Here, art lines are used to accentuate and even make your nails look longer with simple white lines and look more beautiful for your nails.

Gray and red are a combination of colors that are really pleasing to the eye, sparkling high and showing the space between the color and the cuticle, the nail design for short nails has some interesting elements.

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5. Hand-Painted Tropical Flowers

Polish your short nails with white colour before painting tropical flowers and leaves with bright colours such as yellow and green. An adorable design for a beach or pool party!

Now, be ready to look adorable with your short nails

Amazing paintings on your nails with bright colors make your nails look more beautiful. A beautiful beach atmosphere is more attractive to your nails.

Nail designs with beautiful tropical flower images and bright colors. This design is suitable to make you look more attractive and elegant.

The combination of bright colors and tropical flowers looks more perfect for your nail designs. Simple design and very easy to make at home suitable for you to be creative.

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This amazing sunset nail design idea you can try to give beauty to your nails. The combination of beautiful and bright colors gives a modern feel to your nails.

The combination of bright colors that are very beautiful and look perfect makes your nails very elegant. An easy design that you can try to beautify your nails.

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