5 Cutesy, Easy-Breezy Polish Nails Design Ideas for Newbies

Are you new to the world of nail arts? No problemo. Here are some easy-breezy polish nails design ideas for beginners.

Nail arts are not a must, but if you love compliments and attention, you should at least try applying one nail art in your life (and we bet you’ll get addicted to it afterwards!). If this is your first time, no problemo, we have some simple yet cute polish nails design ideas for you right here. 

1. Minimalist White Chevron Nails

Begin with placing some nail strips on the cuticle area of your nails, making three chevron patterns. Put on white nail polish gently with a thin brush—especially on the spaces between the chevrons. Carefully peel the strips off your nails before the polish gets dry. After the white polish is completely dry, finish off with clear nail polish to make your nails look shiny. 

Chevron pastel nail designs will be suitable for the spring or holiday season. This extra design with silver glitter on the ring finger. The whole design is sweet, simple, and very smooth.

Simple chevron nail design using pink that looks cuter. The addition of a manicure will give beauty and a more elegant look to your nails.

Sweet pink nail color with a combination of silver chevron design will look more beautiful. This teenage design is very elegant to increase your confidence.

Neutral colors that look clean for your nails, the addition of manicures and chevron designs give your nails a unique feel.

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The lines on this chevron nail art are very thin, but you can make this DIY a little better with a thin ribbon or a thin nail brush. Simple design but looks elegant with a manicure on your nails.

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2. Clouds over the Rainbow Nails

Paint your ring fingernail with pink nail polish and the rest with teal (blue-green color) nail polish. Create colorful clouds on the pink nail using a small brush. Start with making vertical lines to form a cloud with light blue nail polish. When the light blue cloud gets dry, draw another cloud in the teal nail polish on a half part of the light blue coat. Cure it and apply some clear nail polish on top. 

Very perfect nail design with bright colors. Adding a cloud shape gives a different feel to your nails and looks more beautiful.

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The bright blue sky is beautiful. Perfect rainbow manicure. This design will give a beautiful appearance to your nails.

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The fantastic color combination of nails with cloud design makes your nails look more attractive. This design you can try for your nails to appear confident and look elegant.

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Beautiful combining several colors that make your nails look beautiful. This striking color gives a very charming impression.

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Easy, beautiful blue color with a picture of clouds at several points giving your nails a different look. The design is very suitable for women to give the impression of an elegant and charming.

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3. Strawberry Field Forever Nail Art

Paint your nails twice in red for the base coat. Then, use a thin brush and white (or dull yellow) polish to create small dots on the base coats. On your cuticle area, draw strawberry leaves with dark green polish and light green for the outlines. Apply a layer of clear nail polish, and that’s a wrap!

Cute and funky nail art design that matches short nails. This design is tastefully designed in a beautiful red color with white dots and green leaf crowns at the base of the nails.

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The red color on the nails in the shape of a strawberry will make your nails look more colorful. Additional yellow spots and leaves on your nails will look more attractive and perfect.

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The unique design of a strawberry-shaped nail will make your nails look more beautiful. This design gives an elegant impression on your nails.

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Made in shades of baby pink and gloomy red and adorned with bright green leaves and black spots, it has all the essence of strawberries captured in bright colors.

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Done with a red base and bounded by a dark green color to the leaf crown with yellow patches, this nail design looks more attractive.

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4. Spooky Halloween Skull Nail Art

For the base coats, paint your nails with black polish. Using a thin brush, create some skull shapes on each nail with white polish. After your nails get dry, paint two small dots on each of the white skulls to create eyes on them. Make them look shiny with clear nail polish. 

Nail designs with Halloween manicure trends. The combination of several colors and also images of ghosts and pumpkins will give the right feel for your nails.

Nail design is perfect for Halloween. Simply paint your nails black and then add ghosts with white polish.

Beautiful nails with some amazing Halloween designs that give beauty to your nails. An easy design you can try at home so that your nails are more patterned and look attractive.

Your Halloween nails don’t have to be very pretty. Put the orange pumpkin polish and show the nail technician with a vampire marble manicure to make it look more perfect.

Arguably the easiest Halloween manicure to achieve at home, this design only requires black nail polish, a detailed brush, and a steady hand to get the perfect design.

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5. Goldie Chocolate Nails

To create this design, you’ll need chocolate-brownie nail polish, gold nail polish, and some tapes. Firstly, apply double coats of chocolate polish on your nails. Once your nails are dry, diagonally put the tapes across each nail to form a triangular space. Apply the gold polish on the triangular spaces. Finish everything with clear polish. 

Easy and cutesy, aren’t they? Now, get those polish nails design ideas on your nails. 

The brown color on your nails looks better by using a manicure on the base of the nail. The addition of gold spots gives a luxurious feel to your nails.

Beautiful golden and brown color combination for your nails. The addition of a manicure gives beauty to your nails.

Manicures on brown and white nails show that your nails are more colorful. The addition of a manicure and gold color makes your nails more luxurious and look charming.

An easy and attractive design for your nails using brown and some manicures to make the nails look more beautiful. The addition of gold spots makes your nails look luxurious.

Easy and simple design that you can try at home by using brown and gold spots to give an elegant impression to your nails.

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