3 2019 Coffin Nail Designs to Copy

Coffin nail designs should be one of your considerations when it comes to appearance for a date night. Let’s see what design that suits you from the following.

Your nails are as important as your makeup and outfit. Although you don’t notice it, men enjoy looking at manicured nails. So, don’t leave your nails untreated as they represent you.

The elegant patterns for nails are coffin nail designs. Lots of celebrities opt for this design. Coffin nails look both bold and fashionable. Are you ready for a date night? Let’s find one among all the designs below.

1. Matte Coffin Nails

Matte colours are not only for makeup. You can polish your nails in matte colours, too. One of the best matte colours is red. Red is considered as a bold colour that brings out your elegance. You will complete your high-class look with these nails. Other colours include black, white, and nude.

This amazing design is created from elegant red coffin nail art. This nail art produces charming and stunning matte colors.

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This unique work is created with matte white nail art. The charming matte nail art makes you look charming. Extra gems add to the beauty of your nail art.

Nail art matte red coffin with jewel decorations on the base of the nail makes you look perfect. No need to be expensive and complicated in caring for nails, because this design is very easy and does not take much time.

No need to appear with luxury to get the beauty of your nail art. By applying a coffin nail style makes you look up and charming.

Creating a combination of white and purple in coffin nail art with a matte format adds to its own beauty. This nail design makes you more confident.

To add to the elegance of your coffin nail art, maybe you can add a purple hue. Contained in purple color with a perfect matte finish, this nail art adds gracefully to your look.

Do not want to miss too, the matte black color in the coffin nail art can add to your elegant impression.

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Still in black, this time decorated with gems that will add to the luxurious impression of your coffin nail art design. Artwork will not escape the beauty and revival for art lovers.

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The elegant look of matte red coffin nail art is perfect for those of you who are working. Its own beauty is created from this nail art, so many recommend this nail art.

Image Source

2. 3D Ombre Nails

3D nail art is happening. You can see it on most people’s nails. Because of the dimensions ranging from gems to flowers, it is eye-catching. It can accentuate your look if you can match your outfit with the design. The 3D elements are great on any matching colours. You can polish your nail with ombre design as the base.

Unique and attractive nail designs created in 3D  style with a bandage of gems. This design adds to the luxury of extraordinary design.

Image Source

Recently created nail designs that add to your look is very awesome. 3D nail art design with charming gem touches. This design is very popular because it adds its own beauty for nail art lovers.

The unique color combination is poured into 3D nail art. With a few color cuts into the nail art coupled with a few jewel decorations make this nail art a great choice to add to your luxurious impression.

Add beautiful flower nicks to the 3D nail designs that are currently on the rise. With a beautiful flower motif into your nails creates beauty for the appearance of your nails.

The combination of pink, green and light purple for 3D nail designs will add to the beauty of your nails. This nail design is much loved and in the interest of many women who want to be different.

The beauty of 3D nail art with white with a flower shape and some jewel decorations adds to the beauty of your nail designs. This nail design is created to enhance the luxury of your nail art appearance.

Attach a rose design to your 3D nail art with a few gems that will add to the luxury of your display. This design is very interesting in many circles, especially those who understand nail art.

Image Source

Sticking some jewel decorations to add to the beauty of your 3D nail designs is very pleasant indeed. Radiating from the diamonds attached to your nail art adds to the impression of building your nail art.

Image Source

3. Elegant Coffin Nails

There is one among all coffin nail designs that an elegant lady like you cannot miss. Elegant coffin nails can come in so many ways. One of them is combining a nude colour and a marble design. Finish it with diamonds decorations. Elegance is about keeping everything simple. So, create the marble art on one nail, each.

The diamond represents both elegance and high-class population. Why don’t we imitate it? Our nails don’t have to look exactly like the stone, but we can use transparent, silver, and grey colour. Silver stripes divide the transparent and grey colours. Complete the look with 3D elements.

A simple look of coffin nail art with marble and gold color is suitable to decorate your nail art. This design makes your nail art more elegant and attractive.

The combination of art in a coffin nail style that blends marble and jewel decoration adds a unique beauty. A simple design but impressed luxurious and elegant makes this design a lot of interest in many women.

Pour the coffin nail design with some jewel decorations with the right color selection that will add an elegant impression of your nail. This is one example of a nail design that makes perfect imaging of gems that makes it look more elegant on your nail.

The dark gray color contained in the coffin nail art can add an elegant impression. An easy and fun design for nail art created from dark gray with charming marble motifs.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to create nail art in a coffin style. The right color choices with little extra accessories make your nail design look amazing. You can use nude and white colors with marble style enough to give an elegant impression to your nail art design.

The combination of colors to create a marble design into your nail art by combining white, black and gold. In addition, the nude color display on one of your nails makes an elegant impression for your nail design.

Created from a bright purple color with a few jewel decorations, making your coffin nail art look elegant. This design makes it easy and very cheap for you to try at home.

If you like an elegant coffin nail design, you can mix white and purple. With the style of marble that is contained in your nails and some jewel decoration is enough to make this nail art look elegant.

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Coffin nail designs are meant to replace the bird claw or witch’s claw designs with their square ends. You can say that they are modern versions. So, if you want to look like an elegant lady, taper your nail ends and square them off.

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