5 Must-Have Winter Accessories for Your Closet

Proper winter accessories must provide good protection against cold temperatures, frozen wind, and moisture. Here are five ideal options.

Winter is not just about snow and cold temperature. Some areas experience heavy snow, while others have more rain and harsh wind. Proper winter accessories must protect you against common elements, keeping you warm and comfortable whenever you go out during winter.

Here are five accessories you must have in a winter wardrobe collection.

1. Thermal Underwear

Have a particularly cold winter every year? Pack thermal underwear in your closet! They give you comfortable warmth without bulking your up. Some products are made of wool. However, if you are allergic to it, there are also synthetic ones.

You can added the mustard skirt and green scarf for contrast. To help avoid the cold weather, also wore thermal leggings.

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Thermal wear is really affordable, and comes in a variety of colors and styles. With plaid motif on blazer it can make you look stylish.

Use a knit dress and cover with long grey coat. To keep your head you can use knit beanie. Complete with scarf for more comfortable.

If you’re really afraid of the cold, layer your heat tech. You can wear a thick coat and cover your neck with fur scarf.

Warm winter clothes with all-leather outfit that consist of jacket, skirt and boot. It can warm your body and make you look edgy at the same time.

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2. Scarves

Scarves are easy, stylish, and protecting your neck when the temperature gets biting. You can pile a wide range of scarves in the closet for different styles. Wool scarves are very warm and perfect for a windy winter. Meanwhile, cashmere is less warm, but it looks sleeker and more stylish. 

It’s nice to wear a scarf on a snowy day. This pink wool scarf might suit for you to upgrade your look this winter.

If you don’t like colors that are too feminine, this checkered wool scarf is the answer. It’s looks stylish and can warm your neck perfectly.

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Although Kashmir is less durable than wool produced by sheep, it has several characteristics than other natural fibers such as cotton and linen.

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Winter outfit idea with long coat and knit scarf to make you warm this winter.

If you’re looking for something small and affordable but still perfectly fabulous, get a scarf made of cashmere. Apply on your neck to warm your body.

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3. Winter Socks

Pack a lot of winter socks to face cold days! You will need them often, especially if you spend most of the time outside. Winter socks remove moisture while keeping your feet warm and cozy. Try looking for them at sports stores. If you have boots with different heights, look for several socks that match their sizes.

Try wearing socks under trousers and closed footwear to add warmth to your feet.

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Wearing fashion socks with shoes or sandals, and you might want to love that concept because these cute socks are stylish enough to wear.

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For a very easy look with ankle socks, pair your ankle shoes with basically almost every footwear depending on your personal style and look.

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Simple colored ankle socks, textured, or printed just go very well with different footwear.

One of important accessories for winter is wearing shock. You can pair your shock with high boot to get more warmer.

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4. Gloves

Gloves and mittens will be handy during a particularly cold winter. They protect your fingers from dryness, itchiness, and stiffness. The difference is that gloves follow the shapes of your fingers, while mittens only follow the contours of thumbs.

In winter, small details can make a different looks and effect. One of them is with cute pink knit gloves. It can warm your fingers and make you look stylish.

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Not only is this practical in the cold season, trendy gloves can also a great way to make a fashion statement.

Think of red pair of leather gloves that matches with your bag that will look great with your neutral outfits.

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Available in a wide range of material, textures, colors, and even shapes, gloves can complete your look in winter. You can wear black leather gloves to get edgy look.

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Not that you have to compromise with your style taste, try to integrate bright accents into your gloves.

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5. Sheepskin Boots and Galoshes

Wet feet are common problems for people who go out frequently during winter. Boots with sheepskin inner layers keep your feet warm and comfortable. Meanwhile, galoshes give protective layers to your “good” shoes. Galoshes also add traction’s when you walk on ice-covered surfaces.

Using sheepskin boot is very suitable to warm your feet this winter. Pair with long coat for more warmer.

Sheepskin boots look extra cool with a skinny jean and a statement coat. You get a matching look with the same color of boot and coat.

An over-the-knee sheepskin boot goes a long way when the heel is low and walk-able. And looks surprisingly modern with jeans and stripes shirt.

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Green galoshes shoes that are easy to wear to complete your winter outfit idea.

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If you are wearing winter clothes with a dark color, try to wear bright color galoshes shoes like cherry red.

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If you want other proper winter accessories without making the closet crowded, add some headwear. Beanies, caps, and earmuffs protect your head and ears from freezing temperature.