5 Fashionable Patterns for Winter Nail Arts

Winter patterned nail arts offer various options for creating winter images, from snowflakes to Christmas-related patterns.

Step up your nail art game by applying patterns. Winter patterned nail arts give more intricate charms to your hands. You can stick to traditional winter motifs, or experiment with unique shapes. The details depend on your level of nail art skills and comfort.

What patterns should you try to welcome winter? Here are several fashionable ideas.

1. Snowflakes

No better patterns for welcoming winter than snowflakes. They are elegant and delicate, instantly projecting the “cold” tone from the visuals. You can paint one snowflake on each nail or place it on one nail to create emphasis.

Short nail art design with snowflake accents equipped with glitter will enhance your appearance so it looks perfect in winter.

Using bright snowflakes over your nails will make your nails look more beautiful. Small glitter texture looks simple but still attractive.

If you want your nails to look more pretty, you can use blue nail polish with snowflake gold features added.

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2. Christmas Icons

Bring the holiday cheer to your nails by adding Christmas icons to your nails. They can be Christmas trees, reindeers, stars, or poinsettias. If you are not skilful enough to draw small details, use simple icons or stickers to get the images on your nails.

Nail art will improve your appearance in winter, so it looks more attractive. Choose a deer motif that suits your current season.

Display a deer accent on one of your fingers, this feature adds an elegant motif in winter 2019.

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Deer motif on the nails is suitable to welcome winter. Complete with snowflakes to make it look more elegant and keep the holiday spirit.

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The combination of gray and white nails with deer accents and snowflakes will look very chic.

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3. Sparkles

Sparkles are simple but effective to create a perfect visual for winter. You can use sparkling coat from any colours to create a winter cheer look, although the best colours are probably burgundy, red, dark blue, gold, and silver. You can apply sparkles on all nails or just a few, leaving the rest in simple coat.

Long nails with silver shimmer and shine will be suitable if paired with any winter clothes.

A sparkling almond nail design combined with a sprinkling of stars will look pretty and chic.

Cool winter nails like sparkles with bright colors.

Glamorous red nails will make you look more attractive and confident.

Nude color on your nails that is equipped with a sparkle always makes you look younger.

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4. Snowballs/Snowman

Snowballs are white polka dots, so these patterns are quite easy to replicate. You can draw white snowballs on a white coat line, so they look like snow falling to the ground. For more detailed patterns, turn slightly larger white circles into a snowman, with little colorful dots for the eye and nose details.

For an accent that suits winter, you can try snowman motifs on red nails.

Blue nail art with snowman and snowball motif will always look very beautiful for winter nail designs.

Edgy dots and snowman on your nails will make you look cute and fashionable this winter.

Winter view for long nail art designs will elevate the look as well. For example the snowman design.

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5. Candy Cane Stripes

Peppermint candy canes have iconic red and white stripes. You can copy these patterns onto nail arts. The iconic red and white colours are festive but not too hard to replicate. You can make these patterns with the help of scotch tapes to create straight lines.

Red and white stripes on winter nail art that resemble candy cane will look cute on your sweet nails.

Simple but funny with a striped candy cane for little funny look accent. It can make your nail looks beautiful.

Easy red and white candy cane nail art design to create a chic look to your nails.

In addition to the candy can motif on your nails, add other motifs with same color to make it look more colorful and cheerful.

Candy cane nail art design with a combination of red and white to elevate your nails style look.

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Winter patterned nail arts offer a lot of options to explore. Bring the winter charm to your nails by using iconic patterns as the designs.

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