5 Winter Work Outfit Combinations for Plus-Size Women

Plus size women can pull off great looks with a work outfit in winter. This guide will help you to choose the outfits.

Finding a good work outfit in winter for plus size women used to be difficult. Now, we have a lot of options to wear for work, with diverse colors, patterns, and models. The key to dressing properly for work is making sure that the outfit fits, regardless of the model.

Find your ideal work outfits by following this winter work outfit ideas.

1. Belted Dress

A belted dress is simple, elegant, and perfect for work. You can find belted dresses for plus size women in various lengths and colors. The cinched part in the middle helps to create a sleeker silhouette and accentuate the body. Make sure to choose a dress with appropriate length and patterns for work.

A button-up pink dress that is equipped with a thick belt at the waist is a beautiful way to really attract the attention of your coworkers.

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Trendy work clothes with white belted flare dress combined with black high heels to make it look a little glamorous.

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Wearing a plaid v-neck belted dress with matching high heels you can try this winter for work outfit idea.

If you want to look a little casual, you can wear a black leather jacket after a dark green belted dress.

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2. Blouse and Tailored Pants

A simple blouse and tailored pants are enough to pull off the professional look. Pants with perfect fit will make you look elegant and ready for work. The blouse should be a little billowy to ensure a nice circulation.

Navy lace neck-pattern v-neck blouse paired with black tailored pants to ready for dinner with your coworkers.

The idea of ​​all-black clothing to look professional might be interesting. Pair the black blouse with black tailored pants.

White blouse, black tailored pants, and black floral cardigan are a simple yet very elegant blend.

If you are bored with black, try wearing navy tailored pants with a matching polka-dot color blouse to create a trendy impression.

Wear black blouse with embellishment at the neckline, this helps to pull the eye upward.

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3. Blazer and Jumpsuit

Blazer and jumpsuit are currently the favorite “power suit” combination among professional women. There are many products that fit perfectly for plus size women. Find a sharp color like Navy blue, deep red, or black for the jumpsuit, and white for the blazer to create an amazing contrast. However, any color combination will also work well.

A jumpsuit is always a great idea for work outfit. All you need is a great pair of jumpsuit and blazer. You can pink a burgundy jumpsuit and pair with white blazer.

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A fabulous outfit with black and white striped jumpsuit paired with black blazer and some accessories to complete your work outfit for this winter.

If you want to attract the attention of your coworkers, all you need just wear a sparkling jumpsuit and pair with a pink blazer.

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If you don’t want a plain blazer motif, try wearing a striped blazer with a dark blue jumpsuit. Complete your appearance with a pair of trendy high heels.

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If you want to look stylish and elegant this winter, you can pair a blue jumpsuit with white cape blazer for work outfit. This style can upgrade your look in the office.

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4. Belted Coat

Belted coat gives you a sleek and professional look. You can choose a short or medium coat for a proper office look. If you work in a creative industry, you can get creative with the inner layer and the accessories.

Wear a black belted coat and polka-dot scarf to create a slender impression for your work outfit inspiration.

An impressive work outfit with a nude colored coat with a combination of high heels that has a glamorous diamond accents.

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Your belted coat can also be paired with white cropped jeans and black ankle leather boot. This style is so stylish for work outfit this winter.

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Maroon belted coat pair with denim pant are very suitable for casual work outfit in winter. It actually gives a real attraction in your appearance.

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5. Boiler Suit 

Boiler suit is making a comeback in 2019 and will keep being popular in 2020. To create an office-ready look, pick a boiler suit with belt accent or cinched part in the middle. Find a boiler suit with collar and buttons.

If you don’t like the feminine style, try wearing a boiler jumpsuit to go to work in the winter.

This clothing style is simple but like dew in the morning, this blue jumpsuit boiler gives a different feel to going to work.

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You can pair this denim boiler suit with accessories such as sling bags and sneakers. This style is suitable for those of you who like a casual work outfit.

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Work outfit in winter must be comfortable, warm, and office-ready, including for plus size women. These options will help you to create a great look before going to work.

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