46 Amazing Homecoming Makeup Ideas Just For You

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You may have had your dress and hair figured out since the first day of classes, but your makeup is the final factor missing from your Homecoming ensemble equation. A swipe of the perfect lipstick shade or a killer smoky eye is just final detail you need to make your fall formal look double tap-worthy. If you’re still at a loss on how to shine on the big night, look no further than your favorite celebrities’ looks from the red carpet.

Makeup can be tough for anyone to do, especially when it comes to big events like a Homecoming dance. Thankfully, we got you covered with easy to recreate makeup looks that will help you stand out and keep you looking amazing on the dance floor.

Once you’ve got the dress and shoes all picked out (and maybe even your date for the evening), choosing which makeup you’ll go with is a big decision. To get the curliest girly lashes, swipe on a thick coat, let dry, and repeat. No need for falsies—simply use a eyelash curler and a mascara formulated for volume.

You might even be incorporating some of these ultra-shimmery hues into your homecoming attire. The key to mastering metallic makeup is to keep it simple and monochromatic, as mixing too many metallic shades can be distracting.

Instead of your usual flick of black along your upper lash line, opt for a double cat eye, a dotted under-eye, or even a layered wing. While metallic makeup is totally on trend these days, matte makeup is just as popular. To really slay at homecoming, rock a completely matte face.

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